Now that being said, this isn’t small, it still has a 285 millimeter wheelbase, so i’m it’s, a bigger than your average um 10 scale monster truck and it’s 3s capable now that’s, a 3660 300 kv motor, and this is a maverick mc30 bl bl. This looks like a hobbywing, 10bl60 there’s, no way, that’s a 30 amp, 30 amp it’s, not enough. This motors puts out way over 30 amps in a street car, let alone a car with big giant tires like this. So that’s got to be like a rebranded 10bl60. Not much in the box here ready to run water resistant all that good stuff, blah blah blah there. We go it’s a little bit of stuff going on here. So, looking into this, a company named um what was their name hobby – something hobby park, maybe hobby pro something like that had this truck and they released it like last year, but now they don’t have the rights to it anymore. If you go on their site, they have nothing but many crawlers, but i remember this coming out, maybe hobby pro or something like that and um yeah now, i’m, pretty sure hsp is the oem and hobby pro or whoever it was had the right to this and Maverick bought them out kind of like the way the um helion avenge is now the associated um rival 10 mt m210 anyway metal gear, servo, enclosed receiver box we’ve got the um the brushless 3660 we’ve got.

You know, it says: covered spur, pillow, ball, that’s, pivot ball. Whatever and oil filled shocks, blah blah blah blah 285 lengths, 475. yeah, that’s um, waterproof and the hpi racing. Now we already know these bodies are kind of thin, so go ahead and reinforce it off top. But the color is nice, it’s, nice, looking body with the silver that bleeds back to the black, the green and, of course, these uh. These are really nice wheels. I think these are called treads. Tractors, maybe, and the ones on the plus are called um treads entanglements and then i believe, the ones on the trunky version of this or the stadium truck version of this are called treads accelerators anyway, they’re really nice you’ve got the mav badging on them. These feel really good now the ones that come the accelerators they’re more of a street tire, but this is more of like you know, tractor tread chevron, style, it’s, pretty nice um we’ve got the wheelie bar. I have a wheelie bar for my plus. I just haven’t mounted it yet and um. I think these bumpers are similar. This might be a little smaller, but the general layout of the the diffs and the bumpers from what i understand are the same or close to the same i’ll um do a comparison. Video of the plus and this regular size one another time, so this one’s got a semi high center of gravity because it’s not very much of a pitch but right.

I wonder if these are the new, a arms or not let’s, see well let’s. Look when we take the body off right, maverick badging, here um. If this is the new air arms in the new uh shafts, it should be a pretty solid rig. Besides, of course, the the body there’s no wing on this one to break, which is cool that’s. One reason why i chose this because it didn’t have a wing and also it had better tires out of the box for what i’m going to use it for out there so yeah same similar style, chassis, it’s, just shorter, and i guess more narrow, it’s um, the Honeycomb chassis you’ve got your battery strap here. The receiver box, of course, is uh enclosed. I don’t know if it’s waterproof, that’s strange uh, the servo’s really high up it’s really high up and the bell crank goes all the way underneath or the servo arm goes. All the way, under this far it’s – probably a better design to put this up closer and then put this here of course, then get into the you have to remove this to get to these, but that’s not really a big deal anyway yeah. This looks like a 10bl60 or 10bl50, which is our decent hobbywing based speed controllers, not much room, because this is a large can. This is a 3660. Can 3300kv it’s going to rip 30 um it’s going to rip it’s 32 pitch gears? I believe it’s a 13 tooth i’m, not sure about the spur and um shocks are pretty pretty good um.

Those might be a little over dampened, but probably can adjust the collars a little bit and help that out but i’m, not sure if these ones have the new updated shock shafts. I don’t think so. You can order the hd shock shafts for these and um i’m. I’M, pretty positive, it does have the new axles, but we’ll look into that. She’S got all metal gears, they’re all metal dips in here um. I think the spur might be plastic, but uh it’s got a um. It’S got really nice dips. I think they have four. Four planetary gears in there and um they seem solid, but i think it was like power hobbies, no hobby pro or something like that that had this and they were, it was called. What was the name of? It was something like an avenge, though it was similar to something like that and um i’ll have to look that up and if you guys know, put a comment – and let me know the name and the company that sold this um previously anyway, the pivot ball suspension Is really looks really nice cbd’s um, look pretty okay. Yes, it has the new arms already installed from the factory you can tell, because you see that of the top ones are round and the bottom ones were also around and the new ones they kind of they kind of oval out to a point like that and That’S, how you can tell it’s hard to see you guys might not be able to see.

I can see it anyway. I think this is direct drive and i wonder if there’s a slipper clutch or a third diff option, because you can put one right there and make sure everything’s locked tight that looks like yeah. It has loctite on it. People were having problems with stuff, not being locked tight, so check your motor mount um it’s a basic motor mount like a lot of the traxxas um vehicles. The helion vehicles had it like that too. Um, like the invictus in the hellion, is a similar setup like this it’s, a basic you know motor mount. You can adjust your your mesh by um just moving that around moving that back and forth heat sink pre installed. I guess the newer ones have the heatsinks pre installed. I noticed the older ones had heat sinks in the bag and uh both of mine came with the heat, seek install, but this isn’t an american release. It they didn’t release this in america until you know, months later, i’m. Digging these man alvin from earlrc would love these wheels and tires shout out to you alvin. If you watch my videos still um, send me an email bro. I haven’t talked to you in a while and um. I know that’s your color, but um, but let’s uh get this body taped up and i have some washers to put behind the wheels and take the old ones off. But let’s look let’s, look and see the transmitter as the plus.

No complaints works. Good just needs a rubber grip. Even arma gives you a a shitty. Oh, this is a bigger size. They don’t give you the right size for this. They must have put different size. Nuts on here, they must up the size with the hd axles. Right back got ta, have the big boy wrench for this little guy here and they lock type that i’m positive since they got the hd axles, and i wonder if they’re still putting that little washer back there, though, if they’ve no yeah see those little washers, they Got ta go. I have some washers, i don’t know if they’re going to fit it, though let me go see it right there, these ain’t, going to fit so um i’m going to get some washers tomorrow. This is causing a weak point. Even an hd axle might want to bend right there in that void, so you need a washers that are um the same size as this hex or maybe a tiny bit smaller wouldn’t matter, but i think it’s 12 um it’s m5 by 12 by one. So a 12 millimeter circumference, a one millimeter thick and um and a uh m5 hole in it and you might need two and then or just go two millimeter thick and use one that’s. Probably your best bet stay tuned for the first run of the maverick quantum flux, mt dun dun no i’m, just kidding where’s the mt. How come i didn’t say mt here.