We just need to see what it comes with, get my first impressions and then we’ll review it after it’s built. So i ordered eight models from china. I also ordered the red jeep wrangler that you see it is tied up right now in shipping. I have no idea where it is so we’re gon na build this one right now, so this is 98 on lepinland.com. They charge you about 25 or 30 for shipping. I ordered this march 30 and i got it april 23rd. So you’re gon na have to wait a little bit for it, so the wheels and tires it comes with five. At first glance, they look perfectly fine to me, they’re, probably one two, three, four, almost four inches overall diameter. It came with this in the bag. I don’t know what it is, but it’s going to become marshmallows new toy. Are you eating a part kitty? Oh, my god, at first glance i think i’m gon na be disappointed in this jeep. I don’t know why. So let me go ahead and build it and we’ll see it in a little bit, so i finally got it built. We have these other ones, so you can really see the size of it it’s exactly the same size as the lego defender. So we have the videos coming on those two. Those are real lego. This is moc. I had the video coming, but i deleted the first half so i’m going to have to remake it.

This is the real lego defender and you can see the moc jeep wrangler, so just showing you all this, so you know that i am not some clown that’s. Reviewing things that i know nothing about, so this is sold in two versions: the rc version non rc. I bought non rc i’m, not into that yet getting into it soon. It is basically made like an rc car if you’ve ever had one the body lifts off of the chassis and that’s exactly what this one does and it’s very important to understand that, because the motorized version appears to be completely different in the pictures. I guess you have to take the transmission all that stuff off, but i am not a hundred percent sure so to review this in one word is clunky. This is the clunkiest crappiest model i’ve ever seen in my life. This is my first mold king i’m, not saying don’t buy it i’m. Just saying don’t expect it to be anything like that lego defender or any of these real lego cars, because it’s not so we’re, going to go in depth on everything it does here in a second, but at first glance it looks neat. The suspension is fine, but it doesn’t work right. So this thing right here, it’s almost a joke. It looks good once you get it all together, but building this thing you are going to be scratching your head and wondering what in the world are you doing and who in the world came up with this thing? It’S got a lot of what i call force fits like things that don’t naturally go together.

You just kind of got to push them together right here. Those don’t fit just a lot of little stuff. Like that, you look at the roll bars on it. They’Re kind of fit on there weird i personally do not like builds like this, but it is what it is that’s all i can say about it now. One of the reasons it’s so flimsy is because this is an rc car, so they tried to save as much weight as they could. So it gives you plenty of room to improve if you’re into that kind of stuff, which i am the best thing about. This jeep is the hood. I do like the hood and i’m going to copy this hood when i design my own jeep wrangler, so the body actually fits on the chassis, and you can see these four pins that are extended at the bottom and it actually fastens really nice to the chassis. Once you get a sitting on the chassis, you’re gon na line these four pins up and just push them in so first glance, i love the spare love the rear. Bumper love the tail lights on it. The back of it is actually acceptable. I don’t have any problems with the back. The doors do open, as you can see, the seats look fine. So on the back it has this little tonneau cover that’s, not a jeep thing, it’s still pretty cool, though the hood is my favorite thing on this vehicle.

It opens up, but it’s clunky. They actually did a real good job on the way these fenders flare. The grille looks good. Obviously it looks a little weird in there and the bumper is acceptable, but stock jeep bumpers are ugly on these older ones and definitely i’m going to design some kind of winch system or aftermarket looking bumper, but it does look good once you get it all together. I cannot lie, but what i really hate about this one is the color i’m, not complaining i’m, not a little baby. Think about it. If this jeep was red blue white anything, but this freaking dull green. I like that color just not on this model and then on top of that they should have made these fender flares black. Like the real jeep. Imagine a white jeep with the black fender flares, just like a real jeep is it would look totally different that’s. Why i’m going to design my own jeep wrangler and it is going to be freaking awesome so right off the bat exhaust tip is already hitting very clunky. I guess i could take it off still kind of hits it clunky. So actually the more you look at it, the more you’ll start to like it. I went back and tightened up a bunch of stuff. I had these pieces missing, you’re gon na have to improvise on this build. I took the exhaust tip off. It still rubs a little bit so being kind of simplified allows you to put your own fender flares.

If i wanted to change these to black, put my winch or some kind of light bar change, the back bumper, you know do something with this make a hard top for it. It gives you a lot of room to do stuff like that. So aside from the clunkiness that you’re about to see what does make this jeep worth the hundred dollars is the learning experience you’re gon na get from what is under here, so to make this fair, we’re gon na do one good thing and then one clunky thing: One good thing the suspension on it is perfectly fine, so one of the clunkiest things on here is the steering. Now that is like a real car notice. It does not touch the engine block, but this is just a complete failure. It does not work worth the crap from either way, but what is weird about it? This is actually how real four wheel drive steering is on a vehicle that’s, the little pitman arm with the blue stud on there, but it’s just not geared right. It just didn’t work out in the legos world very cool, to look at very cool to build and interesting, but just not functioning the way it’s supposed to so let me know in the rc version: does that work different? Is it gear different because on this model right here, the steering is a fail, so the good the tires and wheels we got a spare and some people pay 20 or 30 dollars just for a nice set of wheels like that, they look really good.

