Mn86Ks a 1 12th scale, hard bodied kit of the mercedes g wagon. There are two versions of the mn86 available on the market. Today, one is the mn86k, the other, the mn86ks. These two are essentially the same trucks they’re the same bodies sitting on the same chassis, but the mn86ks comes with ball bearings all around and has a few optional scale extras like a spare tire, roof racks, snorkels and some brush guards on the lights. Taking a look at what comes inside the very nicely printed box and man, this is very close to hobby grade experience. Everything is really nicely packaged and men are there a lot of parts so i’ll have to get through this and report back on whether or not i found any issues while i was building the vehicle, i noticed how well done this manual was not only were all The hardware components clearly labeled with their external dimensions. The manual was printed in color, everything was very precise and they had this very innovative clock system that showed you the order in which parts come together, and this is a manual that i think many other manufacturers should take a look at because it’s one of the Best i’ve come across so here is the completed mn86ks as there are full build reviews on youtube already i’d, just like to go over some of my findings when building the truck first of all materials, the plastics seem to be of higher quality than that of my Favorite wpl kit, the c34km most plastic components, came together without a problem with regards to hardware the grub screw that holds the pinion gear onto the motor shaft doesn’t.

Align well thus was unable to keep the pinion gear in place. The screw that holds the servo protector assembly was too long and thin and under too much strain that it easily snapped on my unit. Secondly, let’s talk about chassis design. By looking at the chassis, you can tell that this vehicle is designed for scaling instead of crawling there’s about four centimeters of axle articulation compared to about five and a half for the c34 km. The center of gravity is comparatively high, with the motor sitting above the front axle, while the steering servo is moved onto the axle itself. Component weight is more evenly distributed over the length of the vehicle when compared to traditional crawlers. This is not to say that the vehicle will have bad performance. On the contrary, i think this setup is perfectly adequate for a hard body g wagon that has pretty good speed in stock form. I do have a bit of a gripe with the battery compartment, though the opening is quite small, making battery access, quite frustrating and severely limiting battery capacity. I am using the stock ‘0 brushed motor and hobby wing 1060 esc to power my vehicle. The stock servo is a three wire unit that works natively with most surface receivers like my flysky unit, unlike the c34km, the mn86 has a hybrid of metal and plastic components in the drivetrain. All gears axles and the cvds are metal all drive. Shafts are plastic, the spur gear is also plastic, along with the reduction gearing an independent transfer case is used to deliver power to the front and rear drive shafts, which is a pretty unique design.

At this price point, standard axles and 12 millimeter nuts may mean a 10th scale future. For this platform, the engineers have done a good job in making the mn86 series a close representation to the mercedes g wagon. The exterior is nicely painted in a two tone trim scheme. There are many skilled plastic components, even in the base mn86k and even the interior has been replicated to a respectable level. The interior is red in its stock form, but i painted it black as a personal preference. Unfortunately, there are a few flaws for one. The doors are extremely hard to open. Also, if you have the mn86k all the mounting points for the optional scale, parts are exposed. Applause, so so so uh Music, i hope you’ve enjoyed watching the mn86ks in action as we suspected. This chassis is set up for mild trails or smooth pavements. The gearing allows the vehicle to be quite zippy on flat terrain, while the stiff suspension prevents the vehicle from rolling over too easily the heavy body relatively low, breakover angle and lack of axle articulation all make the mn86 suffer a little in off road environments. That said, select the path wisely and the mn86 will still make it through rough terrain. To conclude, competition always makes for better products. It is clear that the mn86 series was targeting the wpl km series and you can see that mn models has made a product that’s far superior to its predecessors, like the mn90, with a detailed hard body, a close to hobby, grade chassis and better fit and finish Than wpl trucks, the mn86 has the right ingredients to becoming a worthy competitor in the ever growing tolt scale market.

If you can get past the finicky battery compartment and the hardware issues, building and running this vehicle can be a rewarding experience. I hope you found this review helpful, or at least entertaining special thanks goes to for providing the review sample and their support for my unbiased reviews.