Actually gon na review in two locations and all the status stuff here in london, which is where most people are driving suvs around town. So i get on with all the trains going by, and people walking fast and then i’m gon na head to the open road and experience this car’s performance anyway, i’m matt, watson and you’re watching car wow buying a new car, then head to car wow and my Team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow, your one stop car buying comparison site, let’s start by talking about the price, because it could be a bit of a problem. This thing costs around 52 000 pounds which let’s face it’s. Quite a lot of money, isn’t it thankfully yeah you know what’s coming, you can save money off it through car wow. In fact, the average saving on one of these gel e35 through carbide is over three thousand pounds, which is handy isn’t it. Now, if you want to see how much you can save through carbide just click on the pop out banner up there to go check out the offers and the trains, i can’t save you any money on a train. But if you are thinking about buying a new car and you want to check out deals and offers and reviews at a later date, simply google help me car, wow and my team, and i will help you choose the right car for you and get it for A fair price from one of our trusted dealers, but no trains or not yet maybe we’ll start train wow, train wire, that’s, an idea.

Let’S talk about the design of the glb 35 and the upgrades you get with this mg version. First, one there’s a little roof spoiler there. Obviously you’ve got amg badging and glb 35. You get a redesigned rear bumper, which is more aggressive and it’s got a diffuser integrated into it. It’S, not real diffuser that’s, just for show. It brings me on to the exhaust pipe, so they’re kind of sort of real, so these are a dressing, but inside there is really exhausting you’ve got one on each side. These exhaust tips are painted black because this car has what’s known as the night package sounds mysterious here at the sides. The most obvious upgrade over the standard gel b. Are the 20 inch alloy wheel, design? I like it? Also, you get black roof bars, blacked out rear windows, black lower sills as well. Once again, this is all part of the night package which comes as standard on the glb 35. It also rides 50 millimeters low to the ground than the normal glb. So, if you’re buying an suv for that raised driving position, you’re, then paying extra to have it lowered slightly here at the front, the most obvious change is this amg slatted grille really makes the car look. Aggressive you’ve got a redesigned from bumper and look this protruding apron very sporty that and it’s black, obviously because of night package, yeah i’m – not going to do that anymore. Don’T worry there’s.

Also, these vents here the side which they’re fake, but then these ones here which actually feed out over the wheels to smooth the airflow down the side of the car they’re real real fake. I just don’t, know what’s real and fake anymore, it’s, just so confusing. Well, it’s, not confusing the headlights, you get upgraded headlights on the glb 35. You get the multi beam leds. Overall, i really quite like the design of the glb35. You know it’s got that boxy suv, look and the sporty elements, and in that way it sort of reminds me a little bit like a baby g63. Oh look, there’s another train going past i’ll tell you. What i want you to do is count up how many trains go past in this video. Let me know in the comments below moving on now to the chassis of this car. So look, it says: 4matic and it’s got four wheel drive. Normally, this car just runs in two wheel: drive mode driving the front wheels, but it can send 50 of the power to the rear wheels. If you need that extra drive from the rear end, this amg version of the glb gets at rated rear wheel hubs they’re stiffer, so they can cope with more lateral forces when you’re driving it hard. Meanwhile, at the front, there’s new steering, knuckles control, arms and a whole stiffer front subframe as well help improve the handling classic joys of filming in central london.

