This is my first video ever and and i’ve just got my uh mn 99s rc car it’s in a 112 scale um. You can probably tell it’s slanting backwards a bit because of all of this stuff that i’ve got on top of here: um yeah i’ve added a couple of things to it: um so yeah uh. I got this for christmas, which was about a week or so ago and then yeah i’m just going to show you the controller and cable and stuff like that. So this is the uh controller it’s a 2.4 gigahertz and um yeah. It feels cheap plastic, but it’s. Actually, it’s really comfy in your hand and and stuff uh, as you can see like the lights a bit probably, but it has got um proportional steering and acceleration and stuff uh. This car has so uh yeah that’s a nice. This is the cable. It comes with. That’S, how you uh charge it um on the uh, the car, okay, it’s got the black one feeds to the car and the white. One is the one that you charge up with so um yeah. I can’t remember the name of these batteries now it’s, not lipo. It’S something like that, though i’m not sure so. Yeah i’ve got a um like a two type of thing: a bumper stickers and then just random stickers. Uh got homemade uh number plate, which is quite nice. I’Ve got some petrol cans which are made out of cardboard and then painted them that’s a piece of felt with them.

Elastic bands right, like hair bands around it to make like a little bed roll i’ve got some plates. Uh got um that’s meant to be like a ratchet, strap type thing that that branded thingy got some firewood skateboard another jerry can uh piece of wire in case. I need to build anything. I’Ve got like a gun for hunting um a bit of tow rope, uh fishing net bmx with a chain around it to stop the bars turning one of them, wedges that you put under the wheels to stop it rolling backwards and i’ve got, and then i’ve got Like a tow hook as well and a towing point up there as well and yeah, just got very stickers. These are meant to be spoke, reflectors for a mountain bike, but they actually fit really well on on, like the door shelves and the window frames and roof rack and stuff. So i put them on there. I did make a homemade shovel, but it and i need to redesign it because this keeps bending and it keeps moving around and stuff when i’m riding when i’m driving it’s got another plate. Uh some mud flaps, which i made out of a bike in the tube, more stickers and stuff, and on this side, i’ve got i’ve just put on for rocks and i’ve got these things. I still need to drill holes in them, but they’re meant to be for when you get stuck in the sand.

You just put them under there in the car drive over them and get grip. I’Ve got a little playmobil person in there and in the back, he’s got a little blanket and if you can see on there, it’s got a mobile phone, which i made that’s a screwdriver, so i’ll just uh. Take that off. If ever i need to and fix something on the bottom, this is the air bottom i’m, not very good, with rc like um, electrics and stuff, but i believe the malt is in there. The steering servo is in there there’s a motherboard in there as well, which is like the receiver and stuff uh yeah. You can get modifications for these uh. That way you can change them to metal on the uh discs to axles and stuff to metal uh. I think there’s, a modification you can do with the shocks as well, because these are really soft. Also, the tires are really soft, so um yeah it’s got a metal chassis and i need something metal. I haven’t got anything oh that might be that didn’t sound metal at all, but yeah that’s, that’s metal. I think it’s a steel chassis because i tried to use the magnet the other day and then yeah. It worked uh, so yeah that’s, the bottom i’m gon na waterproof this somehow one day, i’m moving all these wires and sealing all this up in there. So little will be able to go through the water so yeah.

This is a four wheel. Drive car, as you can see, the uh drive train game kind of there and then yeah it’s, actually quite a nice little car. When you turn it on it’s got headlights and then so turn this one. Also, when you turn got uh indicators, uh the ones of the sidearm, and when you go forwards and stop um the brake lights come off there, you go there, the brake lights. Also, when you reverse the brake lights, come on as well. So we’ve got a really loud motor. This has yeah it’s really loud. I need to do some up to that to make it also when you go forward, headlights come on so um yeah it’s, actually quite nice, quite a nice car and people say these are just toy junk toy rubbish. But, to be honest, i think this is these. Are quite good if you’re a beginner and stuff, because um i’ve only got this one and another one um i’m saving up for the trx4 i’m gon na get a blue land rover defender. Do you d110, which is nice, uh, yeah, it’s gon na? Take me a while to save up for it, but i’ll get there um, so yeah. I just uh just wanted you to just wanted to show you that and stuff.