Turkey, decoy stay with it and i’ll show you how this works in just a moment. Turkey hunter if you’re, tired of hunting the same away with a decoy on a stick. I got something new for you. This is the mobo gobbler. What this is a turkey decoy on a four wheel drive chassis with the remote control. It has a range up to 250 yards and the runtime is gon na, be about one hour and it’s a it’s, a rechargeable battery. One way you can use this, you can just set it out into the field and move around a little bit just to get the gobblers attention and wait for him to come in. If he doesn’t come in, you can actually run the turkey the decoy out to the turkey and challenge the top. Once you do this, that Tom’s going to get mad he’s gon na get aggressive, he’s gon na start chasing it. All you got to do is run the decoy back to you, the gobbler’s gon na following and you can kill him. i’m jody smith with Mack’s Prairie wings., and this is the new mobo gobbler.