For course, here I have at the farm and I'm getting it prepped for the winter snow and my Kyosho blizzards, but I figured today would be an awesome opportunity to introduce this new truck to our audience. This truck is actually built by my friend Chuck, actually acquired. It in a trade for one of my trail, finder twos, and he came to me first and said – I'd love to trade with you, because I think that the viewers of rcadventures could really learn a few things about the truck and maybe even incorporate them into their Truck now you can see the guy's arm is moving, his head is moving and if you have a close look, he's even moving a shifter now, what Chuck did was he? He split off the wires for the servo the front, steering servo added a steering servo for the steering wheel under the dashboard and as well added a servo under the guy's body, plus one back there. These are all mini micro servos for the shifting. Now I had to flip the steering servo upside down to do a quick fix because the other ones the Traxxas servos, were actually running in Reverse in Reverse to the steering. So that was no big deal. I just flipped over the SAVAK servo to waterproof. There made a new steering arm for it check it out, the lights are actually the undercarriage lights and the front headlights which are super bright, are powered by this 3s battery.

In the back on the inside, I've got a 3s lipo battery running the truck it's a 2200 milliamp hour. I'Ve got a FH ss sorry receiver on the inside. For my Futaba, my 4px, everything is basically the B EC is powering simply the servos and the Sidewinder ESC and the brushless motor are in there now. The reason you're seeing a glitch is because my receiver actually has a glitch in it. The way it's wired is a hundred percent correct, but it's not a big deal. I got a new receiver on the way and I think it's time we get this truck out on the course now. The tires I've chosen to put on this truck are not actually mud tires. These are the stock tires from the axial bomber, but this truck has plenty of power and even with the mud and the tires it's going to have plenty of traction, drivers ready. 3. 2. 1, here we go technical today, not fast. Here I come around the top crest rolling down very little drag break on the CSU that's. How I have it set of these course 1 bumpy bumpy it's hard to see the amount of side hill here, but these rocks definitely give us a challenge articulating up and around Music Music can't hit a gate. I can't hit a Playgirl sub point: Music, Music, the whole point of a gate or a course like this is to not gain points down into the rock.

This is a deep dive in here. Oh I found Music Music up and on the outside, maybe Oh jock. In one spot, there we go shoulda kept on it: Music, Music, oh, of course that happens man I want to make it hard, so it is hard, especially with all the loose soil, all right. Repo. Oh here, goes a flag: Music, Music, Music, Music Music. Here we go off the course here's. The channel I normally run down. I'Ve actually been filling it in so it's a little bit less wide, but it makes for a great course and hardly wait for next season to get some rain in here. So there you go. My friends, a good look at the new race, ROC buggy combo – I have here at the studio. Hopefully you guys have been inspired to get outside and try the hobby of radio control, because really the only limit out there. Of course, other than budget is imagination.