I don’t want to keep saying i was going to call it the plus but we’re, going to start plus with the not plus that’s it. The minus we’re going to start with the og quantum we’re using the speed flee, which is the world’s smallest lightest, gps data, logger and we’re, going to run this one first to set the benchmark and see if this has improved on it. Now. One thing i forgot to mention in the unboxing review, as you can see, the original quantum, which is pretty much direct drive, four wheel, drive and sure has got a weenie bar this one being a longer wheelbase and having a diff that lets the power move. About. Does not so they’re, obviously predicting, and my prediction is: this – is going to be a much more stable machine so anyway, let’s get this bolted together. Remember which remote is, which and uh give it a try that one hit the nappy up. It’S really nice to be back out again after months of full on lockdown, these really haven’t moved much i’ve got to remember how to drive anything but a crawler again. Oh, the excuses are rolling in already recorded by speed, flee powered by an idiot ‘.1 miles an hour that’s what it did last time, yeah virtually the same 40 miles an hour, but i thought it’s only fair that we use the same gps in both because we Used your old garmin last time see here we are with the quantum plus yep how big big everything is: yeah it’s much bigger than the other one.

So we’ve now got 100 amp esc. The motor’s dropped down 200 kv, but it’s receiving more amps, so technically it’s a lower review motor but receiving more amps. It should even that out so we’ve got again the speed flee. We just got ‘.1 with the og quantum let’s see what this one does. Oh strap related chaos, i’ve literally, never ever ever. Driven this. This is its first ever the excuses are rolling in yet again run, obviously where the original quantum has got. A full mechanical drive line all four wheels, get the full amount of power at all time. This now having a central diff will most likely squat the front tires will get a little bit lighter balloon, but i’m figuring with that in the longer wheelbase again, why there’s? No wheelie bar because it will just let that power move about, hopefully put it down a little bit smoother, but we’ll soon find out might end up on its roof. Here we go. Oh it’s, a handsome machine sounds menacing. Music, really nice looks stable, smoother than a butter covered slide. I’Ve run out of an allergy since lockdown, i don’t know it’s, so undramatic it’s hard to gauge it’s just hefty and stable isn’t it that is mega just smashed it. I just absolutely matted it. I can’t see 34. what well it’s a little bit slower it’s a little bit slower, but you can use all of it all of the time. So is it slower in a straight line? Weirdly enough? Yes, but you imagine every single time you come out of a corner or approach a ramp or whatever you can just fully punch this without any squiggling about, whereas that one you’ve got to be a little bit cautious of so overall.

Would this be a quicker rig? Absolutely stone cold, the heatsink that size it’s um, not ice cold, but it’s, hardly warm nice cool time to get some dirt on it right, here’s. The first drive of the quantum flux plus off road we’ve got a nice little bit of tarmac links with a bit of sort of gravelly onto some grass, so good choice of terrain to see how this drives and then we’re going to get it out with its Younger brother and see how they act differently with their different setup. First thing: you notice immediately is that it’s so smooth putting the power down now it’s got a center diff it doesn’t around. It goes straighter than most cars. I’Ve had that have had a gyro. I mean look: this is dirt i’m, not going to touch the steering right. Look at that that’s insane. That is absolutely insane, and this is absolute bone stock. No adjustments i’ve not even touched the steering trim. It really is a lovely, neutral, chassis, suspension’s soaking up the bumps. Well, it’s got the same shocks as the original quantum, but they’ve re oiled them they’ve taken out the earwax or whatever it was they used in the original ones and they put in 500 cst oil and, as you can see, lovely no chassis slap absorbs all of That really really nicely the tyres they’re. Now a 3.2 inch wheel from a 2.8, the pattern’s unidirectional and they grip really nicely not much ballooning, let’s see if it does a donut with the center dip, it might be less likely to now there we go, whereas the old one would always have all four Wheels spinning Applause this now sends the power to whatever wheel’s got the least weight on it.

