Here it was 17, as you can see there and I think it’s pretty interesting, so let’s get into the bog Music whoa. So it comes with these four little cones here it comes with these four little cones here, so that’s really nice. You can use so I’ll. Just keep these all together. I’Ll keep these here we go. These are times in this can shape design the box. I like that here is the tiny car and the tiny remote controller now I’m. Not a hundred percent sure how you get this off, maybe push that oh, this is gon na, be a long process so for the battery compartment on here you need to triple a batteries, and luckily I bring the capable a batteries here, save some satisfying unboxing of Triple a batteries leave that out of the way, but that no no wait. No it takes double is my brain does not function to come off of control and I kind of threw my instructions I feel like I didn’t. Oh there they are, but I don’t know how I’m going to get that off unless you may need a screwdriver or something but Intel vent over Packaging. Okay, I got it. So what you do is what you do. Is you hold this, but totally in focus I’m. Truly sorry for the out of focus shots struggling to open it, but I can’t I will try to get shots in focus and now it should give you a green light on the transmitter there, Music, Music Wow the moment I do not, but it can’t drive in Carpet like I’ll, show you for me, you’ll be in 25 minutes, but for you’ll be like I hit the camera hard.

I stand corrected. It does not drive on um carpet, but it does have this little on the switch super cute. Now the little tiny blue spin out, no, nobody wrote the foreword, but it will go backward yeah.