24 7.. This is an rc, sound and lights kit from gt power. Good thing about this: one, its bluetooth control, it already comes with 58 kinds and of sounds as we can see here – is the board itself. Very compact, nice little unit – and i have the truck unit of these as well, and it works really really well, but uh lets get everything out of the box and see what else we get check out. The speaker thats nice, not too, not too bulky, but its going to have a fair bit of base and oomph, because it is a sealed box as well. Various double sided tape and cable ties, usb cable, different plugs and all your leds now check out that. So what i would like to do is set it up, so i can show you the different, sound settings and also download the app, so we can see how it works. Okay, guys! Yes, it looks like a spaghetti of wires at the moment, but once you hook it up its pretty self explanatory so on this side here this is the control board. Now this is where your inputs are coming, so the first number one you want to turn to to burn so number one is your steering and number two? Is your motor or esc? Now this motor and esc is in one combo, so thats why that is going into there this next selection of wires. Just here you have channel one two and three same thing so channel one from here is going in to your receiver, so its going to match up so one from the control board.

Two and three is going to match whats going from there in to your receiver. This one here is your power, so we have this nice little unit here, so you got your esc going into it. This bridge is off it and the power is going to be coming from your lipo. This top plug here is for your speaker, and then you have all the ones here on this on the side here, on the left hand, side – and there are all your leds – also got reverse light. Then you got your front headlight and then youve got your small headlight and then youve got brake light left turn right, turn and thats all of them, so its pretty cool. Now you noticed on these are the blinkers on the sides here. Ive actually extended them because they didnt fit, because this is a 1 8. Technically so ive got these just extended pieces here, so i can actually run to the body and put them in there. So i just want to show you how it looks before you. You know before i kind of hide all the wires away. Ive got it installed into my system just here using a basic four channel. What are these are? Dumbbell, rc transmitters are really cool. I needed this one because i wanted to shift from high to low, but i put in neutral, so i can kind of just use it as it is so once you go, have it all plugged in you, go to the app rc lns and look.

It connects automatically there we go and it synchronizes from what you had last time. Now, if you, if you make a change, you have to push synchronize and that saves it, but whats really good about this. It has automatically 58 car sounds already on here. Check out this, so the standard one, for example. If you want to hear what it sounds like you push audition, and you hear that. But what ill do ill put the wire here so thats that one thats standard one you can go through in there, some of them actually labeled, so weve got a cobra toner here push audition. That gives you a little clip. Obviously, i dont want a cobra or an f1, so youve got f1, for example, for a crawl of it. Listen to this sounds pretty cool. So what i was thinking i was just going through. Crawlers lets have a look um, and some of these might be like a truck diesel motor, so that might be pretty cool as well im, not too sure whats in a defender, but uh lets just click on crawler b lets try this one that sounds pretty cool. So if you want that, you say select and it uploads it, you can push synchronize and thats ready to go. So if i this here is main value equipment, that means just main volume. So if i slide this over there, we go and just synchronize. Now, if i push the throttle, let me put it up a bit, so we dont hear the motor.

So if i get the slider here, i can change the volume you can use straight away. There we go there and ill show you. The controls. Youve got left for your blinkers right blinkers as well put them in the chassis later. Youve got your leds for the front. Youve got a smaller set as well, and you do have a set of reverse lights. See reverse brake lights are down there like any normal set of you know, leds Applause really cool, but the shining star here is the app so im going to change the volume the the type of car showed. You click on the next tab and this is where you can change the settings so standard you can keep on, so everything will change on turn off everything will turn off: blinking mode, slow, blinking and that kind of stuff. So you know like a christmas tree. So if you go to standard, you have other settings here as well. Youve got overload setting im, not sure exactly what all these, but you can have, for example, the throttle response speed now it wont be as quick. If i go back in here, put it all the way back up again and you also got a third. You got these gear shift sounds and all that kind of stuff you can change change position its very in depth. You got ta break sound as well, just turn it off so thats kind of. If you back on now, if you slam on the brake im, not a big fan of that, but if you dont like it, you can just turn it off like this.

Now its gone pretty cool and you also got a horn which or a special sound, switch and thats what this one is its uh Applause, but you can change with that. So its very cool – and it has a really good instruction manual on the app you can update the firmware and all that kind of stuff gives you your battery settings. You can change it lipo all that kind of cool, stuff, very cool and also low voltage warning. So what im going to do im going to put all this into the body and uh lets see how it looks once everythings installed into that bad boy. Okay, ive managed to fit all the uh lights inside this body. Here now i didnt use the reverse lights. If youre, not using me just take them out because on this particular double e doesnt have room its got lights there, but theres no buckets for them, but whats cool is. It does have for the indicators check that out and also the one on the side. I say left and right and also at the front too now those are really bright. Now i think i noticed they say im going forward that mode thats, just the motor so im going forward and i break then again reverse the main lights dip too sure. If i can fix that, but uh thats what it is when it goes back on, but looks really cool, i do like this body, its probably the most detailed body ive seen and its for the price.

This is probably cheaper to buy the body like the whole car than it is to buy some other uh name brand bodies and its hard bodied as well its full interior. If you havent seen it check out this and magnetic doors check out that full interior, its got the magnets, see and also at the back as well spare tyre metal wheels and everything, but there we go guys. Let me know what you guys think of this lighting kit ill leave the link down below if you want to go check it out, but i think its really cool brings an extra detail to your model and like, for example, i think this is the most detailed Model there is, and it helps adding this light system to it.