I have bought another m86k rc crawler. So, as some of you know from previous videos, i have already bought one of these. I bought the black version for my little girl and we’re actually pretty impressed with the vehicle. So i decided to go ahead and pick up the white version, so hopefully banggood have sent me the correct color. We will soon find out, but yeah really happy with uh the model now, as you guys, probably know already there’s some things that i did not like about this model. The manual, although looks nice it’s, actually a pretty rubbish manual um, but this one i’m hoping the manual will either be a little bit different. But if not it’s, not an issue like i say, it’s um. This is not the first kit or it’s, definitely not going to be the last kit that i’ve ever built, so yeah it’s not too much of an issue, but i just want to do a quick unboxing on this one. I must admit i really do like the white body um, but it’s good, that obviously we’ve got both now the black body and the white body. Now this one will not end up staying with me because, obviously, like i say i bought this for my nephew, so um he’s going to be building it and basically, when we go rc and we tend to go rc and together quite often anyway, so um. But you guys will see both vehicles up and running.

One thing i wanted to check quickly, though, was the manual because, like i say on my version, the manual, although it looks good, the manual is actually pretty awful because they tell you to use wrong screws. Also, the pictures contradicts itself and so let’s see if this one is any different. By that i mean some of the parts when they show the orientation. It shows you the parts with the wrong orientation on it. So it’d be interesting to see. If this one is the same or not, and we will find out in if yeah yeah so yeah on the pictures here, as you can see – hopefully you can see this so on the picture. There shows you, the um the steering hubs round different ways, so it doesn’t make sense, but all in all, though, i’m really happy with the vehicle. So that was just that. I just wanted to quickly get that out of the packaging but and obviously there’s a nice white body, but i’m gon na give you a quick look at the black one. Why not? So i have built the black one, as you can see, looking pretty cool. If i get the camera off there, we go give you a nice walk around i’ve painted the interior i’ll give the interior a nice lick of paint made. It look a bit more scale, looking yeah really happy with actually how the model has turned out. The quality of the plastic is reasonable.

Um for the money. I must admit you can’t go wrong. You really can’t for such a cool. Looking scaled vehicle let’s give you a look around the front just like so yeah, so for the money you can’t go wrong. You really can’t um! You just got to get over some of the quirks that these vehicles have so the manual not the best manual, although it looks lovely, nice and colorful big diagrams to follow. Well, there’s, no point in having big pretty diagrams. If they’re going to put some parts around on the wrong way to confuse you when you’re actually building it, but apart from that guys, yeah really impressed another thing i don’t like, but it is what it is where you got two versions of this: you got the Mn 86k and then you got the upgraded version, which is the mn86 ks. The ks comes with some extra parts, so roof rack, um, snorkel everything like some more scaled things guards over the lights, because this don’t come with them. You see the holes, it leaves the holes where they use the same body, so yeah that’s a bit of a downer but that’s. The reason why i bought the black one for my little girl, because you don’t notice a hole so much like you will on the white version um. But apart from that i’m, more than happy with this vehicle. Overall, oh and the ks version also comes with full ball bearings throughout where this comes with bushes, so yeah, i kind of wish i paid the extra 20 grid to be honest and just got the upgraded um ks version.

I will leave a link in the description below to both versions of this vehicle anyway, so yeah i’m really happy with how that looks i’m going to. If i take the body off to quickly show you i haven’t installed the electrics, yet obviously the motor is in there, but i need to put the electric speed controller and receiver in there i’m going to do that later on today and then, hopefully, if the weather’s, Not too bad take it out for a spin, so yeah really happy. So i must admit guys. I do recommend buying these models now. Normally i don’t recommend, like i don’t, want to sound harsh to wpl and stuff like that, but normally like i wouldn’t, buy one to be honest, um because they’re just too toy grade for my liking i’m. I don’t particularly i’m, not a fan of them. Let’S just put it that way: leave it there um, but this m and normal mm models as well. You’Ve got the cheaper versions. Um i’m, not a fan of them either non proportional anything that’s not proportional, is not worth having. In my opinion, if you’re really into your rc vehicles, if it’s not proportional, why bother getting it? I just don’t see the point unless you’re a kid um and even then it’s like i’ve, started my little girl, rc rcm when she was about two years old and we went for proportional straight away um, but this mn version super impressed.

To be honest, guys, it really is cool for what you pay and for what you get yeah it’s, definitely good value for money, so yeah i’m, starting to waffle. On now, anyway, you’re going to see some more videos on these, i could do some upgrades some mods running videos stuff like that, so stay tuned hit. The subscribe button give me a thumbs up if you found it interesting as well and don’t forget. Come check me out on instagram cm vinyl uk for all your rc decal needs so yeah that’s it for me guys.