Amg has also fitted this car with stiffer sportier suspension to stop it, leaning so much in the bends and to make the most of these chassis upgrades. It comes on michelin pilot sport, 4s tires for maximum grip, amg have also rated the brake, so you’ve got 350 millimeter discs up front and 330 at the back and sporty brake calipers, which are painted silver and amg written on them. All right, let’s see how good these brakes are i’m, going to do a brake test from 70 miles an hour and see how long it takes this car to stop. Here. We go full emergency. Stop come on. Oh abs, going crazy. Let’S have a look 45 meters that’s, not too bad, really considering the size and weight of the car. Now, you’re probably waiting to see the north 60 and sunny quarter mile times now they are coming up later, but let’s move on with the rest of the review before then let’s talk about the engine because let’s be honest. This is probably the main reason why you’re going to pay extra for this amg 35 version of the glb, so it’s, a two liter turbo charged four cylinder. Petrol pushes out 306 horsepower and 400 newton meters of torque and it drives all four wheels for an eight speed: dual clutch automatic gearbox with launch control. And yes, i am gon na launch this car to see how quick it is from north 60 miles an hour and over the standing quarter mile, but before i get to that, i need to tell you about some other upgrades this time on the inside of the Car here on the inside the upgrades over the summer glb include an amg sport steering wheel covered in nice, perforated leather there and you’ve got some big ish paddle shifters as well for the automatic gearbox.

Then there’s, this carbon fiber look trim here, and here it does. Look alright until you get really close, and then you do realize that it is just a pattern. You also get some sportier seats than in the normal glb and they’re electrically operated, got lumber, support as well. Whoa get that into the small on my back and they’re covered in real leather. Not man made artico fake, whether you get in the normal glb as standard if you’re a vegan. You might not like that. So much also you get some amg black floor mats with mg stitching in there some omg sill plates as well, and some aluminium pedals, it’s pretty nice in there. Oh and obviously, you get the full upgraded infotainment system with the two larger screens and the displays have certain amg performance screens on them as well such as this one. Here, i’ve got here with boost horsepower and torque yeah other than that it’s. Just like a normal glb, so the layout is pretty clear. It’S nicely made and yeah let’s configure sitting here in the back of the glb. The leatheriness continues i’m, not just talking about my face either. Yeah i’ve read your comments. You also get a panoramic glass roof. As standard which is good because it just lets light into the cabin and here in the back there’s lots of room looking, you can slide and where is it reclining these seats it’s great, but the thing about the glb, and this 35 version in particular, is the Fact that you’ve got a performance car which is also a seven seater, so i’m gon na hop into the rear and show you what it’s like there seats are attacking me.

Okay, so let’s be honest. These rear seats are only for people with no legs or children. I suppose i could move this seat forward a bit, but it is rather tight, headroom’s tight as well. Yes, these are child seats, but still you can carry seven people just about in this car and you’ve got decent performance. It’S good. Now let’s talk about the boot space. Look at this! So, with the rear seats down, you have 500 liters of space, which is the same as the normal glb it’s. A nice square shape so it’s easy to pack and it’s easy to load as well, because there’s no load lip to lift stuff over that’s great. But if you need to carry seven people at once, check this out, you end up with this amount of space it’s, not much 130 liters that which is the same pretty much as a porsche 911. Speaking of which would you like to see my in depth, video review of the new 911 gt3 it’s awesome, the car and the video? If you want to see that then put a little link, it’s just popping out in the top right hand, corner of the screen. Click on that you can go. Watch it yeah, look it’s, not much space at all. Is it i can’t even sit on here without falling out, and that brings on to five or nine things about the amg glb 35. The glb35 is the heaviest of the glbs.

It weighs in at 1770 kilos, which is 215 kilos more than a glb 200. Now you can blame the four wheel drive system and the extra chassis bracing for that. The lowered supported suspension means that the glb’s ground clearance is 163 millimeters, it’s, 50 millimeters less than a normal glb and just three millimeters more than a standard mercedes, a class hatchback, three millimeters more that’s all supposed to be an suv and go off road. The sporty upgrades also mean that the glb 35’s turning circle is 12.5 meters, which is 0.8 meters more than the standard glbs as a result, it’s not as maneuverable, which could be a pain when you’re driving around london or any town. If you tell your friends, you’ve got an amg they’re, probably imagining that you’ve got a big burbling. V8. Then you let them hear this now. Another soft limiter’s not helping here, but this sounds more like a dyson than an amg. There is only one standard, color and it’s white. Every other color is a cost option. However, that does bring on to five good things about the amg glb 35. You see paint colors are pretty much it for the options list. Everything else is standard. This car comes fully loaded. You know, i said earlier that this car had an eight speed automatic gearbox. Well, the normal glb only has seven speeds and obviously more speeds are better for speed. When you turn the car on, you get some amg specific graphics.

