This is 1 over 12 scale and im gon na unbox. It now im very excited to open this, so this is the remote control to remove it. You have a screw here, just unscrew it like this. It really feels nice, you have also a phillips head provided screwdriver, and this is a car. It is in a bubble bag. So lets open it. It really feels like nice. It really looks nice im gon na show you the details in a bit. So apparently we need to assemble the remote control, so it can be assembled to be used with the right hand or with the left hand – and this is really very good – so im gon na assemble it. So it has keys here, and the remote control also has keys. So simply put it like this and align the keys and just push it in and here it is installed, and this is to accelerate so – and this is here to steer. This is the battery. This is usb charger for the battery, so lets zoom in on the car now to see the details of this car. The details are fantastic, see how it is well made. Everything is well put together. Even here you have this even on the inside. Look how well it is made on the inside im gon na try to focus on the inside, so this is it. This is the back of the car. The details are amazing, so this is a spoiler the engine bay.

It is reproduced accurately the colors are nice. This is matte gray, and this touch is nice here. The blue is good, so this touch so that you know this is a french flag. Bugatti is originally a french brand that was purchased by volkswagen, so they kept like the french label of the french flag on it. So one thing i didnt mention also is that the car has sharks, so it goes over. The bumps easily were gon na test it in a bit, and this here is the bottom of the car. So this is where you put the battery and they provided the screwdriver to open the bay here and put the battery, and this here is for calibration. So now it is well calibrated. It is at the middle im gon na see if it needs calibration and what else you have here, the on off button and thats it for the bottom of the car to charge the battery pack. This is a provided cable. So you see the key here: it should go into the charging cable that is provided so put it in the charging cable until it clicks like this and then put the charging cable in any 5 volt adapter. So now the battery is fully charged. Im gon na install it in the car. You have a screw here. You need to remove. So this is the battery and it goes like this here and then like this. It has a place.

So this is it. Can i just close it like that. For the controller here it takes two double a batteries. They are not provided and on the controller also, you have on off button.