So basically, this is a 1 18 scale. Um brushed ready to run. I did pick this up from michael’s rc hobby uh. I got this when i picked up my mst rmx kit for a super uh great deal. I was hoping that they would have the rally car in stock, but all of these little guys are sold out everywhere and what was great was that there was no tax for california and it was quick shipping, great packaging, they’re, a local uh or not local. For me, but a small uh hobby shop located in florida, i believe it is but i’m grateful to be able to snag this, and i basically did just to hit that free shipping um. But i have been eyeing these guys for a while. I believe maverick is a sister brand to uh hpi um, as they also have the larger 110 stadium truck and monster truck bashers. But anyways let’s go ahead and get this opened up, and i do have a couple other small rc’s to uh to have a comparison on, but let’s give it a shot and give you an overview of the box and uh. They do sell this uh uh. The ion series in uh different styles – they have like a desert truck, they have a truckee monster, truck rally. Car short course truck, and this is the basic overview of the chassis and uh what’s pretty cool about it is, i believe it does.

Have oil filled shocks. Um, i believe it’s uh metal gears uh internally uh ball bearings, which is a solid uh feature uh not having to upgrade um, but let’s go ahead and get this opened. It is four wheel drive and here is the manual yep. You can see that it does come with an hpi racing manual as they are like a little sister brand to them maverick um, nothing much. This is an antenna. Uh extension, tube um let’s, see my zip ties appear to be broken so i’m going to go ahead and pull the truck out, or at least the rear. One is so i’m going to take this guy out and already by the feel. This thing is pretty cool. Um go ahead and cut that other zip tie off and then uh. This should be the transmitter right here. Let me open up this box here’s a shot of the underbelly while i’m putting this box together and uh. It feels pretty nice already double wishbone design, so it doesn’t have a solid rear axle which isn’t a problem and yeah feels very nice. It’S got a good good suspension, feel to it not too much bounce and uh. Again. This is not a the sturdiest um surface. Um but let’s go ahead and take a look what’s inside our accessories box. So we got our charger for nim battery uh, so note that it uh let’s take a look at the battery that it comes with um 7.

2 volt uh, 1200 milliamp uh, that’s kind of uh, not the biggest deal there, but we’ll have an alternative to that um. I see that they do give an adapter, so it must be one of those mini uh. These little mini uh tamiya connectors that i’ve been seeing, which is actually pretty cool because we’ll get to that in a bit and uh here’s a shot of the transmitter. Interesting it’s kind of like a tiny mini uh transmitter, um easy for one hand, which is really cool and then on the top i’m see we got a trim dial right there, it’s not labeled and uh there’s. This little uh kind of scroll, it’s variable so we’ll figure out what that does. I think that’s the on off right there and then steering trim is my assumption. Um. So mtx 249 is the model number. It is 2.4 um. So let’s take a look under the hood and uh it’s got a pretty cool, look to it, uh the uh. I think the picture makes it look a little bit cooler um, because it does look a little fatter, uh kind of cartoonish but i’m still liking it and it’s still feeling pretty cool. I am uh if you guys are in tune with my videos. I am a sucker for rally, cars and short course: trucks. I think they look awesome there’s a a little bit of scale that you know that’s maintained um while you get some off road and on road um capability um, but check that out that’s, pretty cool there’s.

Some good suspension travel. I do like the feel of the tires they are foam inside or it feels like there’s foam, nice battery, clip and yep. It looks like these. I don’t know what these are, but these are kind of like mini tamiya, uh, connectors um, which are interesting, because that is the same connector that’s used on the enos, which i happen to pull out just because i thought that’d be a cool comparison, a basic design. This is a 370 brushed motor looks like it does, have a three wire servo upgradeable, so that will likely be one of the first things i upgrade because i do have metal gear mini servos like this i’m sure it doesn’t need the upgrade, but i’ll probably do It just because something i am seeing is that lots of plastic which isn’t a problem um might actually be better for uh for bashing, but the dog bones are plastic, so that could be a potential weak spot um and then let’s see no adjustability, which isn’t a Big deal, i don’t anticipate this being a pro race truck or anything like that. They do have spare parts and upgradeable parts a lot of metal components, including the uh axle cups, which i believe are plastic on this. There you go, it takes take a look at that, so uh there’s, some trades, uh trade offs to this i’m, already noticing um. So first off uh let’s get the competitor. You guys might be familiar with this guy: the wl toys, a 969 118 short course truck and uh here’s a side by side shot of those so pretty similar footprint.

