Chris – and this is my jeep wrangler moc. So this one on the internet is the madoka 1977 1371 pieces. I got this from aliexpress for 35 and you can find this all the way up to about 77 on ebay. So this is how they’ll come shipped from china with no box let’s go ahead and open this thing up, so this one does come with an instruction manual and you can get this in other colors as well. I wanted the red one, so i originally got the moc fever and bought one for 84 on ebay. It never got here, so hopefully they will be refunding my money, but you see how the instruction manual looks nothing wrong with it everything’s fine and honestly. I would not buy any of those other models ever so i always like to get the tires on the wheels first, and it also gives you an idea on the size of the model. So the tire seems to be the same on both sides and so far seems to be very high quality just like lego and another densely packed bag. That’S, always a good thing. So when you empty your bags, don’t ever throw this away until your model is finished. Just hide it somewhere and i’m very mad at marshmallow, because ever since she was tiny, she’s been pooping in her litter box and then all of a sudden look how big she is she’s, already kind of big.

She just starts deciding to poop wherever she feels like, and she also goes outside and hangs out with her friends that are covered in fleas. Look, oh! She had like 20 of them earlier. Look at that. Go hang out with your flea, infested friends, but i’ll comb. All the fleas off, so the bags are not numbered, so we have to make a brick soup, so let’s inspect the quality as we dump the bags out so at first inspection. These are the more consistent higher quality copies, as you can see that sheen gloss very consistent, very nice. You cannot tell that these are fake lego, so i have learned to immediately separate parts like this separate. Your beams get these out of the way any rare parts. I get them to the side as well, so i know there’s a lot of people out there that say do not buy these. They rip lego off. Well, the truth is you probably wouldn’t, be driving the car that you are right now, if somebody didn’t steal an idea and copy it to make it better or more affordable. So just keep that in mind. You probably wouldn’t have a lot of things, because everything that we have, especially in 2021, is a copy of a copy, a modified version of something nothing is original anymore. Okay, so the quality passes the test. The color passes the test, a hundred percent loving this set. So far, so now on to evaluating the actual build, we need to review the fitment of the pieces.

The quality. Are they made wrong? Are they made crooked? How easy is this set to build? Is it frustrating? Is there a lot of redundant parts that really burns? My biscuit let’s go ahead and get started. Does anybody else out there get all the parts on the page in a little pile, or is that just me so step six is all it took for the tiny instructions to annoy me. You can see they’re about the size of my hand, so i’m, not gon na lie. I get super excited every time. A new part is introduced like these dark gray pieces. I have seen these things before let’s see how they want to use them on this set. All right so kind of that funky type moc build stuff going on right there all right. So we are having problems with this step right here. Okay, so i actually had to get the channel locks to pull these out. You see how that was a really tight fit now. The secret to this is have it on a flat table and then put the pin in from the top slides right in there. So one thing i have noticed with these fake legos is the gears do not mesh the same. Lego is always going to feel way smoother and what happens? Is it actually can lock up models? Sometimes so i did buy a bunch of rc kits and we will be experimenting with those in case you’re new to the channel subscribe.

If you want to check that stuff out, so we actually messed up, we need to get the differential in there first before the two shafts. Okay, no big deal just hover it in place. We’Re gon na go ahead and get the shaft started on the. U joint and get this in as a whole, all right, just a little steering knuckle not too bad. The top fits nice, but we got a lot of play at the bottom. So i guess the clearance issue is coming from the blue pig too loose. So let’s. Try another one let’s see if that tightens it up still super loose. So if you find something super loose, you always want to try to switch something out. If you can, we did and nothing happened, so we have to leave it. So i’ve never seen this piece right here before and that’s what makes these builds fun when you have no idea what you’re building? What is this a freaking trailer hitch? I have no idea and then it wants us to join these two together. Oh, i like that piece very cool. So far the build is very fun. We are on step 18 got about 20 or 30 minutes and i’m. Not gon na lie super fun. So far. Let me get a little bit more built and we’ll get an update here. So once you get the chassis completed around step 50, the build starts to smoothen out it’s a bit tricky.