So if you look here, it will be this inside front wheel, that’s going to want to lift and spin up it doesn’t. Let you do crazy donuts, but it does. Let you drive around man. This really is good it’s, just so stable, sound like i’m, repeating myself, but just impressed there’s no sway bars. I love it. I don’t feel like i’m saying much in this review. Obviously, if you want the real details of all the tech stuff, you’ll have to watch the unboxing in comparison. Video, where we compare it to the quantum plus, but the rough low down is compared to the original quantum. It’S got bigger, wheels, bigger wheel, hexes, bigger motor. More power, a lower center of gravity and it’s longer and wider, but the best addition they’ve done for drivability is the center diff. There is a lot more to this than just it being bigger. It is definitely as a driving machine, far superior mate you’re gon na love this. When you get a drive, i swear no revenge breakage having to go the plus he’s, never driven this before, and i say this is such an easy rig to drive it hasn’t wanted to fall over yet it just. It just loves being the right way up for someone that drives like me: it’s the perfect car. What do you reckon Music, no we’ve, both given each other a car to try and both of us have managed to break something? No, oh! Well, i owe you a spoiler.

Well, this will still work. I broke your gears right, let’s, get its baby brother out and have a little game, it’s, stable and drivable. It really is. It really is yeah. I mean you owned a creighton, so it’s, actually quite a fair comparison. It’S literally just like slightly smaller one of them is half the batteries. Do you hear that armor fan boys mini mini creighton? I get it. I understand a few people had issues with the original one, but you can’t tar everything with the same brush. You know if you’ve never heard an original one. You got given this. If you weren’t impressed, then i don’t know what would impress you, especially when you think this is still 250 quid. Well again, i said it in the unboxing video, but for 250 pounds, you’re still looking from traxxas at something two wheel, drive and brushed that can just about take a 2s lipo. You would not be doing any of this. You would not be getting traction gee. You would not be getting the speed; this is just excellent. It just really is point and go. I want to get the get the og out, so what we’re going to demonstrate now is the differences that the layouts made in the vehicle. We do a launch film from the side and this one without any diff in that and in that one and hopefully you’ll see how they react differently. You know what they look about: the same: recording, ah there’s, the difference, so, okay here’s a good difference.

This is what happens on loose ground, full, lock and power with full mechanical driveline, whereas if you do it with that, one it’s less fully ovary the longer wheelbase definitely adds stability. Yes, they’re, both lovely looking rigs, though mine’s a little wheelie machine Applause. Oh, i thought you’re getting the log. I thought you’re getting the log right. I’M gon na try, starting on the slightly grassy a bit for a bit of a side by side, because this does not have the grip from a standing start that that one does no see i’m, not doing that. Definitely not as much of a driver’s car right here still love. It, though see him from over here right, try and come back together. Laughter oh come on! Oh! Can i go for a rescue? Yes. Well, a lot of technicality i’m gon na go move that log, because it’s scaring me now yeah. My summary so far is that all the differences that they’ve done from this original quantum model to the plus have made this so much better for driving. It accelerates better. It handles better it’s, more controllable, i think they’re, both excellent, but out of the two i would take that one to a skate park or something where you can enjoy all the air control you get with it being. You know really nimble the short wheelbase, but this for tracks woodland. It is just it’s, astonishingly good in my opinion, really is so let’s just enjoy using them, both and but it’s.

Only 250 quid, though it’s only yeah and it’s it’s. You know how is it so? Cheap what’s, the crate what’s that small crate in there is that a 4s one yeah, because the mega they do a creighton typhon sentence, that’s. That range of armors is 269 quid, but they’re brushed they’re a 550 brush. So the people that say yeah you can get an armor to the side. I say i said this in the in the first impressions video, but you can get a cheeseburger from mcdonald’s for 99p or you can buy a double big mac for five quid. It doesn’t make both of them a cheeseburger buying a brush. Armor is not the same as getting a 3s brushless froggy and the only reason you can make armors and practices. So tough is there’s millions of companies out there that build bits to make them tougher. We give ourselves a double face: full of gravel in slow motion, just line them up next to each other and go Music.