I’M gon na use these on future models. So before we do the clunky let’s talk about this right here. This is what makes this set worth the money, the learning experience you’re gon na get from this. This is a six speed manual transmission. You can see the gates and it actually works, really freaking good as it shifts through the gears back in the first we’re in neutral, just like a real car. So we have these three levers right here. Two of them are clunky let’s. Do the clunkiest one first, this freaking jeep right here has two and four wheel drive. So keep your eye on the red piece we are in two wheel. Drive diffs are open right now and we’re going to try to push that little lever and it’s going to try to engage so it actually did engage it. Let’S try to get back into two wheel drive, it does not do it. We have to reach under here and assist it now. We’Re a two wheel, drive let’s. Try one more time to go on four wheel drive. It actually did engage. So two and four wheel drive blew my mind. I’M gon na learn. So much from this. The problem is not this right here, so if you go assistant with your finger down there, it works perfect, but it does not work from up here. So two and four wheel drive awesome idea concept but it’s very clunky. So the best good thing about this model is the lockers.

The lockers is just what made me love it. So much lockers actually work so well. I’M. Going to copy this idea. When i do my jeep, we are disengaged, lockers engaged disengage, engaged, so let’s disengage them. We have to be in four wheel drive to demonstrate this notice we’re in four wheel drive. So in case you don’t know anything about jeeps. They don’t put positrax limited slips and jeeps they put lockers and, as you can see, we have an open, diff that’s. How you know it’s open whenever one wheel spins this way, the other one? That way, so we are a full wheel drive, so the front diff is going to be open too. As you can see it does that as well push that lever one way now we’re locked, so all four wheels are going to turn the same direction. If i try to hold this wheel right here, it’s going to put everything in the bind that we could possibly bust, something in here that’s. Why, in the real four wheel, drive world they bust axles, because they put big grippy tires they’re in some kind of vine. They have all the power on all four wheels locked and it finds the weak point right here. Just destroys a freaking axle like nothing. Just let you know they just really nailed this model. They must have really owned a jeep or been into four wheel drive. So the lockers man – i think you should just buy this just to experience the lockers, if you have not seen them already in these lego type vehicles.

So the last clunky thing is the last lever which is high and low. Now all four wheel drive vehicles may be a little bit different. Normal driving is just one to one and you’ll have a transfer case when you put in a four wheel, drive that’ll, knock it down to two to one or four to one depending on the vehicle. So it does it, but the problem is the gear ratios are off and it wants to put everything in a bind. We don’t need to mess with two or four wheel drive, so we can just put it in two wheel drive for this and we can take the lockers off. So this last lever right here is for high and low and in the middle it should be in neutral. So let’s find it right here, it’s in neutral right now, but as you see we’re trying to move it and it doesn’t even want to go well. It is now but i’m putting a lot of force on that. I hope that’s, not just how you’re supposed to do it because it feels like it wants to break so we’re in neutral, just like a real transmission. It smoothly goes into any gear. It doesn’t matter. First gear is a low gear on any transmission and we are at high speed. This is going to make it kind of move, and you see how the engine is running it’s in a little bit of a bind but it’s working, just fine.

So to make the engine spin the easiest we need to go either into fifth or sixth. You can see how smooth that transmission is going into gear, and this is going to make everything run. The smoothest the engine is working and it’s running so slow because in real life the engine would be running slow, but we will be doing about 80 miles an hour just like how on the freeway, your car is running 2500 rpm. So, in other words, if we put this in low like it is now – and we put it in first gear – it is gon na be putting so much strain and be trying to spin that engine. So much it’s gon na be putting everything in here in a bind and we could probably break it. Let’S just demonstrate that right now see it doesn’t even wan, na it’s, trying to turn everything too fast see see that’s the clunky stuff i’m talking about it actually works, okay in reverse, but in forward it doesn’t see it’s actually, anyway, that is screwed up, but it Should if we put it in six, it should be a lot easier. Let’S check that out: okay, it’s, better, so it’s, not gripping the tire now that’s. Why i’m saying, if you’re going to play with this thing, just leave it in high and just play with it? Like that so much better, okay, the engine doesn’t move as fast, but it’s, just better you’re, not gon na break it.

Okay. So a little recap on it: it’s got a 6 speed transmission. This is probably the most important thing that you’re going to learn from spending 100 on this model. Okay, it has lockers right here, it’s engaging little clutch piece like this. You can’t see it it’s on the top that works, so good, you’re, gon na learn. So much from that it has two and four wheel drive very interesting, and then it has low and high speed. So it has solid axles and that’s. How they’re going to look when you have your lockers in them? We have control arms, i don’t know if you can see those going to the axles and you really have to look in there. You can’t see it, but you see that diagonal bar so front and back has three link suspension on it, which is just like real four wheel drive stuff, so i don’t know if i would recommend this to get a kid for the first time i would go With the lego defender, but definitely somebody that has experience building this is awesome. They are not going to hate it, like. I said, there’s so much to improve on this model. I am gon na learn so much from it and take from it. These are fake legos. They steal the idea, so i’m gon na steal their ideas to build my jeep, the more i look at it, the more i do like it. I don’t hate the color so much today, because we are in a brighter room, so 98.

lepenland.com. I think it was 125. They charge you a little bit for shipping, but totally passing the test with me, it’s clunky, as heck, i actually did not like the build. It was frustrating at certain points. I was trying to rush through it just something about the way. These parts go together, it is not my style, i didn’t feel like it flowed well, but in the end i have zero regrets even at a hundred and fifty dollars. This would probably still be worth it, but go to lipinland.com and order it like i did. It took about three weeks to get it so a little more extensive review, that’s how i’m gon na start doing these on my channel.