This is d hunter, bring another action figure vehicle review today were going to be looking at the mattel hot wheels. Radio controlled the batman, the batmobile. This is a six or seven inch scale. Batmobile car from the batman – no other company has made this, although spin master has a one sixth scale, 12 inch scale version that looks like its going to work for the six and seven scale figures. There was a very expensive version of this with the bat cave, but this is the basic version with just the car should scratch my edge for a batmobile to accommodate my mcfarland. The batman figures so lets take a look at the packaging, as you can see, got the patents and batman here. Hot wheels ready, controlled the batman, the batmobile h6 plus, you can see the speeds. This is the original edition by dc and mattel other side of the package. The batman heres the car back a little description barcode in case that helps anybody and on the other side, you can see, has lights a remote, so no further ado lets open it up and as we open it up, the packaging seems pretty nice all right. Now that we got this vehicle out of the package here, it is with all the accessories laid out. It doesnt come with any traditional accessories. There is a more expensive 500 version. They come with the ram bat signal, some bat computers and a little piece of the batcave.

That thing looks really cool and i really wish i could get those batcave pieces, but i dont understand why its 400 more than this one just for those things does not seem worth it. It does also come with a batman figure that is attached to the car. The car does come with a charging cable, an instruction manual and a remote control lets get those out of the way real, quick heres. The charging cable looks like youre going to have to provide your own wall port plug into the car instruction manual folds out. In a bunch of different languages, then we have remote. Control takes two double a batteries that are not included. There is a rechargeable battery for the car thats included and you cant access that, but you can just plug it in and now what we all came here to see the car. This is the for the recently released film, the batman at the mattel website, its advertised as a one tenth scale car. That means its actually for the seven inch scale bigger than the six inch scale. My first thoughts are the car bigger than i expected, and that is a good thing. The doors do not open and frankly, that really sucks its going to make it really hard to get a figure in and out of this thing i wish the roof would come off. Maybe some people customize this thing cut the doors open, add hinges. I would love to see what happens in the future, so the windows are open on the sides.

Door does not come open. Its got rubber wheels. They spin both sides a little step to get into the car. The engine is beautiful. Look at that thing, tons and tons of detail its got a light here for the exhaust. You see the back brake lights, it looks fantastic drivers, side get the steering wheel inside there. You can see the hood there, its obviously custom modded. It then the bottom of the car got the hot wheels logo the on off switch kind of basically on the bottom, but the detail id say for a hundred dollars to size. This thing in all the detail, absolutely fantastic, but they couldnt have just made the roof. Removable or something like that, i do realize this is not necessarily for action figures. Hot wheels only makes cars, but a lot of us out here are buying this to go with their farmland 7 scale, the batman figures. It looks like its gon na work great. Besides the doors, not opening my only other complaint, it just looks very plasticky. In the film it looked like a metal armored tank shaped like a muscle car i get. It is a toy, but just some initial thoughts now lets check out the measurements of this thing. As far as how long it is 19 inches long, how tall it is the tallest point about five and a half inches tall and as far as how wide it is about nine inches wide.

Now i wanted to look at the action features of this thing and it said it took about three hours to charge it so its a good thing. I already took care of that. So this thing is advertised having lights and radio control features lets try the lights. First, heres, a car with no lights on and here with the lights on the lights, will only stay solid lit. If you have, the road control turned on heres how the headlights look in a very dimly lit room. It also has this light up feature on the back in the exhaust and one of the biggest questions i had. Can i put my mcfarland dc multiverse robert pattinson batman figure in this car. The car is advertised, be one tenth scale. Mattel said itll accommodate six and seven inch action figures, but you know that goes sometimes things just dont work out. Mcfarland is the only company that made figures from the batman. Besides spin master sometime, maybe a year from now, well get an sh pickards version, maybe eventually some mayfax stuff mexicos one coming out, but once again not for another year or so so this is it. Can this figure fit in this car? So i guess the mcfarland batman does fit in this car plastic, cape and all its, not even that tight yeah, its a pain in the ass to wiggle them in through the passenger window, trying to get them to a sitting position sliding across took his cape in There his hands can hold the steering wheel.

He looks good his ears arent being squashed in the ceiling it works. Thank you just was it wasnt so inconvenient to do, but the car does serve the purpose i was hoping it would do. It works for my action figures and heres a front view of the car with batman inside now. Lets look at the remote control features. You got the remote control here. This will control. The car goes backwards, goes forwards, its very fast turning this forward and back will rotate the tires. It is confusing as it doesnt go from left to right on the remote control, so i cleared some room in my reading room. I wanted to take this thing out for a spin put some neca street side dioramas on the side, so lets take this thing out Applause. You can see this thing, you can turn you can go forward and go back Applause overall, its pretty fast. It drives okay, although the controls are kind of confusing, it looks good and it functions well best of both worlds and just wanted to show how fast this thing goes. I think its like 10 miles an hour, but it sure looks a lot faster than that Applause and heres, the old mattel ready, controlled justice league mountain bill. Next, this new mattel hot wheels the batman batmobile, both pretty cool impressive cars, Music Applause, heres mcfarland, robert pattinson, batman from the batman standing next to spot mobile. They look fantastic together, so ill, say.