You don’t know what’s going on i’m, taking my time on this build. So i truly understand everything. I rushed on some of my other videos and honestly didn’t. Even know what some of the gears did, so you see the steering how we have to turn it a whole bunch. That means it’s geared down for an rc motor and pay attention to this beam, just line those two up and that’s. How you’ll know when your front wheels are straight so building the suspension was a little interesting if you notice how it pivots, like that. Now this system right here, i’m, not going to judge it just yet, but it’s not like a real car. But maybe this is an improvement that the creator came up with to help stabilize the vehicle, as it goes over rough terrain. Now, as the axle articulates, it forces the body into a roll. That is not how suspension works on a real car. If we move this axle see how they’re tied together with these rods, it forces the other one to articulate in the opposite direction. Be aware of that, some people are going to hate it, but we cannot judge it until we convert this to an rcnc. If that helps smoothing it out for some reason, which hopefully it does so i’m going to go ahead and peek ahead and see how many steps there are 230, so we’re about 26 27. So i don’t want to bore you too much with the bill so i’m going to get quite a bit done so i’m about four hours in this build.

You can see how it’s coming along beautiful, jeep beautiful model i’m loving the bill so far, so as i’m building on this, i realized that originally this was an rc design, jeep and somebody converted it to non rc to sell it. So the guy that originally designed this is madoka 1977.. He has a youtube channel. I’Ll, put a link to this. Video you’ve, probably already seen it before this one, but you got ta pay respect where it’s due, but the truth is. He even has a link on his channel to the rebrickable, where it shows you how to build this. It doesn’t have an instruction book like this, but it shows like snapshots, it’s, really confusing looking, but earlier i said i was going to build the rc version in a future video, so i went on the internet trying to find the rc instructions that could not that’s How i found him unrebrickable looked him up on youtube and i found his channel, so i messaged him and what i would like if this is truly his model. Hopefully he has created instructions and sells them somewhere, and i want an rc version instruction book and i will pay up to fifteen dollars. We’Ll see if he gets back to me or not in the next video he’s. Probably not his channel has some decent subscribers, but it doesn’t get very many views. He probably doesn’t even look at it, but you will have to wait to the rc conversion video on this jeep, to find out if i got those instructions or not, because if i don’t get them we’re just going to have to go off of that rebrickable page And hopefully figure this thing out, but the pictures are clear but, like i said, they’re just pictures and you got to figure it out.

One guy in the comments said it wasn’t that hard to follow once you started studying it. But do we really know he is being ripped off? He could work with these companies. He could be the designer of all these mocs that they steal from lego in the first place, so don’t always judge what you see or hear on the internet. If somebody does know his true story, please talk about it, but there ain’t nothing on the internet about it and if he was truly getting ripped off i’m, pretty sure he would have some videos stop buying these moc. Okay. So that’s about enough on that, as you can see about four hours in, let me go ahead and continue i’m going to finish this thing up, but we’ll do the final review here in a little bit, so the red jeep actually took a lot longer to build Than i thought we didn’t do the doors in the top that is removable on the jeep anyway, we’re gon na save that for part two, when we rc it, we have this jeep next to it to scale the size. This is a 110 scale. This is more like a 113 scale, so i’ve never used rc controls or motors on lego type stuff, but i have in real life. I have a 110 crawler and i can tell you right now that this is going to be a cooler rc car because of the weight it’s a little small.

But this thing right here is heavy and all the videos i’ve seen of it. It looks like a turd, i did buy the rc conversion for it and we will have a video on it. So another thing is stealing their ideas, so this is some guy named shipo. He actually has a website with the instructions for this, and i apologize to you that somebody stole your idea, but the truth is he’s selling the instructions for 10 and 15 for the motorized version. Now this jeep right here is a turd. It is not a smooth build and if i paid ten dollars for this instructions, i would be very, very mad and disappointed at the fact that i went through all the trouble to gather these parts off for a failure. It is a clunky mess. This is not a smooth build. I want you to understand that, so i have a video on this one rc conversion on this one coming soon, so you can see the size difference compared to the delorean. This one comes in at around 11 inches and you can see it dwarfed by the lego, lamborghini and you can see the size compared to the lego defender. It is very important to understand how big these models are before you spend the money. So of all these mlcs i’ve been messing with this is my favorite. This is a awesome creation, much respect to my deco 1977. Please get back to me.

