Two links in the video description. One goes to the shop where you can buy this here, and the other goes to the replicable page of nico 71, where you can purchase the original instructions, because this is a stolen mock, okay, so far, instructions. The book is a little bit small it’s thick, but a little bit small. The the pictures are not too small, even for an old man like me, there’s a correction sheet, but you don’t really need this, because you see the errors and um. There are other arrows that are not in the correction sheet. Uh instructions is okay, yeah, so the viewing angle and everything is okay. I i got i got it done so. Yes, uh, no problem for you. Okay, we have a little bit over three thousand pieces. Seven motors two battery boxes and rc uh vehicle is durable with this rc over 2.4 gigahertz or wire bluetooth and the app the app you can download overlink over a qr code here in the beginning of the instructions. It brings you to the mold king side, where you can download the ap key apk, but you know your phone says it’s, not from the play store. Do you really want to install it and so on? Okay, i did it. It worked okay, but i don’t like i like hardware, so this is a huge model when first, when i assembled this year, i thought okay, it’s uh it’s a little bit smaller and compact, but with the with the hanger here, that’s cool, uh, centimeters, yes metric system.

Yes, exactly 70 centimeters, then we have a height here of the vehicle itself. From 23 we have a width of yeah, obviously 19, and the height of the arm here depends. Okay, this is a very special um vehicle, it’s, obviously, four axles each is driven and okay. We go from so we start with this battery box. The original design is based on s brick or boobies, or something like that. With the two battery boxes and one remote i can’t control, i can always connect to one box, so you have the possibility to change between the boxes or you use your rc and for the other box, you’re handy or your smartphone. So this is the deal or you have buby’s s, brick at home. Then you can connect all the seven motors to this system and use a joypad or something like that. Okay, but here you have to choose and for the cables and everything i said i come. I say something later: okay on one battery box, i have oh, i said yeah now you see the battery boxes are laying here on just on top of it that’s cause. You have to choose what things you have on which battery box and i wanted one battery box for driving forward backward and steering, but one more doors here. First for driving. One is here, and i have a extension cable, but the possibility for your for driving steering the motor is here so and one more door is here for for the arm.

So you need two extensions cables or you do it this way, or you have more time like me and find another solution, but with two extension cables. It’S no problem, you can place one battery box here and the other you can build in here and everything is good either we can open here and there’s a v6 uh engine a row. Engine uh, but the air the gear it’s fallen out, is not connected to the motor anyway it’s just here, and it turns but it’s not connected to the rest, so it’s a fake motor okay. So we start. This is with the gears you get. This is what you get on speed, but i’m sure you can use another gear and when you drive only with the front part and another gear, i believe this will be very fast because it has not so much pieces and xl motor. It could be not very fast, i know the xl motor is the l motor is faster, but it could be nice, so we have in each section a motor and that’s needed. First. I show you here how this is done or how, if you want to see more, like i show you now just watch the assembly video from a few days ago. Okay, so there you see more, so you see how this is constructed and each engine, one xl and the other xl goes here in the middle to the black gear, the big black gear, and so the power is on all four axles and all eight wheels.

Okay. So this here has no real suspension and no normal steering, so this has no servo motor for steering or the normal steering. We know it uses these actuators here for steering. So we have suspension – and this is very cool. This could be a really cool off road car, but it has two floors that makes it impossible to use off road man. This is one the suspension or the non suspension and they always go out. This model has some really issues but it’s fun anyway. So, okay, so this has not the normal suspension, there is a spring and it is with an axle and x stoppers and just look at the assembly video. It always goes out. So this is the reason this. There are two reasons you can can’t go off road. You can go a little bit just a little bit, but not off road. First, the suspension here. It springs out if one tires in the air and goes too much down the suspension springs out. That’S fixable just use a longer a longer axle and a third stopper and it’s fixable that’s, not really the issue. The real issue here is the connection, because this is steered by the excavators here, and so this needs a lot of space to turn. When you hear the click, then one x x, ah actuators man. This is a really difficult word for for german. You know what i mean they’re coming to the end, and then you hear the noise you see, it’s durable, but only to change from left to right needs so much time.

