Is your boyfriend rc i’m back again with another short but informative, video? Okay? So here we go okay, it’s about this little mini gps. Milan! The brand is milan m e. I l a n something like that, but anyway, before i start, let me say this: i want to take the opportunity to say a big respect, give a big shout out and say a big thank you to all my subscribers all right. Thank you for your support of me and my channel. Please continue doing so and for anyone that come across this video, please click that bell icon, but more so click the subscription and then click the bell icon. So whatever i drop content to video, you will be notified. Okay, so thank you all, and here we go okay, uh! I did a video about six months ago of this unboxing of this uh minute, gps and uh. I saw a lot of people have a lot of views – viewers watching 906 to be precise, but i didn’t get a lot of feedbacks. You know like dislike uh comments, but that’s okay, so this is a follow up. Video from then, because, honestly, i have this for what six months now i never used it, but i used it last night when i was going to work and i’m here to tell you that it really really really works. Okay, i know i’m not getting paid to do no promotion. I wish i was.

I really wish i was, but maybe one day when my channel grow, i may be in a position where i can start making a little money to do some promos, but for now no i’m just sharing information with the old rc community it’s. All about that sharing information right; okay in sharing information, knowledge and creativity, yeah that’s it i like that, sharing information, knowledge and creativity cool all right here we go, so let me turn it on okay. Let me go back here, okay, so that was my average. Let me show you um, i don’t know if you can see it real well, but oh, let me you can see right here in the corner right here. It says average avg, i don’t know if you can see good but that’s. What i said right here, abg average, so my average mile that i was traveling travel in the highway is 49. So my max as you can see right there again, but i know you can’t really see too good right here, but right here you say max max. Let me see if i can hear my phone that this phone sucks, i need a new phone it’s, not focusing the way it should, but anyway, so he said max. So my max speed was 76.5 right, so this video is just to let you guys know my subscribers who’s watching anyone who come across this video that this gps does really work i’m, so i’m impressed not surprised but just impressed.

So this is a bonafide bony fight is the word right: bonified bonified pornified! Ah, whatever you guys, don’t know what i’m saying uh. So anyway um it is a gps! Oh, you know what i’m saying it’s a gps mini gps, that works with the satellite system tracking system, and i just want to share with you guys that work is budget friendly. I think i pay like 35 36 and amazon months ago, and it does work so and it’s pretty simple to uh set up too, for example. Let me show you i’m gon na tell about this in a second see that you can see the certain icon right. There symbol another tool thing, and this is the button you press that to select you to set and any different moves or whatever, and you also use it’s pretty simple. I don’t want to get into it now because my phone not focusing on the little things and those little things on those little boxes, they’re important. You can see the bigger numbers, but those little things are important but uh. So we get my phone not focusing right. Now, i’m, not going to get into the setting but it’s pretty easy to set and what uh? What i personally looking for in my gps is just basically a gps rig input on my car. I can drive on it and and there’s some speed runs they’re just driving, and then you tell me how fast i go what’s my average stuff, like that.

I don’t want gps that do like a thousand different things. I don’t want that. So this is what this is basically it’s, just a simple gps that does one or two things, but the primary thing. The main thing is how fast it go: what’s the average that’s. All that me personally looking for. So if anyone come across this video to my subscribers, if you looking for the same thing, it’s a simple gps, studio fascicle, this little thing here works: okay, where’s, the box. I know where i put the box. I’Ll show you again but anyway, so the brand is the milan and i think, maybe all if, if not all most of your rc guys will know what this is all right, all right and the back. You can see this thing. I was showing before it’s the battle right here this flat battery and this well, actually, you know what hmm, oh okay, the battery and you can uh the usb look up to the computer. Okay and uh get your information download information up, upgrade it update it or whatever. I didn’t do that, yet i think you have to uh download uh some kind of app or some kind of software that relates to this. I i didn’t do that as yet. So anyway, so what i did now i have a thing here is like i want to transfer from car to car, see i can lock it on my part of my car, so we’ll lose it because i had one before not this one, a different one.

The brand was that this um, what was it this uh, the sky um? What is it um? The sky anyway? I forgot the name, but i had one um, which i paid like over 60 dollars for and i used the velcro tape. The two side – velcro tape at the back, i was running one of my cars and the thing came off. I didn’t know until i reached home uh, it was missing, so i lost it so this one i say you know what i’m gon na lock this bad boy down, see that okay, i’m up in property, okay, there you go i’m uh right handed, not left handed. So my left hand is not that effective, like my right so that’s what i did so i won’t lose it. Okay, all right, so not gon na stay long. So the old point of this vid uh, this video – is that i just wan na update it from from when i first did the unboxing and just tell you guys that it works. It really works and it’s budget friendly, small portable, and it works with anything that moves anything that moves. If you want to track how fast it go and if you’re a runner, it can track that anything that moves okay, all right guys. So i hope anyone come across this video found it informative. My subscribers ever see this hope you find it informative, okay and uh. I got more videos coming, okay, guys, i just because i use this thing last night, and i said you know what i’m here working on some of my cars.

Now you can see my message tape over here. I have tools all over i’m working i’m getting work. Oh i’m doing some work on my uh and my uh mighty xmax and i’m telling you i need some really real. Let me say it again: i’m doing some really really really really cool stuff and i’m almost done i this weekend, i should drop a video to show you guys what i’m up to with that x max i’m telling you i’m doing some cool, and you guys will Like it love it, well i love it. I i love it. You know what i’m saying so uh put a lot of creativity, uh thought, process and and some work into it, and i love it. So i hope you guys may like it or please with it or think it’s cool, but me i love it, but anyway it’s not about that right now, but this weekend i’ll drop a video of that okay, a detailed video. As i said off my ex max. Okay, all right enough with that back to this now so anyway.