So lets open this thing up and check it out. So this is the mercedes benz amg gt r pro its a 1 16 scale. So you can see here the size of the car youre going to get one thing i really like about this car is. It looks like a model car that youre going to buy and set on your shelf just because its a really good looking car, but its also an rc car, so you get to drive it around as well theres, so much detail on this i mean the paint On it is really nice, it has disc brakes inside the wheels that you can see and the windows are down and you can see inside the cockpit here the racing seats the steering wheel, the gauge cluster, all this stuff really cool a lot of detail put into This car that probably took place – and it looks great so its going to be super fun – to actually be able to drive it around rather than just have a model that you sit on the shelf. So lets go over this kit, real quick, so they do send a controller here. The wheel is not attached and for good reason. They built this, so you can use this left handed or right. So you just pop this in the side here or if youre a lefty, you can pop it into the other side and it just slides right out yeah, so hes lefty im ready.

So we can just pop the wheel back and forth and it works either way. So it takes two double a batteries which are not included. They do send the screwdriver to uh. Take this off. Lets put our batteries in here. It doesnt come with batteries for the controller, but for the car there is a rechargeable battery pack that is included yep. All right, so we got our batteries in our controller here and then in the bottom of the car, theres a screw that you have to take out yeah even on the bottom. Here they have all the exhaust and that kind of stuff you can see and they have an adjuster for adjusting the steering. If the alignment gets out, you can adjust that on the bottom here as well. So a lot of features of a really high quality rc car, and then you also get all the features of a high quality model car, and then you have your charger cord as well for recharging your battery pack. So lets turn this on. It would probably just go flying off the table all right. We better drive this somewhere, where we have a little bit more room. So so they said it can go 12 kilometers per hour. I think thats equivalent of like eight miles per hour, just pretty quick, especially for a car with so much detail, still not enough room in here for this thing yeah. So why dont we take this outside and drive it outside all right, so our road is very bumpy out here, but uh and this car is really low to the ground.

So lets see how it does im used to diving here ill switch this into your lefty yeah it just slips there. You go clicks right on so its super fun to drive around, and you can see here with the sun on it. Look at that paint i mean this car is beautiful, definitely best suited for smoother surfaces. This black top here is really rough, so it is bouncing around a bunch, but it still is easy to control. I mean the steering works really well on it and uh its fast enough to make it fun its not like something youre gon na be racing around. You could see how fast it was going there, its, not crazy, pretty easy to control a lot of fun for your kids or just to sit on your shelf as a model and then take it out for spin every once in a while.