Okay, you see it’s driving and it needs a lot of time and space to turn. But it’s a funny funny, not a super clever solution for practical or practical wise, but for build wise uh just for the the assembly fund, that’s it’s, a cool thing i haven’t built before so i was really surprised when i’ve seen how this is steered and, yes, It’S funny it’s funny, like i said, not really practical but funny so okay. This is what i have on one box. So now i connect the other box just so when you push on the other or turn on the other box and just uh power on and power power, often power on the remote it connects to the new box. Okay. So now we have all the functions of the arm here for our tree logs to collect. First is we have our four feet and they lift up the vehicle a little bit. The motor has not enough power to get here, two and a half or three kilo up in the air but it’s nice. So the other function uppers and lowers this cylinder here. The actuator and okay next is turning, and the motor for the turning function is in the front so that’s. What makes a really problem with the with the battery system? Okay, so that’s a little bit of bummer, but i feel i believe so like i did and if you have a second extension, cable, it’s, okay and it’s a little bit realistic.

You drive to the position. You want to work with the logs or you have to load the locks and then you can change and play with the arm, so not very cool but okay. So my final opinion about the set it’s a little bit different, it’s all difficult uh. Somehow i like it somehow i like the look, this really cute little front uh vehicle. Let me show it to you, Music. It looks adorable doesn’t it okay, so it’s cute here, and it has so unique building techniques and ideas. The steering and everything i enjoyed it very much to assemble it. Okay, on on other things, you see it’s, not totally uh, they didn’t think it to the end. So here the engine is not connected. You, you can do this your own. You only need some pieces. It’S definitely possible it’s enough space in here uh to connect it to the rest of the motor here for driving, and so the engine here is running, the the steering is really is obviously not connected, so this set is for four possible uh kind of people. The first wants this here because he loves it and he wants the original from uh build the original with boobies and it was too expensive with the seven motors, and so he didn’t buy it from original lego now it’s out from mole king and he can buy The original instructions and get the pieces here cheap and gets his set.

The other section is buy the set for the pieces because you get over 3000 pieces, seven more towards two battery boxes. Four actuators eight wheels uh big wheels expensive wheels, so they said is only for the pieces worth its money. Yes, if you don’t like what you see, but you need seven motors big wheels and you want to build a mock and so on. This is a really really good only for the pieces, so next thing is or three three tar i don’t know. Perhaps for please, you have a child and it’s interested in lego, technic, and here you have a lot of functions, really seven functions: seven motors and it’s not too complicated to assemble. You see what you are doing and you see what what every motor is turning and how the the power is going over excess, connectors and so that’s a great model to to show children, lego or technic piece or sets out of bricks. For so this. For for that kind of people that’s a really cool set, there is um some stickers, i don’t know where i have them. Uh half of the stickers are for the motors and the engines and the battery boxes to coat it with colors and two stickers are here, and i believe one in in the cockpit so not necessary. Okay and like i said the these three, the people who want really this set because they love the tatra based uh, where vehicle here then buy it.

If you just want this here or the nikko version, and this year as giving pieces to you great really great. As only for the pieces, absolutely great seven motors for accuracy wheels and if you have a child, so they said, if you’re one of the three uh possible target buyers, that’s, absolutely okay – and you know where uh it’s, not so good. And so you can’t go off road, it needs a lot of space and time to turn, but it makes fun and it’s a cool set to play with so, okay that’s everything. I believe, if you have any questions. Ah, the actuators that are connected from the back part to the front part they have a a pinhole and an axle hole and instruction says: go with the axle through the x hole go through the pinhole. If you go through the x hole it won’t move. Okay, so that’s everything i’m frank, you’re, brick freak. If you have any questions, write it in the comments. If not, i wish you good time have a nice day and i catch you in the next one.