It is a full blown monster truck. The only thing that made me consider it being a mega truck was the lack of scale tires. However, i was able to get these 125th scale amt model tires in the last episode. I said i was going to start with the front axle, but that didn’t happen well. I did start on it, but it won’t work with this truck. It turns out the wl toys parts are a bit small for a 124 scale monster truck. I am going to use these parts. It will be a 1 32nd build with this spin master body more on that some other time. I ended up using parts from a 124 scale, ecx barrage. I would still like to have open diffs on this truck, but i think i’ll need uh. 1 18 scale. Four wheel drive buggy parts for it, even the 124th scale. Barrage parts are a bit small for this truck, which makes sense full scale monsters, don’t use standard truck axles. They use axles from heavy equipment. I intended on doing a build series for this, but after designing the chassis, i couldn’t help myself from trying to print it. Once i had the chassis, the fun of building the truck outweighed my motivation to make videos on it. Also, i wasn’t sure if i could make all the 3d printing interesting there’s already plenty of that type of content on youtube. I do have a lathe and a mill that i plan on using for some upgrades on this truck.

Let me know in the comments what type of content you would like it. So let’s start with going over the chassis. This was the first full frame that i printed it is lacking mounts for. Everything is more of a test to see how 3d printing would work for a frame like this i tried printing with zero support. I tried printing with very small tubing. Eventually, this is what i ended up with. It was printed all in one piece overall, i’m. Very happy with it i think, it’s possible to get a much higher quality print with some different nozzle sizes and some more tuning. Originally, my plan was to make a brass tube frame. This turned out so well i’m, going to stick with the 3d print. The chassis currently features front and rear. Servo mounts four length mounts an adjustable transmission, mount and tabs for mounting the esc, receiver and battery. As i said earlier, i’m using these 125th scale, amt model tires. I designed this wheel in two pieces because i was unsure on how easy it would be to stretch the tire over the bead turns out it’s pretty easy. I still like the two piece wheels, though, because i like the look of the screws on the inside when i decided to go with the barrage parts, i still wanted to try to use the stock four links they’re pretty short, so i designed this adapter to use The barrage four links with this chassis – it isn’t the prettiest i’ll, add more accurate four links in the future.

Since i extended the wheelbase, i also need to extend the drive shafts. This extension, just slides over the circular part of the drop of the transmission side, drive shaft. I was going to glue them in place, but right now, it’s, actually just a press fit if it starts to slip. I’Ll just put a little dab of ca on them. So the next part is the transmission mount it’s kind of difficult to see with the body on, but it is in here it uses the dust cover mounting holes. Doing this allows me to rotate the transmission so that the drive line is in the center of the chassis. The frame mount for the transmission is slotted so that you can adjust the cg up and down, or you can adapt other transmissions to the truck. One of my next upgrades will be my own transmission that uses a 180 size brush motor on to the axles. I never intended on using the barrage axle, so this is kind of a band aid. The stock shock mounting positions were a bit too narrow for this chassis, so i made this mount and it actually just clips onto the housing and it puts the shock mounting locations where i need them. I wanted the truck to be adaptable to many different parts, so i made the shock mount separate from the frame. There are three mounting points on the frame. One is hidden behind the shock right here and then there’s two upper mounts doing this allows you to add.

Whatever kind of shock mount that you want, i wanted a more scale look, so i went with this. Ideally, i would have liked to have the shock mounting screw being double shear, but i didn’t have screws long enough. It is another thing on the upgrade list. If someone wants a bunch of adjustability, they could add a plate with a bunch of holes in it like 110 scale, race trucks, the esc and receiver mount isn’t that interesting it’s, just a plate that mounts in the cab with four screws. You can kind of see it in there i made the battery accessible in the bed. The plate has a slot through it for some velcro i’m pretty happy with the way the body came out. I don’t have all that much 3d mesh modeling experience. There are certainly a few areas that could use a few more polygons to smooth things out. The windshield was cut out of a strawberry container and i glued it into place. There are six mounting points for the body there’s two in the front two in the rear. Actually, no there’s, eight there’s, two in the front two in the rear, two on the left side, two on the right side, but i made this body mount that gave me a few extra points, so i can mount the bed in the cab. I was originally going to print the nose cab and bed separately, but with the way that the cutout is for the tire i had to make the cab and the nose all in one piece.

Well, i didn’t have to, but i was lazy and i didn’t want to play with the body mount. This gave me some bad results on the grill. When i get around to it, i will print the grille and the nose separately and glue them together. This will help get rid of some of these layer lines in here that’s. All i have for now leave a comment on what you think about the truck if you like it, hit subscribe and turn on notifications, i have a lot of ideas for upgrades and new projects. I would like to share all of my stl files for this truck.