Again today i have a new wheelie bar mount printed as well as a new shock tower extension. I printed the shock tower extension out of petg. Again, i have some nylon filament that i want to try out, but i didn’t get a chance to print with it yet we’re going to try to build on the progress from the last time. I was out here and see what kind of passes i can make. I got this c7 corvette body on today, just to change things up a little bit i’m going to start off with making a couple slow passes to make sure everything’s good with the car and then we’re going to start turning it up. A little i’ve had a couple. People leave comments about this and i normally don’t show it in the video. But since a couple of you have told me about it and asked about it, i figured i’d chew it. Today. I do my burnouts on a small piece of carpet, just an old cut off of carpet here. Basically, it warms up the tires really nicely, but also doesn’t wear them out on the concrete or asphalt so for me, because i have a small piece i’ll step on it like this, and sometimes it pops up like that, but that’s. Why i step on it? Applause, Music and now my tires – are warm and i’m ready to make a hit. Well surprise. Surprise: i broke another shock tower extension, it’s kind of getting a little discouraging now i’m, not even gon na lie, starting to think.

Maybe i need to just scrap this shock tower extension idea. I really like the idea of the vertical shocks, but unless a nylon print will hold up better than this, i just don’t see the point of it. If they’re to keep breaking like this, that was a pretty slow pass. I was, i was keeping it pretty conservative and it just barely jumped over the finish line. Didn’T really, i think it rolled one time wasn’t much and the extension broke that quickly. I do have the other shocks with me today, again so i’m gon na put them on and try to do some more running but yeah. This is kind of starting to discourage me a little. Let me get these on and i guess we’ll see what happens all right. I got the other shocks back on now: wheelie bar adjusted it’s, probably going to take me a couple of passes to get the car straight, but we’ll see what we can do: Music Applause, Music, Music, so Music. That was definitely the cleanest pass so far and then, as you saw when it got right towards the finish line over there on the top end, the car immediately shot right. Luckily, i was able to save it without crashing it without hitting the finish line at all. I hope you’re just enjoying these passes i’m just doing a lot of testing really making some hits and trying to get the car going straight, not really making any changes just trying to get the car to go straight: Music, Music, Music, foreign, i think i’m.

In this video here for today, i got a whole bunch of running footage, not a whole lot of times, though i’m sure you saw a lot of those passes. The car got kind of wiggly up there on the top end i’m, not sure if it’s, just my inexperience, with driving the car to 132 feet, or maybe the body this body i’ve been wanting to put a splitter on, and i don’t have one yet or maybe It’S, even this surface, that i’m on it’s got these cracks in it, the expansions basically and it’s a little bumpy. You can see it gets kind of bumpy down there, maybe it’s that i’m, not a hundred percent sure what it is to be honest with you, i’m curious what you’ll have to say down in the comments below i love reading, y’all tips and comments on these videos. I’Ve gotten a whole bunch of comments recently about my driving and not letting the wheel bounce back to center after steering – and hopefully you could hear today that i worked on that a lot. Hopefully, you didn’t hear any bouncing of the steering wheel today. I don’t think that was my problem, though i did make a couple of nice promising passes up until it got towards the top end up there, the car’s launching nicely – and it goes straight for probably the first 80 feet or so and that’s when it kind of Goes downhill from there, as always, though you know, i’ll be doing some more testing trying out some new things trying to get the car as fast as possible.

Like i said, let me know in the comments below what kind of tips you have what you think about. What’S, going on with the car leave a like on the video, if you are enjoying these videos, make sure to subscribe to the channel.