COMMON QUESTION "when will you use it?" ANSWER: Spring 2019 The build is starting to take shape now, as I put the first aluminum pieces on the truck to help strengthen the axles, but also keep the truck as light as possible. I am a believe that a Lighter (less weight) mud truck has a better chance and making it through the bog, than a heavy one. I already know the mud will stick to these tires, and make them heavy.. I dont need the rest of the truck "bogging" me down..

Lower links go in, and yes, I installed them in the front. I would rather be extra strong up in the front end when jumping, then be wishing my steering / suspension still worked after some big air time.

Also, you can see I have installed an MKS HBL 550 Steering servo. This thing is a MONSTER in the true sense of the POWER. This MKS servo will supply these large tires with the torque they will require. I will be installing a BEC (power regulator) to ensure it doesn't "brown-out" the entire truck while under load. This servo is not rated waterproof.. but I have seen these servo's endure quite a bit of water torture. Stay tuned for more experience in the coming episodes.

The FLYSKY Noble NB4 is quite the little radio. A lot of "bang for your buck" on this, as this 4 channel radio (expandable) certainly offers a lot of great features in a small package. 10 hours of battery life with the extra battery pack, (included), as well as as many options you could want. I would like to see a software update that made the 3po switch option better (right now there is none – other than a dial setup or a series of clicks on the control) Overall.. for the price point. there is no better radio imho..

Flysky NB4 FS-NB4 2.4G 4CH Noble Radio Transmitter w/ FGR4 Receiver

J Concepts Blue Compound Dragon 2.6 Wheel

J Concepts Dragon 2.6 Mega Truck Wheel with Adapter, Black (2)

Axial SMT10 Grave Digger Monster Jam 4WD RC Monster Truck Off-Road 4×4 Electric Ready to Run with 2.4GHz Radio and Waterproof ESC, 1/10 Scale RTR

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