I got some new additions to my drift fleet um, letting the name slip out of the box, but anyways let’s get started. I went ahead and picked up two of these or two kits, as you can see. They’Re msts so very excited about these two. The first one i’m going to start off with today is the rmx 2.0 uh kit, with the jz3 body, which is like a lexus sc, 3 or 400, or the toyota soarer overseas, and then later on. In this series i was also able to snag a fxx 2.0 s with the e92 bmw body, so really excited about this i’ll go over this in the next video um, but i did want to show you my other two drift setups at the moment. This is the hsp 94123 flying fish. I have it on the drift setup. I did the sea hub modification for increased steering angle. This is the red cat thunder drift um. It is belt driven for that smoother uh drive between the two. This one has sort of a heavier feel to it, but i know i do have this geared higher with a stronger or faster motor, but these are all wheel drives, and these two msts that i’m about to open up um, are rear. Wheel, drive with uh with the crazy uh steering angle, because they’re not limited by the dog bones or front axles um. So one thing that i really was excited about was: i thought that these mst kits were going to be crazy, expensive and some of them are depending on how deep you want to dive into it um.

But i was able to find this kit from michael’s rc hobbies. I believe they’re located in florida, and i got this kit um for 155.99 uh without tax um, because i live in california and uh it’s cool because they’re, a domestic hobby shop, which i like to support in order to hit the free shipping i did have to. I think spend 250 at their shop and here’s the other rc. I was really excited about in order to hit that, because i’ve been watching these maverick, i think it’s, a 1 18 scale, um maverick, ion yeah 118 scale and they do make this in different styles. They have a triggy, a desert truck um. The short course truck a rally, car buggy, all sorts of uh different models. I think even a monster truck um, so i really wanted the rally car, but i was fortunate enough that they did have the short course truck available. So this helped me get to the um, the shipping that i needed, and i think i ordered one other uh spare part. I think it was a clear body for uh traxxas, slash which i’ll be painting up, but anyways awesome deal also no tax 89.99. These are not uh; these are pretty much sold out everywhere, i’ve been looking, so i have enough. I’Ll have an unboxing coming up for this, but just wanted to give a shout out for michael’s rc hobbies great deal on both these rc’s again uh free shipping, with the amount and um and no tax for california purchase so i’m.

Really happy about that. But anyways uh, i think they are sold out uh last i checked after i purchased this, but we can go over some specs on this car um what’s cool about these kits is that if you’re looking at this compared to a tamiya, this is really cool. Considering that this is a highly adjustable um hobby grade, not just a kit grade, but very much hobby grade, rc kit it’s got the same wheelbase as tamiya 257 with 190 millimeter, and this kit with the body included uh. I thought was an awesome deal, because these msds include the ball bearings which to me uh, tt01 and tt02 base kits. Do not. This is uh i’m i’m guessing light licensed body because they were able to advertise the toyota name and model, also the bmw. So this is in line for how much one of those kits would cost granted. This is a rear, wheel, drive um, but chassis, uh, um and body um. You do need to provide your own electronics, but i have not taken a look into this, so let’s go ahead and get this open enough chatter. So this is a really nice box, uh very high quality, which is cool, um yeah. I really like how they package – at least you know just how it looks right now, but michael’s hobby, the hobby shop, that i ordered this did uh do a great job: shipping with shipping, so very cool everything pulls out with one bag in the clear body tucked In there, and since we have it like that, i’ll go ahead and set it on the box.

So, as with most clear body sets, you do get the window masks for painting and then you also get the outer stickers for the lights and license plates doesn’t. Look too crazy detailed, which doesn’t need to be, as you can see, just the lights uh. I don’t see the oh yeah. Here we go so there we go. I got the door handles window panels, windshield wipers, the the uh simulated, intercooler side, markers so really cool um. I do like that the stickers are outer, so you can just tape them on without trying to mask each section. A section separately give you some extra mst stickers, and then this is the instruction manual um. So this will take some time for me to get used to so here’s the uh. The tag for the clear body and what’s crazy is these bodies alone are worth about. Uh 50 plus so that’s. Why? I think this is even more of an awesome deal because it is the chassis plus, the body um, okay, so very cool. I actually was not sure if it came with the wheels but i’m glad to see that it’s there. But you can see the uh the tub here. Very nice uh feels flexible, but still very sturdy and stable here’s a shot of the wheels that comes with and not the same design in the picture, but not a problem uh same color, though, and everything comes in parts and bags kits.

I have not done an mst kit yet, but i’m excited to have at it. I do love building these rc’s uh. My favorite two kits at this point in time are the traxxas trx 4 sport kit and also the g maid komodo double cab kit. That was also a very cool one. I’Ve assembled a couple tamiya tt01 and tt02 kits, which are not too bad either. You just kind of need to get into the flow yourself, but i will be jumping into this as soon as i get a window of opportunity to. But this is pretty much the parts that you receive to build this kit and then for the rest of the body you do get. They give you a different, uh front bumper and light option. I do uh prefer the uh the base, one right here, so we’ll see or no i’m sorry. This is actually for uh. If you want to hook up lights, i think so very cool um, so you’ll you’ll do you will need to fit this but it’s cool that they give this to you, so that you can install a light system which i actually might do if i can get Myself to but also comes with the side mirrors and the spoiler so um again, i think this feels and is coming out to be a pretty high quality kit and again. This is their base kit right here um. This is a rear motor. Mount uh belt drive, um, rear, wheel, drive, drifter and the difference between the fxx, which i thought was really cool, and this was a 2.

0 s, so it does come with a slightly more adjustable um adjustability than the base model kits do, but fxx is actually a Front engine uh two rear wheel, drive uh chassis, which i thought was really cool as far as simulating scale goes um and it is a shaft driven versus the belt drive. I don’t know what the difference or how it will be um. But here you could take a look: the motor mounts, uh straight and then the shaft drive to the rear, uh axle, which i think is pretty cool and here’s the uh rmx, which is probably uh. I believe the most popular mst drift kit at this point or rear wheel drive drift kit, but you can see rear motor mount. They have a upper mount and a lower amount for lower cg or a lower center of gravity if for just setup purposes, but it is rear, drive, rear motor rear, wheel, drive um. So i did i. This was the first one i picked up because i found the deal. I was only able to find these fxx kits without the body and they are running for over 200 um. I got really lucky and a buddy of mine referred me to asiatees.com. I saw a bunch of rc’s, including motorcycles, and they had this one on sale, uh for 179.99 and even with the shipping it came out to like 215 bucks, uh shipped uh, no tax and uh really happy and really excited about this.

So this will be uh. I’Ll do an unboxing of this in the next video um and, in the meantime, i’m gon na try to get this thing assembled and it works out because i’m still waiting for my electronic setup right now, which i’m still deciding uh. If i’m, just going to run a brushed motor or if i’m, going for the censored uh brushless setup, but i figured because these are uh – two very nice rear wheel, drive drift kits. It would be cool to to throw in a nice electronic setup in these two.