That was a fiasco. Uh it’s my first time doing magnetic body mounts um. If you’re new to the channel, i hate lexan man that was uh yeah, i had the 110 rod shot paint this body for me matches my specific i had in high school and color matched it to the picture i had um. I always wanted to do some kind of bronze wheel on this color. I thought it would look good. These are what brand these are engine. I don’t know super rim, they’re really cool two piece wheels that are adjustable offset, found them on ebay, and i put the wide ones in the front because this is going to be a front wheel. Drive drag car problem. Is these wheels are pretty much drift? Tire only and i’ve got an mst wheel or tire just sitting on there. It’S not held in place tight, so definitely not going to work for what we’re doing. But i, like the color combo um. I had some issues with the body mounts getting them glued on. In the right location, the body had indentations for the holes to drill for the post, and once you get hot glue on there, you can’t see where that is so. It was just kind of eyeballing had to move them a couple times. I scratched the paint a little bit. It was not a fun experience, so it’s there and it’s pretty well centered. It took me a couple times adjusting it.

I got the mirrors on. I was hoping to do this. This body came with really nice light. Buckets and uh dustin gave me a light controller and the right size leds, but i don’t have a soldering iron, so i won’t be using those right now. I have to uh bribe him to wire that up for me, but uh yeah i’m, not really digging the way. This body fits this chassis. Now these are both mst products. The chassis was cool, went together, simple, the suspension is just stupid, simple there’s, no dampeners there’s. Just little springs no camber adjustments, which is kind of bad for a honda, so i got it. I put it on the body sets about a quarter inch higher than the bottom of the chassis, the bottom of the body here i hate that i hate that, when tamiya stuff does that that’s, why i sold the had that jagermeister porsche on the ta02. That body stuck down the chassis stuck down way below the body i hated it, couldn’t run it. I still don’t have a body for that chassis, so uh yeah, this one’s doing the same thing, and i don’t understand why it. If i had camber, i could make it work where the tires tucked in a little better, but i don’t know with i mean these are pretty much zero offset on the back and they’re rubbing with the full travel suspension. Now i can raise the body up, but then more more of the chassis is going to be hanging down below so i don’t know.

I was experimenting here a little bit off camera with some. Maybe some skinny drag wheels for the back. These are very not the right thing, um and some really really wide front tires, which i don’t know where it went. Oh here it is on a very offset bronze wheel which looked horrible on there i’m, not going to show you that, but so i don’t know what to do. Um got some more exp experimenting to do this chassis would not work for making a little stance car. Like i really want to just mock up and do because you’ve seen the pictures, my civic in high school was air bagged and it would tuck an inch of the stock 13 inch wheel in the rear and most of the tire in the front just laid out And this chassis is unable to do such, but we’re gon na make a drag car out of this chassis. I don’t know if it’ll have this body, i don’t know if it’ll stay in the front wheel drive configuration, i don’t know nothing everything’s up in the air. Anything is possible and we’ll see what happens that’s my little civic build. Let me know in the comments where you want to see this thing go other than in a straight line really fast and uh.