This is just pitched up. The box is absolutely. This is the outer box. The box is absolutely huge, yeah it’s massive. I could probably use this as a as a speaker box to be fair, so let’s crack on so there’s the box it’s beak. It is big right, so let’s whip it open now the sides that should open all right let’s have this out. Ah, i should have got this there we go there. She be in all her splendor, all right, let’s! Let the dog see the rabbit. Okay, so don’t, mind me: i just got out of bed um i’ll work nights, so yeah Music get the most useless instruction manual. This is all to come with it, nothing about how to program the esc, not that i could see anyway there’s something there to calibrate it, but no so i’ll tell you there how to calibrate it, but there’s, no there’s no chart to tell you where your punch Settings are or anything like that you break settings anything like that. Nothing so file that under r or s for shite, um, lovely aerial store right. Okay, i’ve got the um controller here. You’Ve got the maverick standard controller that they all come with. Every maverick comes with this it’s, not bad it’s, a bit bit clunky, i guess but it’s very nice. I think so anyway, trigger’s quite stiff, rather than some sort of sloppy, feel i’d prefer that and the wheel was quite tight, so i think it’s actually uh tighter than the last one, this the trigger stiffer a lot more spring weight on it.

But i like that, i don’t, like it sloppy right here so there’s that it will take. It will take four a’s as before, put that there for a second flip, the shell off come on all right, Music, there’s, the body shell, quite nice. I chose the blue, as you can see. I didn’t like the red. My my opinion of the red was you’re gon na get like the red wheels. It came with the red body, shell, it did look nice for the red wheels, but once you’ve boarded them out, unless you’re gon na go and buy maverick wheels again, you’re not gon na get red wheels everywhere you buy more or less it’s black, so at least, If you’ve got the blue shell and the black wheels any wheel you put on it, it doesn’t really look any different it’s. My opinion at least body shield, it’s, quite it’s, quite sturdy, actually quite sturdy about the same as the others – really, maybe a bit, maybe a bit more it’s, quite strong around the edges when the roof on that is quite around the roof here, it’s quite it’s, quite Strong so yeah that should be fine. We’Ve got the same nine kilogram servo that they had before same receiver box that it had before don’t like this uh aerial poking out it just if it won’t go i’d have to feed that in i’ll have to open that up and feed that in but yeah That’S not going to go so we’ve got a we’ve got a hobby wing.

Yeah looks like a max 10 or something yeah. Similar um looks like a hobby wing or a rebranded hobby ring at least these wires. Here they come out like that. As you can see, there it’s pretty much like a max 10. You know i don’t know if it’s a max eight size, no it’s, not it’s like a max 10, they say: it’s free is capable, but um. I would actually be half tempted at least to try to try a forest because of the thingy ones. The four is capable so it’s, rather confusing it’s. Quite a larger motor here, it’s a little bit a little bit bigger than the others. So this is a three six. Six five 3100 kv flux motor for three six: six, five: thirty one hundred kv flats yeah, okay got 12 tooth pin in there you’ve got a 49 tooth spur gear. I think 12 is a bit low, really especially like when you know it depends on the overall gear ratio, but going by most of them when you’ve got like a 49 uh spur and a 12 tooth pinion not really not really going to get much speed. Plenty of take off plenty of punch, but yeah it’s not going to go fast they’ve, given it it’s, not very big, though not much room for maneuver. You might get a couple more teeth in there. Maybe giving you adjustable terrible lighting in here all right, three spotlights on a ring light and it’s still dark so anyway, they’re giving you an adjustable moment, there’s, not much room for maneuver.

I don’t know if you can see that at all yeah, so we’ve got uh, it’s the same arms, same arms as before, there’s, not a lot changed. In my opinion. Um the shocks are the same: the arms are the same they’ve given it hd drive shafts. All the way out um, which is a good thing, because the others used to bend there’s no wheel, spanner um, no wheel, spanner included, so i can’t take it apart. Just yet, i didn’t come prepared the diffs yeah, they feel quite they feel quite light. May wan na you may wan na do something with him me that looks backward before i even use it anyway, yeah. So the backfills battles, Applause almost disconnected. I can spin this wheel before this wheel before the outer wheel starts even moving. Look that definitely needs thickening up suspension, quite it’s, quite tough it’s, quite tough yeah. I think you’d want that. You’D want that softer, really that’s. That takes quite a bit of pressure to decompress. It don’t like that bit too heavy there don’t know if it’s the spring rate or the damping either way the spring’s quite tough. Actually, it could be the spring um yeah, so same arms, metal, steering rods here: they’re, quite thin, pillar, ball, suspension, pivot, pillar, ball, suspension, pivotable arms, whatever so it’s interesting. What i gave you why they give you these? I certainly didn’t order them um yeah, so the chassis is different, chassis, flat chassis flat, as opposed to the last one that do bits there and there looks like it’s.

A two bulkheads looks like you could probably unscrew that unscrew the front end or at least get this bit yeah. You could probably separate this piece here. If you wanted to work on it, you could probably separate this piece from the chassis which may be a good thing front and rear. So yeah i mean same bumper same receiver. Tray you’ve got a center, brace there center brace at the back, so rear, brace front. Brace sorry it’s got a center diff. Here you’ve got your reprogram likey hobby wing. It is like a hobby wing button there for dse and um. As i say, this is hobby. Wings 4 is capable. This says 3s capable, which is bizarre. So i don’t know what they’ve done with that, but otherwise i mean the steering. I can’t tell whether the actual steering linkage down there’s the same but the arms and that they’re all the same same bumper. Obviously, i think that’s, probably a different wing, but i never had dxt. So i couldn’t tell you but um they’re, giving this a 14 mil hex. So these wheels are quite big, they’re, quite soft too. Quite nice, quite soft. They seem quite grippy, um yeah. So first impressions, uh you’ve got an adjustable motor mount that’s a bit difficult to see Music, not much room for maneuver. You might get a couple more teeth there, but that’s about it so yeah other than that. The next thing to do would be to run it.

I guess i’m curious, definitely curious about the forest, though anyway, so yeah there. It is in all its splendor there. It is it’s a glory, so let’s pop the shell back on Music.