Look: the grille of the car nice many amgs have sport seats with integrated headrests, which ruin your ford visibility. If you’re sat in the back rows, this has the traditional two piece design, which doesn’t block your view so much. This car comes with adaptive dampers as standard, and you can choose between three different settings: soft medium or hard right, let’s see what this glb 35 is like to drive and i’m going to start off by giving it a bit of a thrashing. So i’ve been around this corner fairly quickly started to lean and run wide, like it wouldn’t be doing in the a35, which is lower and lighter, seems a bit silly, but that sort of makes it fun. The steering is pretty responsive. You don’t feel much going dead ahead, then you turn it a bit and it loads up and it starts turning the car quite quickly and it leans at first. But then it stops that lead. But if you keep on pushing it starts to push wide a little bit, it seems a little bit naughty. This does to be driving this in this kind of way and the engine sound Music, it’s, pretty good. It encourages you to thrash the car, a bit which is great if you’re on your own, but if you’ve got passengers all six of them with all the seats filled they’re not going to enjoy it much. This is the kind of car that will get you into trouble as a dad, but that kind of makes me like it: there’s, no denying it’s fast.

The dual clutch automatic gearbox is pretty responsive, it’s, not the best in the world, but and the chassis seems pretty good as well. You can feel what’s going on beneath you for an suv. Let’S. Just add that caveat right now, because the reality is see ain’t gon na be driving it like i’ve just been driving it not really you’re gon na just be driving it around normally in town with a car fall and for that you’re gon na have to switch Out your sports mode go into comfort, so you’re slacking off the adaptive suspension. It makes the gearbox a little less jerky and abrupt. It also means that the noise isn’t, quite so intense, coming into the cabin and then as a normal family vehicle. You can totally get away with it, it’s actually pretty decent. There is one thing that i’m noticing, though, so this has michelin pilot sport four tires on it and they’re brilliant loads of grip, loads of feel, but they’re, not the quietest. So when you’re going along normal motorway speeds, you hear a bit more tire raw than in the normal glb it’s a little bit annoying. Obviously you can forgive the car when you eventually come to a twisty road and then you can fully enjoy those mission pilot sports because they are great tires. But when you’re cruising could get on your nerves and that’s the kind of thing that would make you think you know what would i’ve just been better off saving some cash getting the normal car, because actually how i drive it isn’t like a maniac and then the Opportunity presents itself and you’re like yeah okay, so i do want to be a maniac sometimes and it’ll perform it’ll deliver.

You just got to ask yourself. How often are you going to get that particular benefit from the car? That really is the question now, if you’d like to see me review a very similar car but from volkswagen click on the pop up banner up there to go. Watch my in depth, review of the volkswagen tick on r. Tell you the truth. I prefer this ever so slightly for some reason just feels a little less inert anyway. There is one last thing for me to test on this it’s the thing you’ve been waiting for let’s. Do it okay, let’s see how quick this thing is from north to 60 miles an hour and over the standing quarter mile, so it’s supposed to do not 60 in 5.1 seconds we’ll find out my specialist tummy gear here time it let’s go foot on the brake Floor, the throttle race start release brake come on. Oh come on yes, we’re gon na do gear changes brutal, not 60 4.95 seconds. Let’S go for the quarter mile come on 13.53, i’m, pretty sure that’s about as good a quarter mile i’ve had out of an a35. This track is always a little bit quicker than where we do our drag races, though i’m impressed with that i’m very impressed. So then what’s my final verdict on the amg glb35. Should you avoid it? Should you consider it, should you shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it? Well, i reckon you should consider the glb 35.

You know it’s a good car and really doesn’t have much competition. You know seven seater performance, suv, there ain’t many of them around, but really, i think, you’re better off just having the normal glb and saving yourself some cash. I hope you all enjoyed the video. If you did. Let me know by giving it a like. Also.