When you hit the throttle return all right guys, we got uh we’re here today we got the mn 99a we’re doing an unboxing and we’ll. Do a testing review so first off uh the box it’s all right it’s in okay condition, it’s got a little tear right here, full smashing right there i don’t think anything’s uh, damaged or anything. I hope not let’s pull this out we’re at the lake right now. So uh i already had some uh batteries that go in this charged and everything so pull that bad boy out. I might have forgot double a’s, but this is the rig. Look at that that’s good. Looking right there, nice soft soft tires. Oh yeah, all right! You get a charger, all your uh little accessory parts, your lights, your uh mirrors your door handles you know your little vents. Then you get your controller and that takes um. I think four double a so uh. Let me get this all put together and we’ll go! Oh wait one second, then you got the battery in here and that is a 7.4 volt, 1100 or 1300 mah. All right guys got her all set we’re going to take it for a little spin, so first off she’s uh fully proportional, steering and throttle nice and uh there we go get up there. She uh her lights. They stay on all the time uh. When i got. I ordered the mn 99, the one that looks like this, that has the hard top and uh it’s lights turned on and off when you hit throttle or turn this one’s lights stay on all the way and it’s not so top heavy without that hard top.

So so far i’m really liking. This little man hold on a minute. I think i only had a tire. It came out of the box with the tire off the rim, not too bad, but oh two tires all right. There we go. That makes sense all right. Let’S go. I do like these mn tires, they’re, really soft yeah. This rig is definitely uh quite top heavy, but uh you get some wheel weights or get some metal axles under there. Oh she’ll do just fine rap yeah. I definitely these tires are so soft. I think i’m definitely gon na have to glue them, because that front tire is off again. Let’S do a little trail riding guys a little bit harder to drive this one handed but uh. I got big enough hands to do it: Music, Music, so Music, let’s roll over guys. Oh, we got a blown tire again guys definitely got ta glue. These we’re gon na make our way down to the lake yeah see how much trouble she has getting over. These leaves not much oh yes, Music, uh, Music, Music, all right so uh. This is most definitely one of the best ready to runs you can buy for sure and for 40 bucks that’s, not bad at all. Now the tires they’re all right, they’re, real soft, um they’re, not very aggressive, tread patterns – i mean, since you get them wet, they mean they slip on anything and other than that i mean this is a great vehicle all around.

I would definitely recommend this as a ready to run goodbye.