Everyone. This is your toy commander and are you guys ready for today’s mission? So am i Music ready? These are the racing rivals. They are full function, remote control, wow. So these are monster jam, authentic, 2.4, gigahertz and a 124 scale with 10 batteries that are included. Okay, so here’s the back of the box with these two epic monster trucks – and it looks like we have a track set up here that can go around like a figure eight and back to the finish line. So let’s take out these two epic monster trucks where it’s land versus c right kids. So here is everything out of the box here’s our two monster trucks and the two remotes that are pretty basic remotes. Nothing too fancy pretty simple, just forward backward and left and right that’s, all on those, and these remotes already come with batteries. So we don’t have to worry about those, and these are the six batteries that are gon na, go into both megalodon and gravedigger. So i’m. Guessing three batteries and each one should get those things powered up: here’s your finish line and your starting line, and then we have one two, three, four five, six seven eight turns here. If you want to use this as a track or you can just create your own track out there so on gravedigger, the stickers are already all on it, which makes it really cool. So i don’t have to deal with putting on stickers because i’m, not that good.

At putting on the stickers i’m always getting them like crooked, or something all right, so there’s gravedigger. Look at that awesome sticker with that skull right there. It looks like a haunted mansion, there’s, the front, pretty cool it’s got squishy tires, see that gives it more traction and it gives it more suspension when going over jumps and stuff and there’s the bottom for the installation of the three batteries the off and on switch. So it has the green chassis. Look at that and it has some shocks in the back there too, and here is our favorite fish, the meg la dawn, well, it’s a shark, but still a fish right anyway. It’S, a big fish megalodon has the same tires and it’s all black, underneath and, of course, there’s the shark right there with the giant teeth, and it goes by the same way, the off and on switch with the three batteries. So before we take these two bad boys out on the course let’s install some batteries real quickly right here, underneath Music, all right grape diggers, all juiced up and ready to go your turn now. Megalodon, Music Applause, so let’s just turn them on real quickly and see how they work here, there’s both of them that are on let’s, see. Oh now. I guess this one is for grave digger whoa it’s got some torque, oh and there’s megalodon. Well, i can tell these: are gon na go real fast now it is time to get these two monster trucks out on the course and let’s see how cool they are.

Let’S go Music: do Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, hmm, Music, Music, Music, Music, all right kids, that does it for this video, with the monster jam gravedigger versus megalodon. These are the rc cars, so much fun and easy to control for all ages. Don’T forget to smash that like button, if you want to see more monster, jam videos and come back to planet zizzle to keep the missions going.