Here. We have our mcfarland dc multiverse, batman, figure and standing right next to him. Is this mattel creations hot wheels, rc car, its kind of weird, seeing both mattel and mcfarland together here in this shot, considering how mattel was horrible at the dc license, but some may say todd is too anyways im not here to talk about that or debate that Here to let you know at one fifth of the deluxe asking price mattel has given us another batmobile to enjoy so lets, go ahead and examine it, kicking things off. First, i just want to talk about the design of the vehicle and whatnot. As you can see, we got the turbine there in the back. It looks pretty good its got some nice paint on it, nothing too special, and then we get to the body here. Uh. The body is made of a like a weird soft plastic im, assuming thats, to ensure that, while youre on the road with this thing you dont mess it up or anything goes crazy with it. But it came out nice. I got no complaints about that and then, of course we got the front here, looking pretty cool as well its missing some key light up features ill talk about that a little bit later uh, but in terms of the mold, the molds great, the design works and Uh, it fits six to seven inch scale figures so well, go ahead and show that off.

Oh, i forgot to show you the interior. I somehow lost my uh shifting gear, stick thing but theres the seats, nothing special about it, its a little dirty in there, because i took it out on the road, apparently theres, a cat here there too, but thats not to worry about heres a top view of The rc batmobile here, looking very nice, very fun to mess around with and then im gon na show you right now. The way ive been able to put in figures ive been able to slide them in through the top, but you just kind of have to lift it up. I know some people have screwed unscrewed it. I tried that it wasnt working for me. So what i do is, i just slide it in like so i got a soft goods cape on that mcfarland batman figure as you can see, and then i just wiggle its way in there and pray to god, nothing breaks or tears or stresses. I dont recommend this if youre worried about pristine look, uh ive had no stress marks or anything on the frame, but you are able to fit in a seven inch figure in there. You know after you, tuck in the cape and whatnot and snap it all back. In place and voila there you go and speaking of which there he is in there, so you can see it a little more sorry about the lighting on that. Probably could have done a little better job with that, but you know this reviews all over the place.

So it is what it is, but he fits in there. You can put it. Havent used the steering wheel, the steering wheel, doesnt, move ive shown off these batman, because i was able to get all four of these batman in there and thats, including a mezco one. As well, including that beefy dark knight, batman from uh dark knight, returns batman from mcfarland, so we have three mcfarland figures and one mezco – and i have some pictures coming up here, so you can see that i would advise being very careful with your mezcal figure. Unless you plan on unscrewing the thing but see theres the mesco supreme knight batman in there, and then we have the mezco uh, what is it the new 52 batman or rebirth batman, no rebirth, batman and heres the controller for the rc vehicle uh? It works fine. I have no issues, it takes a couple: double a batteries uh. It has a light on it to indicate, as you can see forwards and backwards and then uh its got. The steering wheel there on the top that allow the front wheels to turn so thats, pretty good theres a little right and left indicator on the bottom. I didnt show that in filming, along with the usb port im assuming thats to control how the vehicle uh steers when its straight – but here let me show you the lights on here, because this is interesting. So only the turbine lights up, the back lights – do not light up at all.

I guess thats in the 500 dollar version of this vehicle uh, but i mean the turbine lights up nice and bright uh no vapor effect either for that either. Just so you know, and then for the front, i thought the top of the hood lights up, but it doesnt its just the front light so one fifth, the price, folks, anyways, im gon na, do a quick size, uh roundup, here uh with various bat vehicles. These arent every that vehicle in my collection uh. I just wanted to showcase a couple, so you know what youre getting in terms of scale and whatnot. I threw in mcfarland dc collectibles mattel, uh, jazz inc and then more mattel and then of course, at the end i threw in the bat raptor uh the batman, motorcycle and then the horse just for poops and giggles. So there you go with that. So now you know what that looks like and then heres another view of all these together. This is pretty ridiculous. Setting up, i had a moment there was like this is getting a little out of hand uh, but theres, a ton of different bat vehicles to choose from and then real quick heres a size comparison between the justice mobile, the rc one and uh the mattel car. Obviously the justice mobile was the deluxe and its much bigger. I would imagine that the deluxe version of this car may be a little bigger too now onto the fun stuff.

I took it outside in the rc and i also bought a gopro camera just to test out and mess around, so we could get some different shots here. This is just staticky and then, of course i attached it to the top of the car. So you can see whats going on it handled well outside i, you know the thing says: it gets about 20 minutes and theyre not lying because about 20 minutes in uh the battery really started to get wonky, and then you know its a fun little piece i Mean if youre using it as a display option, i think youll be satisfied. Maybe you might want to touch it up in some paint and whatnot that would be cool, but even as an rc car it works really. Well, too, you just got to determine what you want to use it for and at 100 bucks plus some change shipping. It wasnt that bad. This is still available on the mattel creations site it sold out initially, and then it came back up sometime late last week. So i know people are still ordering it and uh. I had a blast with it, its nice to add another bat vehicle. Despite how i felt about things previously, so i i think mattel did a good job for what it is. I had a lot of fun trying to shoot the video show you guys off what it is. So, hopefully you enjoyed. Hopefully you had a blast with this.

Just like i had a blast with this um. If you have any questions or comments ill be more than happy to answer them. I just you know, like i said i its a pain in the butt to try to get the figure in there, but once its in there its secure it never fell out on me. So i mean, if you have any other questions, just let me know, but if youre a fan of rc cars, i think youll youll dig this if youre a fan of having a six inch vehicle that does a six to seven inch vehicle that isnt too big Or too small, this does the trick too. So, thank you guys, as always check out comic crusaders for more fun and uh. Thank you for taking the time to stop and watch and see whats going on here.