I hope you’re doing well today’s the day we’re going to test the mn86 ks. This thing has got great features. It looks good, but will it live up to all that potential now because of the covered restrictions in the uk? I can’t take this out and crawl it where i normally would so what i’m going to do is show you, my rc crawler track in my back garden and we’re, going to put this thing through its paces and see if it’s, any good let’s get going Music. Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, so Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, so Music, Music, Music, so Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music! Well, i hope you enjoyed that because i certainly did. This thing is absolutely brilliant. In fact, i’d give it 9 out of 10.. The only thing that lets it down is that steering the mechanism is just not strong enough to cope with rough terrain as soon as it gets some weight. Some pressure on that front axle they’re a little bit reluctant to steer, but anyway, i think i know what the problem is. Uh and i’ll show you how to resolve it. In my next video going on to the other features the tyres, they look good and they’re. Pretty grippy, as you can see, they cope with all the different types of terrain uh on the um on the run video, but they could be a little bit softer, but the standard ties that come with the kit they’re really really good.

The suspension yeah it’s a bit bouncy, but would you expect for fruits and shocks but as you and as you can see from the video it didn’t really cause a problem um it handled all the terrain really nicely there wasn’t too much wobble in it um and When it went on to the to on its side over obstacles or on a a decline, um, the body didn’t lean too much. So i didn’t see that as a real issue, but obviously shocks are going to be um an upgrade that most people want to do and i’m going to have some of those in my next video, which will be on the upgrades for it. So what i’d recommend you do is, if you look thinking to get one of these, get it as soon as possible, because the price of these is ticking up day by day um it’s already heading up to about 100 pound mark, so act act now, i’ll put A link below with where you can get it from, but there’s various places you can get it um and believe me, this is well worth the money. Think of the features you get. Not only does it come with a great body, but you get your metal c frame. Chassis 25 turn rs ‘0 motor front mounted ball bearings throughout central transfer case permanent four wheel drive locked metal, diffs um. You got your metal dog bones metal axles. It really is packed with lots of great features.

Now on my next video i’m going to show you um some upgrades that i’m going to do to this, which i think will make a big difference to the performance. What i’m also going to do is a reveal of the special livery tribute livery that i’ve got planned for this now there was a clue at the start of the running video uh as to what it might be. So please have a guess: leave a comment below um with your guesses and if you get it right, then i’ll give you a shout out on my next video anyway. I hope you enjoyed it guys.