Last time, i consider those little jumps that i don’t know you see see strip the ring gear in the front. Diff replace that with new cvds, all around see they’re, not blending. At least they don’t look bad at least the cv. Don’T look bad! So yes put kaiju body post right here instead of the cheap yeah so put cvds all around. I changed those rear links. These cheap junk links look at look how weak they are. I have broken one of these, so i put some um some traxxas links here. They they bolt right on, but now the the front, bulkhead cracked right there that’s why the center drive shaft came off. I think it’s, the rear, bulkhead yeah this this little truck is very weak. I mean you’ve seen the jumps they’re, not big, what 10 feet 50! I doubt 15 feet, maybe less than 15 feet. I don’t know but uh. I i i wouldn’t recommend this little truck. I see people bending these these – i haven’t done that yet, but some people bend the the shark shafts come off a little bit change the diff oils, because there was nothing in there just a little bit of grease, i put 50 in the front and 30 in The back that i messed up in the front and this thing doesn’t have a slipper clutch or uh center diff, just a kind of like a spool with a plastic spur and also this um, this esc on 3s.

It it hesitates when you take off so that’s. What i’ve noticed that the servo is fine? I think it’s strong enough. I haven’t broken any of these links yet, but i did break an arm a lower control arm, but that was hitting a pole so that one doesn’t count and brand new. Before i put cbd’s all around uh, i ran over a little pothole and this wheel broke off like that. The weird dog bones – they’re very weak. So i bent the dog bones pretty badly and the front cvds the original one so supposedly the ones that i installed now are heavy duty. Heavy duty let’s see how that goes. So i guess now i got ta buy that bulkhead yep. So would i recommend this little truck? I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s strong enough. Maybe if you don’t jump in and you drive around and do little tiny jumps, i don’t know, but factory you’re, probably gon na have those problems like the wheels breaking off. I did put washers like people recommended in with with uh with the new uh cvds but um for me personally, i wouldn’t get this truck again. I mean i spent about 100 bucks already in extra parts, so it makes it like a 300 vehicle might as well get a granite or something the new xt plus whatever i don’t know, i i just wouldn’t trust it, and at the beginning it was very hard To get parts for this thing too: that’s that’s another downside of this little truck so well, i’m gon na get that part there and keep going and keep doing little jumps and see what else breaks with those little tiny jumps so yeah all right.

So i wanted to add to that. I wanted to add to the damage report on that that landing, so this got elongated so i’m gon na have to change this out. It didn’t break, though it’s pretty interesting, that it didn’t break it’s just damaged right there, so because of the pin now. What i found interesting is that this lip right here on the chassis on the ex b chassis bent downward so believe it or not. I was able to bend it back with a freaking rubber, mallet, so that’s pretty bad. I mean if you’re gon na be jumping this thing really high uh m2c chest is gon na be way better than this. So i just wanted to add that real quick, so so the damage report is yeah bent chassis is right there and i got that lip. So i bent it back with this even freaking. Little hammer rubber mallet out of all things, uh the drive driveshaft didn’t bend, but i broke the pin in several pieces in two pieces. Actually i bent it and i broke them. So i still haven’t watched the i’ll have to watch the video to see how bad the crash was. I think i landed on wheels, though it was just double back flip. I might have landed sideways, but okay, so yeah m2g, m2c chassis is going to be needed in the future. I see i see myself getting one all right. Thanks for watching, hey, come on.

Alright let’s see what the for the upgrades on america like take it easy. Take it easy from 4s, the kaiju 4s and the american 3s oops first jump back. He did a better job than i did Music yeah. I guess it stays in one piece today, i’ll be fine, i’ll be happy. Watch out you don’t, hit ourselves, got ta, be careful watch out we’re right in the way watch out watch out. Let me see the remote, no it’s not broken it’s. Just a bumper don’t worry about the bumper yeah don’t worry about it. I can fix it later. Just keep drying it. The maverick from 3s hasn’t been a good experience. It hasn’t been a good experience out of the box for the marriage. It jumps fine i’ve just find on three fast enough turn around don’t go so far missed it got spectators. I don’t know. If i would recommend the mary don’t worry about that, just keep driving now yeah there you go it’s. Just a bumper don’t worry about it, it’s fast it’s enough enough. The maverick is fast enough on 3s for it to be fun. On 2s, you couldn’t even get a backflip. I tried it. I think i have a video on it: Music, oh that’s, bad, no slipper clutch and no and no center dip, it’s, just a little spool with a plastic spur gear. It’S been fine. So far, oh, no! Something happened. There oh see that’s what i was talking about: Music, Music, the back flip Music i’ll break the car.

I don’t want to do that. Let’S! Do a really high speed jump! Just stay right there, oh, no! It didn’t land let’s! Do a let’s. Do a really high speed jump? Let me catch some speed. I’M gon na catch, some speed, they’re gon na jump, we’re gon na do full speed, jump right here, oh from all over here, see if we can do it. Oh i went in the grass okay here. I come here it’s kind of scary to be right here, see if everything’s, okay, no, you don’t have to leave the remote there just get behind me right there it’s fine, you ready, i lost sight of it, but i was still able to kind of save it. Okay, i’m gon na catch more speed, see if i can do a high speed. Another high speed jump. Okay, stay right there: okay, hey! You got the landing this time inside i’m, going to jump really high i’m coming Music. Look at the ramp. This thing is destroying the ramp. How to line up the creatine with the stuck tires, go ahead, good job all right. My turn. Stop stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop ready! I’M gon na do uh. I try to do a back double black dough backflips! Oh, i think we broke something all right. We broke an arm. Oh, that was epic, though the arm broke. Alright, we got arms, but we’re, not gon na fix it today. Wasn’T i just talking about not breaking arms Music.

Hopefully it’s. Just the arm let’s see what happens. Let’S see, wait, wait! Wait! Oh yeah! The arm broke. Yeah. I told you i was like whoa the pin broke and the pembroke wait wait hold on a second look. The arm didn’t break the pin broke. What the this is, the arm, yeah look. The arm is fine. I never seen this before. Oh this thing, jesus the pin broke, not the arm and the drive shaft is fine. Oh my god. Look at this it’s. The pin. Look what i did to the pin look, what i did to the pin. Let me see the pin. I got one of those yeah it’s kind of late, though i don’t know i guess we can fix it wow.