Now a lot of you picked the tamiya lunch box, but i’ve decided to delay that a little bit and i’ve actually gone for the maverick quantum xt flux. Instead, i believe that actually come in at second place now. The reason i’ve gone for this is because the past few months, i’ve noticed a lot of people, have been leaving comments on my other videos asking me to get this one on the channel. They want to see what i make of it. They want to hear my opinion, which is why i’ve gone for the 80 amp version. This is the new and updated one, and i cannot wait to get this thing open to test it out and to give you my verdict. So let’s get straight into it. Music. Applause, Music, welcome back to the channel and today we’re going to be taking a look at the maverick quantum xt flux. Now this is the new, updated version. This is the one that comes with the 80 mpsc, the heavy duty axles and drive shafts, and i do believe there has been some other changes as well. This thing looks really really good for the money. It’S. Also free s, ready out the box. A lot of you have been asking to see this one on the channel, but there’s also mixed opinions, mixed reviews. Some people are saying these things are made like butter. They really don’t, take jumps very well they’re, not very durable, but then there’s.

Also, quite a few people who say: they’re really really good value for the money, which is why, like i said at the start of this, video i’ve decided to go for this one instead of the tamiya lunch box. Because i want to see for myself just how this thing performs so let’s get straight into it. The first thing we’re going to do is take a look at what we get in the box. We’Ll talk about some of the nice features that the truck has and then we’ll get it out for a test run right then so let’s take a quick look at what we get in the box. Now we’ve got a black and white quick start guide, which does cover all the basic stuff that you need to know to get you up and running nice and quick. Now you may be wondering why there isn’t a battery or charger here on the worktop, and that is because they don’t include one. If you do go ahead and purchase this model, you are going to have to provide your own battery and charger. Now we’ve got a decal sheet and, as you can see, there aren’t really a lot of decals left because they have already pre applied those for you, but they do include two of these big maverick quantum decals on the sheet. We’Ve got a um, an aerial tube and we’ve got a plastic cross wrench, which will come in handy if you want to get the wheels off your truck and finally, moving on to the transmitter, then now i’m, not a huge fan of these.

This is the maverick mtx244 i’ve seen this a few times on a few of the maverick models that i’ve owned. Now i’ve got nothing against it. I just don’t like the way it feels i think, it’s a little bit too big and chunky for my liking. We do get a rubber grip, which is quite nice on the wheel there. We can also adjust our trim settings, we’ve got dual rate settings and i do believe we can adjust our throttle rate as well. We can turn the throttle down or up depending on how much speed you want to go for, but overall i’m really not a fan of these transmitters and i’m. More than likely going to switch this out for something like a dumbo rc. So we’ve had a look at what we get in the box. There’S really only one thing left to do, and that is to have a look at the maverick quantum xt flux, because it looks absolutely insane Music, so Music, Music, Applause, Music, and here it is then, and straight away. We notice that striking color scheme we’ve got the orange the black and the blue overall, i think the colors on this really do stand out. I think this thing looks epic, so let’s talk about some of the nice features that we get on this truck. Then so we’ve got a front bumper. We have got a rear bumper with a wheelie bar and we have got a really nice black wing.

So what we’ll do is we’ll get the body shell off we’ll have a little look at what is going on underneath we’ll talk about the electronics and we’ll talk about some of the things that have been updated and then we’ll get this thing out for a little Test run right, so let’s talk about the electronics first of all then, and then we’ll take a closer look at some of the nice features that this truck comes with now, we’ve got a 3300 kv. Brushless motor we’ve got an 80 mpsc, which is one of the upgrades on this truck. A nine kilogram servo and, as you can see in here, is where our receiver is being housed in the receiver box. There’S not a huge amount to talk about when it comes to the electronics, but one of the nice features this does have is that 80 mpsc, which i think is definitely going to be a worthwhile upgrade now? This truck does come with a lot of nice features and we’re going to talk about some of them now, we’ll start with the shocks. They are fully adjustable. Oil filled shocks, but one of the things i did notice is just how firm they are. I think they’ve gone for a very heavy weight oil in the shocks now that’s not to my liking, and i think i will use a slightly thinner oil in the sharks because they are extremely firm. We get double wishbone suspension and this being the upgraded version.