I want to buy those instructions from you if you have them. This is a perfect, build beautiful, build. This is a thought out build. This is a durable build. This is my favorite. They do sell a yellow, jeep and i might buy it later, but right now we are going to rc this one and we’re going to have so much fun with it. So i didn’t do the doors or the top on it, because this is how jeeps look in may. My jeep gets the top down. It comes down retractable and the doors i have half doors on mine. I may take them off i’m, not sure, but we’ll do that in part two, when we rc this jeep let’s, look at the tailgate got ta lift up on it very cool passes the test 100. I like how the kit has a spare on it. That is always a bonus. The fender flares look correct. The bumpers look correct. The roll bars are sturdy. Look at this. This is a masterpiece right here. This is how a jeep is. A jeep is designed with the roll bars that you could possibly tie it up. I’M, not sure and lift the jeep up, but this he nailed that 100. I love the windshield it doesn’t fold down still awesome the front. Fender flares nailed it. So the only thing is i’m, not 100 sure what year this jeep is supposed to be. It looks a lot like a jk which is 07 to 17.

I believe, but either way looks beautiful. Grill looks nice. I like how it’s blacked out like that, the front bumper on it it’s a little goofy it’s got a small stinger. The winch is just for. Looks it doesn’t do anything the hood does open. You got to be careful with it it’ll pop this off, which is not a strike against it perfectly fine, so i’m, not mad. If a piece pops off that we can press it back in it sticks and will stay in place when we put the hood down now, i noticed these things when i was building it. I don’t know what that is it doesn’t really matter? We’Ll get more into this when we rc it, but you see the kind of hits right there, not a big deal once the hood closes. It is a very nice fit on it. So the two round vents on the dash does that indicate it is a jk. I actually love the little rear view mirror design. I am not too crazy about detailed interiors it’s nice when they have them, but this interior looks perfectly fine to me it’s a nitpick. I would prefer the seats to be black or dark gray same thing with a steering wheel, but looks good to me just like that, so let’s nitpick a little bit more. Do the wheels look better like that, which i think they look pretty cool like that or what i’m getting at is or do they look better like that? I think they look pretty good like that.

To be honest with you, so the only thing that’s weird about it is the non realistic suspension. You see how, instead of just articulating that one axle it wants to roll the whole body, that is how it’s designed it’s all linked together. You cannot do anything about it. So, looking at the bottom, we could tell that this was an original rc model that someone converted to non rc, the biggest indication of that is it’s just thrown in their weirdo steering wheel, it’s supposed to have a motor right here. It’S on the way in the mail right now and you see how they just kind of attach it to that – stick: real sloppy and it’s geared down. You could possibly change that ratio to one to one and it would steer better so with the steering gear down. Like that, you have to turn it a whole bunch of times to get it to turn, which can be a little annoying if you’re, just playing with the non rc version and those double. U joints like that are real, flimsy, but that’s. What you get with the non rc version, so this jeep was 38 shipped to my house in about one week from aliexpress. This is my favorite moc build so far it is the most complete. It is the most researched it is the most durable. This is a no bs moc jeep right here, so i just want to thank you madoka 1977.

. This was the jeep wrangler build. I was looking for i’m gon na go subscribe to his youtube and check out his other models. Hopefully he has some cool stuff like this, but i’m telling you right now find out if you can buy from him i’m, not sure i’m, just getting on aliexpress like i did so. The prices on the non rc version will range from 38 to about 80 dollars and then up to 130 for the rc version, rc video coming soon.