This grave digger replica has unstoppable performance and can overcome almost anything when opening the box be careful not to tear or throw away the instruction sheet located here at the top of the packaging inside the box, you’ll find one mega Grave Digger monster truck one remote control And one instruction sheet mega gravedigger comes with an attached USB charging cable. This is for easy recharging to charge mega grave digger turn the vehicle off and slide the cover off. The bottom of the truck then plug the USB charging cable into a wall adapter or computer. While your truck is charging the headlights, will blink indicating it’s still charging when the headlights remain on this indicates. Your truck is fully charged once your mega gravedigger is fully charged unplug. The USB cable wrap it around the pegs in the cable compartment and set the USB head in the provided slot then slide the panel back in place to connect your controller first place. The batteries in the controller and turn on the power switch then turn on the vehicle. The light on the remote will turn solid, green once it’s connected once you’re connected it’s time to monster jam, push up on the Left, toggle to accelerate and pull down to reverse use the right toggle to steer, left or right. Combine these actions to take your mega gravedigger, almost anywhere your mega gravedigger, can roll over almost anything but to help it get over. Obstacles create a little ramp to get it started.

Like all professional Monster Jam Trucks, a little care and maintenance is required to keep your truck driving straight into the action after car crashing high flying jumps. You may need to correct your truck’s alignment to do this simply use the buttons located on a controller. If your truck is veering to the right press, the button on the left, if your truck veers to the left press, the button on the right do this until the alignment is correct to see your mega gravediggers best performance drive on paved roads, cut grass and other Low trim services always avoid water or wet areas. If your controller isn’t pairing with your truck turn off the truck and the controller and restart the pairing sequence, remember to look for the light on the remote to go solid to ensure the truck and remote are connected. Always make sure your truck is fully charged and the batteries are fresh now it’s time for some high flying gravity, defying Monster Jam fun visit Monster Jam our c.