We also get the heavy duty axles and heavy duty drive shafts now we’ve got metal, diffs we’ve got adjustable turn buckles, as you would expect. The truck is four wheel drive as well. This really is turning out to be a very, very nice little model. Indeed, one of my favorite features on this truck: are these tyres now they’re, nice and chunky, and they are quite a soft and sticky compound i’m, a big fan of these tyres and, like i said earlier in the video i’m, a massive fan of these wheels. Now there has been people leaving comments, saying that the plastics on this truck are terrible, especially when it comes to the suspension arms they really don’t. Last that long, when you take this thing out bashing – and that is one of the things we’re going to do today – we’re going to test how durable is because i will be taking it to my local skate park and we will see just how this thing can Put up with all the abuse that i throw at it and then we’ll see whether or not all of that stuff that people have said is true, so guys we’re not going to get into too much technical detail. If you want to check the full spec of this truck out, i will leave a link in the description below for you to head over to where i got mine from which was model sport. Here in the uk, you can check the spec out.

You can. You know read into this thing a little bit more if you want to, but i think there’s only one thing left to do and that is to get this thing ready, we’ll head out, we’ll see how fast it is we’re, also going to see how durable it Is at my local skate park so let’s do that now right then! So before we head over to the skate park, we’re going to see how fast this is now we’re going to do a 2s and a 3s test, we’ll start with the 2s and we’ll see what we get right so let’s do it: Music, Music, right and so Let’S see what we achieved on 2s we’ve got 30 miles an hour which isn’t too bad. So what we’ll do is we’ll fit a 3s pack and we’ll see what this can do on 3s right, then free s, pac fitted. What do we reckon guys 40 miles? An hour let’s find out right, let’s see what we got 43 miles an hour 3s, and that was a 50c battery, not too bad at all. So guys, i think what we’ll do is we’ll pack up we’ll head over to the skatepark we’ll, see how this performs over there, because a lot of people are saying this thing’s not very durable, and i think i want to put that to the test and find Out just how much abuse it can actually take Music wow, just as i’ve started filming this there’s, a group of lads playing with uh fpv drones that’s, one of the things i’ve always wanted to get into, but i’ve always uh i’ve always thought to myself that isn’t Something i’m going to be able to control, but i’d definitely like to get an fpv drone on the channel, wow Applause.

So i think it was phil humber that actually left a comment and said when this thing gets taken out or when the wind gets taken out. It is going to rip this thing to pieces and, as you can see, that’s exactly what has happened and to be fair. We’Ve only been here for about 10 minutes, Music we’re gon na keep going you brush past your ear Music, so so Music right. So things didn’t go too well for the maverick, as you can see, we have ripped the rear end of this thing off with quite a big impact that we had earlier on now. It’S a shame. This thing isn’t as durable as i thought, it’d be considering how much it costs is it to be expected i’m, not sure, so i think the question most people are going to ask is: is it actually worth getting one of these? Well, if you’re looking for a cheap 3s ready, rc truck, i really don’t see why not. There are upgrades available which are going to make this thing much more durable, but yeah i’m a bit disappointed because 10 minutes in we had this, which meant we couldn’t get some massive jumps for this today. But it is what it is: we’ll get it repaired and we’ll. Take it out again right so we’re going to leave the video there today be sure to subscribe to the channel. If you haven’t already leave a comment down below and let me know what you think of the maverick quantum xt flux, it’s, a shame it’s not as durable as i thought, it’d be.

But a lot of people did warn me, but you guys asked for it on the channel, which is why i got one but yeah bit disappointing and i’ll see you guys soon on the next one take care. So, just before i leave i’m gon na have a quick look at these. These guys drones, they’re running fpv drones, you’ve, probably heard them whizzing about. In the background, what sort of speeds can you get out of these lads 100 miles an pushing hour now? As you know, on the channel i’ve been looking to get into fpv for quite a while, but it’s something i’ve put off because they do frighten me a little bit. But i think, after seeing these and chatting to these lads briefly, is something i’m definitely going to get into.