You see this it’s mario, i like mario, so yeah catherine found this at target and she texted it to me and said hey. We should use this at the skate park and i was like i’ll see you there. So yeah we’re gon na unbox, mario here and do some sick tricks it’s gon na be a great time. Oh please tell me it came with batteries. Um kind of i bought more though oh good thinking, you’re thinking head. We did it, we got it out. Should you put that against your face? Oh, do i have to no i’m dirty okay. I don’t know what this does, but it turns the wheel sideways. So what does it fly now? Is that what it does? Oh it does. It goes it’s like a vacuum: cleaner, it’s drifting. This is like a mario roomba, okay. So then can i flip it back? Oh dude, we are racing. Oh you’ve gone. We are racing. You’Re cute come here often that was him saying that not me, okay. So, as you can see, we have a new section of the skate park, it’s really cool, so i think first off we’re, going to see how the off road mario can go and go down these stairs. I like it, should i should it be like this, or should it be like that? Is this off road time or is the other normal wheels let’s try both let’s see how this kitty burns it’s on my foot, all right.

Well, that was not bad. He kind of like wheeled down half of him so now roomba time, Applause wow that was sick. He is on his way to pick up peach. This is crazy, heck yeah, this toy’s awesome. This is a good purchase i’m glad we spent 40 dollars on it. Okay, your turn. I think i want to do a gap, ooh gap, time yeah, what gap that is there another one. I mean that is a that is a gap right there. You can try it, though this is their smaller camp. Let’S just try to see what happens, i believe in you mario. What what was that don’t ask me: what do you mean because you steer that was really close, good job? Okay, maybe just maybe you could go down this gap into the ramp, so you start up there go up there. Oh yeah. I can make that work. Okay, i’ll film, it all cool too dude he’s a wheelie guy, oh he’s, donating he is donuting. Hope you like donuts, because he’s done nothing. I want to do what you just did, except maybe step it up a notch. Oh yeah, you show me up yeah. I am this. Is our new euro gap and it’s terrifying? Oh because, if you go up it, you got like a foot and a half to skate on this, which means you’re, probably either going to fall over there or fall over here. That’S, pretty steep, all right, let’s see.

If this works, you can do it. Mario wow that’s kind of durable, so i did the exact same thing. I wish i had like a fire button where fire came out of the things. That’D be neat okay, this is it oh donut, town i’m, a loser. Oh i see where this is headed. Music. Get you getting up there, i kind of am okay, you know what you should do. You should start over there and it like comes this way and drops in right here. That would look sick all right. You got this. That was it that was really good. That could not have been better bring it around, bring it around town, Music Applause. You brought it around town that was cool. That was sick. Okay, look at the contraption i just made! Oh really all i did. I put that there that’s – all i did so we’re going to start up here: okay, oh he’s, going to go to right there and then right across the rim. Uh huh, all right! Good luck, ready for this! That was stupid round two dude. This is really hard. Maybe you should just go like down this one. Oh i got it. I got it. Don’T worry dude. That was some good parallel parking skills right here. That was amazing. Maybe i should just start here that’s what i said: oh okay, this is it okay, there’s only one speed with this thing. If you go like this, it goes the same speed.

And if you go like this, it goes the same speed that’s why this is hard not because i’m, not talented, i’m, very talented, all right. I got the angle, okay Applause. This is the problem watch this barely pushing barely pushing barely pushing and then all of a sudden it just go. I almost did it Applause, Music Applause. Oh i like where your head is. You are smart. Look at that. That means it works. So the challenge here is there’s a little lip, but i think if you just run straight into it it should it should get the job done. You know, Music Applause. Well, it did the exact same thing. So oh andy landed it did you whisper to him? You got this good job that was awesome now i don’t think this is going to work whatsoever but i’m going to try. Okay, we got a new bowl thingy over here i’m, going to see if mario can curb around this entire thing but i’m pretty sure. I know exactly how stupid it’s about to look but we’ll see Applause. I tried to make it go underneath the rail, but i just hit the rail that was pretty cool i’m, going to try it in this mode. Oh, oh don’t break your finger. You have no control okay, that’s, just for donuts what is happening? Okay! Well, i can’t make it to the ramp. It’Ll, be cool, though. What grinding the coping? Oh yeah! You could do that.

I don’t think i can, but if it happened, i would high five myself twice back flip back the entire thing. Kick flip back clip. Maybe good luck! Applause! Uh! Should you just like start him up top well that’s, not that cool i’ll. Try i’ll try to like grind it a little bit from up here, Music that wasn’t that cool but that’s, okay, catherine’s gon na show me up. Am i i don’t know i can’t even go forward. Are you cool with me breaking this sure good, all right? What are you doing? Okay, i’m, going to grab that ramp that we’re going to grab okay, drag it over here and then mario’s gon na do a sweet game? Was it as cool as that, will it be as cool yeah nice? Did you like my feet? Is that gap too small i feel like we should make it go this way, a little bit yeah that’s? What i’m talking about that is a gap right there you getting back up there, yeah it’s a little wobbly yeah. You might break this but i’m. Okay, with that all right, let’s see what you got. Mario, i mean technically, he technically did it Music. I think we should redo, though this is it. This is the moment, you’ve trained for see your training hit his face very hard. Oh pretty good. He kind of landed on his head and rolled back over, but you did it. I did it.

I feel, like i’m i’m on a ship holding on to something mario what’d, you think about that. Was that a fun time, good that went way better than i thought it? Would he didn’t even break yeah, you’re and he’s happy? Look how he’s so happy all right. Well, i hope you guys enjoyed this video uh. Let me know what other stupid toys we should buy because we love buying them. We have like a whole room filled with stupid toys. Now, oh yeah, we need to do some spring cleaning. Yeah hope you guys enjoyed this, though, if you did give it a thumbs up hit the subscribe button click the notification bell to never miss an upload uh. I make videos three times a week on this channel and five times a week on my gaming channel that you can check out by clicking the card right there. I also have a store at and you can become a member of this channel by clicking the join button somewhere. I don’t know where it is, but it does exist, that’s it that’s. All i got ta say yeah late, flip it or this. This is fine too it’s, better, okay, it’s, not balancing it’s broken.