It goes on 100, so not quite there right here. The tires are not enough: they look pretty good, but they don’t, articulate enough and the shocks have no oil. So as soon as there’s pressure on them, they just cave so here’s. Our updates first thing we did is we changed the Music motor and electronics motor is now a homes. Hobbies trail master sport, esc is a hobbywing 1080 much more power now much faster with second gear and first gear has more torque, steering improved it a little bit but it’s really held back by the linkage servo. We tuned the shift, servo it’s a two speed and we tuned it to work a little bit better. So there we go it’s, just a question of: will it hold up? Will it improve we’ll, do we’ll go to the same trail see we can do. We also put some proline higher axis with dual stage foam on it: there’s your hobo in 1080, very configurable body wouldn’t touch too much it’s uh as good as it gets pretty crazy how how nice this is for 330. Bucks has lights as well. In our test run, we haven’t run the light set because we need a converter since we lost the esc, and here it is in second gear. So fast first gear is a lot of torque, but second gear. It is jamming, and here is that same hill. We give it a try right down the middle, no problem, proline hierarchs with dual stage home in the descending notice.

We’Re just drag breaking the whole time, meaning not really touching the throttle just pressing it when we need to move and it’s so much more control. Whenever you don’t allow the car to get out of control, it’s much easier to descend because you’re holding it the whole time right here, we’re going to try, maybe a little harder line more to the left feeling confident – and we are right at the limit of this Heavy body, but since we have good torque good control, you know it it. We allow it to settle down another descent here, much deeper descent again right here, you see how good it is tires are gripping esc is holding, and then the rear of the body is keeping it from flipping forward night and day difference same rock here notice. How the hyrax pushes the thing with ease these are a little bit smaller tires, but they work well. It’S hung up a little bit descending controlled again. Biff is happy in the driver’s seat, so here we’re going to do a little bit of water and we hope you enjoy the restaurant video. Maybe uh play some music Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So there you go hope you enjoyed that running video. You could tell night and day difference in the before and after the mods and rc review is all about finding some gems doing the mods, personalizing it and having fun with it. Is this a great car, not necessarily, but it has some hidden gems for 330 bucks and a lot of it is addressable it’s not perfect.

Still, but really, if you have fun modding your vehicle personalizing it, then this is a pretty nice project.