So in the box you get instruction battery, crappy, motor and crappy speed, controller wow, i say crappy our own stuff, but were going to run it as it is first see how good it is or bad it. This one can actually do around about 80 mile an hour, so push phone suspension, front and rear four wheel, drive and coil over shocker, but more take no babble, but were not going to bore you with all that. So, im going to put a link down below click on there as well right lets, get some batteries in there. Take it out for a rip, oh because, on the included charger, it would probably take all day this one here we can do it in link down below. I use the same charger for charging up all of my car in from the car, not me yeah. What about the power, how far its going to take it out for quick lets, see how fast it goes? Weve got gps here. Well know we can get one from all right, so we are one zero more than hour how fast it is going to go. How could it be so slow faster? So, as you can see, that was gutlessly slow power systems, and here we have perfectly maybe we can get it to go 70 80 mile an hour, maybe well see Music, oh different shaft sliding wood, but i think thats dead weve got some other new ones here.

Also, this motor that i was going to use is 2200kv Music. All right ready next were going to use a 4s genzis lipo plug it in that sounds vicious, oh steve, so fast. The drive shaft is flapping around rubbing on there. Oh, my god lets go, get a 70 80 dream on three one. Fifty bang up look at that driveshaft getting worse. There must be a better solution to that look at it and then we can go again. What kbs about is that four thousand gave me the camera and he wasnt recording theyre going second time, because you didnt turn the camera off Applause. Oh look at that one. Oh no, im ready lets, get it now its hot. The tyres are hot. Would you reckon yeah thats warm guys coming up? You have to find a better drive, shaft coming up and then were gon na see if we can get it to go faster and then take it out for round number three. So we got the green body. Ive ordered a new drive shaft, but it hasnt come yet so im going to temporarily steal the game design its on the bigger brother, then we have the bigger motor here. Weve got the bigger motor, which is actually out of a jlb cheetah super fancy. If it works Music, proper Music, so now all the extra support there Music get out guys its looking much better already, but it is better so lets make some out of this piece of lexan.

This here is actually a little tinted tinge to it. Its probably gon na look pretty good and guys. Next, i want to trim a little bit off of this spoiler here.