I do like the style of this body a lot i like how it goes in right here versus how the ion just kind of stays flared out. Um looks a lot more aggressive. You do have an exposed bumper on this one versus the hidden bumper on this one let’s see yeah, because when you uh put the body on, though there’s no way that the uh, the bumper will uh sorry, let me get this on there. We go so even with the um post mounted there’s, no way that that front bumper would be in the front of the body, so that’s kind of a knock on the ion. For me, let’s look at the transmitters, so i do like how compact the ion transmitter is um, which is pretty cool, uh small, easy to carry uh, not so bulky like the wltoys transmitter is i’m. Not a big fan of these button. Uh trim adjusts for steering and throttle um versus at least there’s a dial. I see right here and then at least a kind of like a switch that can be adjusted in multiple positions, but i will say this does feel very cheap compared to this transmitter. So i have to give it to the wl toys on the transmitter so far. I have not used this, but i haven’t had any problems with this at all. Getting back to the rc’s um. This is a 370 motor. This one is the base model a 969.

So this one actually has a ‘0 brushed motor and i will say that if you guys have seen the videos on these these rip, they have excellent durability. I have the b version which i’m currently fixing, because i run the heck out of that one and i beat it. Uh beat the crap out of it and it just takes it, which is what these wl toys are known for so i’m, hoping that the ion will perform the same. It does at least the wheels uh you can see. You know, wheelbase is pretty much the same. Um as well as well as the track width aside from wider tires that come on the wl toys, as far as feel goes no foam in here, but the rubber is fairly grippy. But this one i’d probably say is the better feeling tire and there are is foam inside of it. These do come with oil filled or oil shocks, but they do not come filled, so you do need to fill them yourself. Um. These do feel pre filled, which are nice and uh judge. Based on the look, i will give the shocks to the maverick ion versus the plastic wl toy shocks, but these are great for small rc’s and you can actually use these on other uh small rc’s as well. So i do highly recommend these as spare cheap little shocks getting back to that definitely power motor goes to the wl toys as well as the battery, because this is a 7.

4 lipo battery, a jst connector versus this uh 7.2 volt nim uh battery with the mini Tamiya, so juice you’ll definitely get more punch out of the lipo, and i do use upgraded batteries on these to give it even more extra punch to it. But the alternative to this i’ll get to that in a in a little bit, but sorry for all the rambling, um upgradability goes to the ion for having the three wire servo uh. So you can add a gyro in there. You can upgrade the servo versus this five wire uh, which is limits your options um as far as the um upgradability goes, but they both use a two in one esc, transmitter or two in one esc, receiver, um Music. But aside from that, this comes with metal dog bones, but i don’t believe it comes with uh ball bearings. You can see those bronze bushings in there um, so uh dog bones axles go to the wl toys um, the again the bearings uh full ball. Bearings goes to the ion, so you know there’s a lot of trades to it. Um. I have not taken this out, so i can’t speak for how hard it rips, but i know this one’s a lot of fun, um and i’m sure and as of now they’re. Actually, very similar price you can see. This is posted for 89 and i’m. Seeing a lot of these in the 70 to 80 dollar range right now i managed to snag this.

I think for around 60 bucks um and i had to wait forever for it to come in, but the uh my dash b, the upgraded model was my steel that i did pick up for uh. I think uh 50 or 60 bucks also so i’m super happy about that um, but anyways getting back to that uh that’s. Basically, a good um overlook comparison to the wl toys uh. I did bring the wl toys monster truck. I think this is the 797 um. Just so that you can take a look um but same Music about the same time size besides the fatter wheels. This one does have the bigger 540 brushed motor, so i don’t see much room in this chassis to upgrade that motor to a larger diameter. So brushless could be the option, but i’ve been learning to enjoy these rc’s just as they come before. I start frankensteining them and upgrading them definitely learning to appreciate brushed setups a lot more instead of just jumping straight to brushless um. But here is the wl toys b series bigger motor, basically the same setup, uh oil shocks and unfilled metal, dog bones, uh, metal, uh, diffs, um and then one more rc 118 scale to take a look at you can see same wheelbase. This is the enos and px toys uh the 9303. This is the 9 306 or 9606. I can’t remember right now: um great budget rc. This is a competitor to the hs 18 1 8 series, and this has a 380 motor.

I believe it is so 370. 380., this was pretty cool because these have the same connector type, which is awesome because then you can use these lipo batteries in this truck right here so i’m. Pretty happy about that. You can see same connectors and you can actually fit a pretty big one in there if you can find one of these. These are not the most common batteries. I did find spares myself for this. For this series. One difference to know: is you got the plastic? You got the metal dog bone, this one does not come with uh oil filled shocks or oil capable shocks, so that is an upgrade. That needs to be done, and i also see i also don’t believe it comes with ball bearings either or it could be wrong. I’Ll have to double check on that um, but no oil shocks, 380 versus 370 um same battery, which is cool, uh, um, five wire servo, three wire servo, so plus here um. But these are a lot of fun. You throw on oil shocks on this and it’s a blast. I have that on my px toys – uh 930 – whichever – and this is getting the oil shocks next, but these are really fun and i get these are probably around 50 bucks, so uh things to consider um based on the unboxing. I have no regrets on purchasing this i’m still very happy and uh. Small little rc’s are always great to run around the house um, especially when weather sucks and you can’t get outside.