Amongst all the other stuff i got planned too so ive got the cell phone here on the osmo one of my favorite things. I finally got all charged up and ready to go so you – hopefully you guys get some good video here and hope. Everyones doing well, of course, and i just want to show you some of the things that happened to me recently, so first things first over here over at the e recycler. I saw this in his case and he just we had a little side thing and i knew it was right away. It says here: pocket radar and inside is a radar. If i can uh go, do this one handed guys so there it is. So you have the radar part on the back there that raised square and you hold it at any object. Thats moving and you press this button for five for a couple seconds before it comes and anything that comes at it. It will tell you the speed. So this is also very good for radaring. The rcs, when we do a speed run thing is, is uh its going to take some juggling, so i would have to have my son hold this or something like that. So were still trying to figure out how to get this, but this is a great little find that we scooped up at the e recycler that someone recycled works perfectly dont know why someone recycled it over here, too, its a great little charger.

I picked up and this is real cheap, and this is great for charging batteries. Two thousand two thousand five hundred milliamps and under you can go bigger too, but um. This thing connects here anything you plug in from nine volts to sixteen and im using the 12 volt like a 2 amp charge or a brick plug here and plug it right in here, and you can charge all the way up to 4x and its got a Great display on it tells you where the cells are all at when youre charging it up, and not only that you can disconnect this and it will act as a voltage detector. So itll tell you where your your stuff is at. So if you dont want to know if your batteries are dead or not thats going to work, this is a great charger. Now i got two of these and they work well to charge up the smaller batteries. Next thing on the list here and im super excited about this one too, and this one ill have all links in the notes where i got some of these things. We got a brushed esc here, 70 amp its made by isdt. Now i think theyre a little more familiar theyre, definitely in the charger realm and i think more stuff for drones and stuff like that theyre more noticeable brand in that area of the hobby. But i saw this on banggood and its a 70 amp brushed esc.

Well, go more in depth when we run this, but this ec here it doesnt, have any end on it. So you have to put on your own connector, whether it be deans or xt60 traxxas, whatever its got this big on off button, but not only that you hold this down and it kicks in bluetooth and they have an app called isd go and you can connect To it and program that esc on the fly – and you can turn it into crawler mode – you can put it on an on road car mode. I believe they have a monster truck type of setting. They have all different things you can tinker with. This is for 540 550 and i even think is it the 750 motor, the bigger one that you find like in the summit the big month brush motors. This can all handle it. Two to three s: its got: lipo cut off, uh, all kinds of stuff, and you plug the plug here into the one end and the other end goes obviously plugs into the um the servo plugs into, or they all plug into the receiver. That is so youre all set to go its pretty cool stuff and im really excited and at the 26 dollar price point. This is at thats. Quite a lot of features and im im very curious and excited to see how this thing works out and theres. Some reviews already on the website on banggood and get a lot of positive feedback from this thing.

So hopefully this is new to you its new to me and we can take a good in depth. Look at that later in another upcoming video and of course i scoop this again here. This is um uh. You may have seen some videos in the past, but this is from costco. They have the craze models, and now we have the power craze, and this has fully proportional throttle fully proportional steering. Some of the older models are all or nothing steering, and this ones even cool with that. I hope to show you guys here and take the glare off, but if you look in there its got an led light bar on the top, so its super bright thats, the transmitter you got just some of the specs on this 32 kilometers, 2.4 gigahertz rear wheel, Drive ready to run its even got shocks some of those older ones. Didnt have quite have the same shock thing and uh. So were really looking forward to running this one, its a great thing for like a driveway or a big basement, or a warehouse or something real cool stuff, and the last little update i want to show you guys really has nothing to do with the rc stuff. Here on the table, but were going to move over here – and i want you to look at this thing – im going to try and dodge all my lawn furniture here and this is it see if we can get this thing.

This is going to be the home of the new mikes rc corner uh. We have the basement, where im at right now and its just tight down there theres a lot of stuff that gets thrown on my table, weve been doing some renovations and work, and just like drywall and the tools everything gets pulled out its all in front of My rc table the laundry drying all that other stuff, so a discussion with my wife. This is an 8×8 shed a keter, so we are going to move the rc corner here. Im going to take the pegboard that was in my basement were going to put it up in here. This has a lawnmower and other things in it were going to put in another shed in the backyard later this summer and by the september october. I will be moving into this thing, full time and im looking forward to that so thats whats, new and exciting. For me more space and all that kind of stuff. We uh thanks for tuning into this hope, everyones doing well hope to get out in rc soon.