For my intents and purposes, i bought this thing, hoping it would work with mcfarlane at the batman collection and it sure does so between mcfarlands the batman collection. We have the drifter motorcycle, the bat cycle and now the batmobile heres this car next to the drifter motorcycle theyre more or less in perfect scale with one another, and here it is next to the bat cycle. These two vehicles look great next to each other for batman, whos kind of early in his career hes, starting to get a nice little arsenal, hes a lot of options of which vehicle to choose now lets check it out. Next, to some other six and seven inch scale, batman, vehicles and well start off with some more recently released ones and work backward here. It is next to the two mcfarlane bat cycle and drifter motorcycles from the batman. Then next mcfarlanes white knight bat cycle and death metal, bat cycle, and here it is next mcfarlands bat raptor heres this batmobile next big fire lanes, batmo beast here. It is next to the 1966 batmobile, the mcfarland version on the left and the mattel version on the right. These are intended for six inch scale figures and now, next to a custom batman, the dark knight returns, bat tank that i recently acquired then next to a couple of spin master bomb wheels. These are actually for the 1 to 6 scale, 12 inch tall figures, but they work and look great with your six and seven scale stuff heres, this the batman, remote controlled batmobile next to the justice league version, the ultimate radio control baumbiel.

This thing is also more or less 1 10 scale. It holds 6 inch scale figures, but the vehicle is a little bit too large compared to it should be next to them. These are both from mattel, then, next to the mattel dc, multiverse justice league mountain bill based off the same car just a little bit smaller. It looks a little better and its probably scaled, with the multiverse figures and now next to mattels the flying fox from justice league. This will accommodate a smaller six inch scale figure and next to mattels justice league nightcrawler. This will also accommodate smaller six inch scale figures here. It is next to the dc direct batman, the animated series batmobile. This thing is intended for six inch scale figures, but its quite roomy in there and now next to the dc direct batman, the only series batwing one of the largest mountain vehicles out there very impressive and here next way, soap studios the dark, knight tumbler. This is also a remote, controlled rc car. This thing is our six inch scale figures, then, with the hot toys, 1 12 scale, dark knight rises, the bat this will accommodate the smaller end of 6 inch scale collecting, but its a gorgeous piece. And finally, next to both, i meant to help power attack mountain bill and a mattel by my missions about bill. Both these are for the six inch scale. Batman figures now lets check it out next to some action figures from different various companies to see how it fits in both scale and style.

Wise in case you dont know which lines you can use with it now as far as whats going to fit inside. If i can fit a mcfarland dc multiverse finger with a plastic cape in there, a lot of action figures will fit in there, but it is a pain in the ass. I would say pretty much anything smaller mcfarlane as long as its articulate enough and its not too bulky should be able to fit in. There may fix mezco sh figurehearts no problem here. It is next to some jack specific wrestling figures, some dst or diamond select toys and mcfarlane toys, then, with some dc direct and dc collectibles figures, some neko figures and some jaspers aw wrestlers, and here it is with some patel wrestling figures, some mezco 112 collective figures And some mattel dc universe, classics and multiverse figures. And finally, here it is with some mayfix figures: some hasbro marvel legends and some sh figure. Arts action figures, thats the cool thing about this mountain bill. It looks good with your larger seven inch figures and still looks pretty good with your smaller six inch figures. I mean maybe a little bit big next sh figure in section figures, but definitely usable overall, its a very nice car. My biggest complaint would be that the doors dont function if the roof doesnt come off. If one of those things would happen, it would make this thing a whole lot easier and convenient to use and put on a whole other level, but as it is, it looks fantastic.

The detail of the engine and the hood are great. The driving features are nice, operates, pretty smoothly the lights on the front. The back are very strong, they look great, it is bigger than i initially expected, and that is a very good thing. When i found out theyre making this, i was hoping to work. My make barling figures and it sure does try to rate this thing im going to give it a very solid, eight out of ten im enjoying it. I think it looks nice, its gon na be a great addition to the bat armory. So this is d hunter. Thank guys watch this video if you liked the video press like below, if you have anything to say about the video, add to the comment section, if you want to see additional action, figure and action figure, vehicle reviews from me press subscribe. I do appreciate when you do that once again, this is d hunter.