Okay, at this video today’s video, i got my first mini crawler. You all ready three, two one boom axial scx 24 is a 124 scale. Mini crawler here’s my hand for a comparison, and then my first mini crawler. Here it is compared to a 110 scale crawler here it is compared to a 1 12 scale crawler and a 1 18 scale desert racer, which i’m getting to think this might be 24 scale as well, because rampage is bigger than this. So who knows so today? I’Ll be reviewing this thing: testing it and just driving around having a good time, all filming so let’s get to it. Let’S start with the review so here’s the box that you get i’m actually using it to store a couple of apartment, confetti and stuff that’s. Why it’s in there actually see me in the reflection here yeah chill proven off road performance sjx24, you can see it’s the jeep wrangler. I forgot to mention that axial, all that oh yeah, it does have led lights, which i will show you in this video. So it comes in a white or yellow. I wanted yellow because i love the bright, crazy, colors, so here’s the side of the box right here, pretty cool ready to run so it comes with battery remote and all that here’s some specs. You can pause the video if you want look at it, here’s the other side, here’s, all the sponsors. It has nitto trail grapplers kmc wheels, crc bumpers, i don’t know what that is fox shocks.

Spicer i don’t know what that is either and, of course, axel it’s. Really cool and it is part of the adventure series, so in the box you get the car. Of course, the controller and and the battery comes with the two i’ll show you that here in a second, it comes with this little uh instruction manual. Here just tells you like how to take it. Apart put it back together how to work it and all that it’s really cool and super helpful when you’re first starting uh to get into these mini crawlers. It comes with a couple spare parts. You know some links spare drive, shaft extra body pin because it does only have one body pin because it’s a hinge body system which i’ll show you more of that later what’s funny is everything’s bigger than this crawler that comes in the box. I find that really funny, so you can get this in horizon hobby or your local hobby shop, depending on their stock and i’ll leave a link in the description. If you want to uh pick one these up for yourself also, you can drive this thing inside or outside. Also, i put the little sticker there, so it even comes with its own little mini 2s lipo, so there’s your charger and then that’s, where you plug it up to the car itself. Yeah it’s, pretty neat there’s specs. If you want to pause that and read it it’s very neat, i really like it so here are the insides, like i said, there’s that little hinge buy system that’s super helpful by the way there’s a battery tray, the antenna here’s, your esc, your steering servo, which Does move with the axle, which is very helpful and a little motor right there, so yeah this thing’s super capable also, it has nothing in the shocks, but look how bouncy it is it’s really cool, also do not plug your battery into the wrong port.

This is the port for the motor, never unplug, that, because my friend did that to his sex 24 and basically just fried the whole esc. So yeah don’t do that. I believe that’s it so let’s get crawling here’s the remote by the way it’s. Just all your standard things on an rc controller, i mean a little course here on my table for this to crawl on. So let me give you a quick little tour before we start so we’re to start here at the starting line. Crawl up these stairs over this little box past the subscribe down these little ramps, i made a suspension test right here past the checkpoint, so in case we like fall over, we can restart here up the little triangles up these more ramps on the traxxas box. Here down this piece of tape, you’re gon na have to grind your axles, but that’s fine, um down these little uh pillar things down the ramps to the finish line, all right, let’s start also. You can drive with one hand if you wanted to so. Of course i’m doing that, because i have to film all right: let’s start crop these little stairs here, move the box, along with it and that’s perfectly fine down the ramps and onto the suspension test. Here i have to get a little straight here there we go all right past the little checkpoints now up to the triangles. This might be a little tricky, because these are a little slick.

Okay, well, not a problem. I bet it’s, the middle trail, grapplers they’re, really good road tires up onto the box. Oh, i have to go back to checkpoint i’m. Gon na have to be careful on this box here. So we don’t fall off again. Okay, we may have to help him that’s. Better i’ll get a line here. We’Re gon na have to grind our axles here so or not onto the ramps. This thing has a surprisingly a lot of ground clearance for a little mini and down to the finish line so i’d say this course was a success. Now i’m gon na go build another course i’ll be back in a second and we’ll, see if it passes it 30 minutes and a half for tape. Roll later we have this. Let me give another tour real quick, so we started at the star line. Of course, go up these thicker stairs over the box over the subscribe up. The ramps up more ramps onto my little um rc car stand, get a checkpoint, come down the ramps right here and finish so this one’s gon na be a little more difficult because the tape’s not exactly that secure, so we’ll, see and is in the sky. So we might fall, you ready, yeah, all right, let’s go! Let me super careful here cuz. It gets a little sketchy a little bit of a turn that back tape up these really sketchy, rims, very slow and careful sure we don’t fall all right.

We got the checkpoint as long as the tire hits the checkpoint. We got it all right, so we got that checkpoint, make sure we’re clear on that side. Yeah all right. This is gon na be a little sketch because we’re gon na go down this hill with a lot of speed, so let’s try not to wreck here now turn and finish another course completed. This thing seriously is super capable i’m very impressed with it, because i’ve never tested it like this. Much before i have driven on some courses that me and my friends made, but never something this hard. I just realized that’s about to fall off, like i said, super sketchy. I believe that is the last course for today. Anyways hope you guys enjoyed today’s video if you didn’t leave a like if you enjoyed subscribe, if you’re new and try notifications so don’t miss another mini crawler course. Video leave a comment down below. Should i make another one of these videos and if so, what kind, of course would you guys like to see – and should i take this thing outside to do some extreme crawling again comment down below again there’ll, be a link in the description where you can get This thing i absolutely love this thing, so i highly suggest you get one also, if you’re, not a big fan of jeep that’s perfectly fine, because there’s also a c10 body and a double body that you can get for this thing and of course they come in Different colors, so you can get whichever one you like stay tuned for the next mini crawler.