What are we up to today? Well, today, we’re going to be the first of our reviews and the cars i’ve got, which is this the phantom xt. So when you buy a phantom xt, what do you get in the box? Well, first of all, you obviously get a car, and that is the girl, also in the box you’re going to get some spare servo savers, an instruction manual and a card which i’m guessing. If you scan this will take you to the hpi racing, because they own maverick and that’s, where you get your parts from i’m guessing you also get what i’ve done a small plastic tool for undoing the wheels. That is pretty rubbish. To be honest, it broke the first time i tried to undo the wheels. I have an old tamiya one, but any seven mil socket will work and you can use that for undoing your wheels. You also get a charger, not this charger, and you also get a battery now. This car costs 110 pounds, but i bought mine from time to time models and from time to time models you don’t have to have a battery in the charger and you get 15 pounds off the price uh to not have to not have a battery charger. A battery now i bought my own battery charger. I think this was about 10 pounds and i bought my own battery. The reason being is the battery you get with this.

Car is very small it’s only a 1800 mah, this one’s a 3000 mah. So this battery and charger, i think, cost me 30 pounds, but i used the 15 pounds i saved from the car to put towards that. So for an extra 15 pounds, i’ve got a better battery and probably a better charger. So let’s look at the car. So what do you get? Well, as you can see, i’ve already used this car. I took it out the excitement i couldn’t wait. I had to get on and do it you get a car it’s, a one tenth scale, it’s fairly, very cool. Looking it’s got a nice body, nice green body comes with black plastic wheels the tires uh, they feel quite soft they’ve got quite a bit of grip on them. I’M. Thinking that they’re, probably going to be all right. Um you get. Oil suspension seems a little bit soft, but you can drop it. It doesn’t bounce. So i think for what we want it’s going to be pretty good. Um it’s got plastic hexes on the wheels which may you can’t see, maybe a uh, maybe a weak point. It comes fully ball bearing race, which is a good thing, means it’s, going gon na be able to stand up to a bit more abuse, um from the outside that’s, pretty much it it’s. Quite a nice looking body um, i like black, wheels i’ve put my own little blue wheel nuts on there, but you know small things: uh, so let’s get the body off and have a look underneath there’s no adjustment on the steering, which is a bit of a Weird thing to have, i don’t know why you wouldn’t have an agent adjustment on the steering um and there is no no adjustment.

It looks like on the shock of the others. Where is that an adjuster? No, no. I just put on the shock absorbers, but they are oilfield shocks. Uh moving along you’ve got your receiver there. It says it’s water resistant not quite sure how water resistant, perhaps we’ll, find out um servo underneath there’s a high torque survey. I don’t know what the kilograms is or if it’s metal gears or anything electronic speed controller and a 550 brushed motor. This car comes with a tamiya connector i’ve got some tamiya connected batteries, so we’ll use those um you’ve got shock tower front, choctaw, rear, everything’s plastic. Underneath it’s very plastic orientated plastic, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It keeps the price down and past plastic tends to flex, whereas metal tends to bend so we’ll see where we go with it, but it bounces seems okay, so let’s get it out, see how fast it goes. Okay, so here we are now right. Phantom out on the field 7.2 volt 3000 mah, nickel, nickel, hydro battery let’s, see what she can do seems: okay, it’s, not massively fast, but it’s fast enough for a bit of fun. 12 satellites on the track start make sure it’s working, it’s working, that’s flat out it’s flat out pretty quick and it’s, not that fast. Oh there it’s in the trays come out of the trees. All right let’s have a look joint, so 7.2 volt 3000mah. Nothing special! What you’d get if you bought it let’s have a look, stop read 19 miles an hour, uh that’s, the second time.

I’Ve done it. I did do it the first time, but i’ve got to push record on the camera new mistake. So let’s take the 7.2 volt out and let’s put a 7.4 volt to a lipo in it. I don’t expect it to make that much difference. It’S only got 0.2 volts extra, but um we’ll see okay. So here we go run two maverick sorry maverick phantom xt running a 2s lipo. Does it make any difference? Will it go faster than 19 miles an hour let’s just give it a little little go first: okay! Well, it looks faster feels faster massively Music. I mean it’s still quite controllable, oh no! Oh no! The wheels fell off. Oh no, okay, that’s the uh end of that fanner hi guys. Here we are back in the shed after the speed run with the phantom. As you have seen, it went a bit wrong. Um and the more observant of you would have seen that also the phantom was sporting. The uh wheels the old wheels from the quantum but um in a previous one, not in a previous video. But while i was scanning that locations to do some filming, we found the woods and we had the quant, the phantom with us, and we took the phantom in there and did a little bit of bashing. And we had a bit of a crash um. That footage of that video was in slow motion, but will now be shown Music here, Music uh, as you can see from that it was a fairly heavy hit.

It hit the wheels side on um. It looks a lot worse in slow motion than it actually was, but it did hit the wheel side on um. It broke the bottom arm. I’Ve changed that because i wanted to get the speed run done um, but it broke the bottom arm right up in here. That way around here, yeah just there and there um. I changed that um. That was a pair of those were seven pound. Fifty um and you get a pair and they’re, not sided, so you can use them on either side. I think they look like you. Can um but i’ve changed that so something will be even has gone aboard, but the more important thing is you’ll see: it’s got a new wheel on the reason why i had the orange wheels was it broke the wheel here is that wheel and as you can See it smashed that proper now this is a bit more of an issue. Um these wheels are very thin. I was surprised just how thin they are. The plastic is very weak um and you have to buy a pair of wheels and a pair of wheels cost me 20 pounds, so that needs to go on the board as well. I’Ll see how we go, but um yeah 20 pounds for a broken wheel. That’S not good, obviously, i’ve got a spare one. Now, the only problem going to spare one is the tires: are directional, so i’ve only got a spare one three of those sides unless i wanted to go backwards, um.

That, for me, is the biggest issue, because the quantum wheels the reason why it fell off the quantum wheels are actually thicker plastic and because they’re thicker plastic. The nuts won’t, do well enough for the nylock there to catch on the shaft. So therefore they came undone and it rolled off across the field um as you so yep that’s. It really guys i’ve updated the board. As you can see, we’ve got seven pound 50 on there now for the lower arms 20 pound on there for the wheels and that’s the running total. As we are so join me again, we’ll get this back out for its 2s run. That out for his 3s run uh thanks for watching um. If you’d like to do me a favor click.