We are going to do a very small car review and it is these right here. These are blocky mazda, rx7 special initial d made by kid 112 scale and were going to be doing a full car review of this. So you want to know more about it. Come join, but she us together, Music, me Music. So what exactly is initial d? A lot of younger viewers may know this from uh the video games that you play in the arcade, or perhaps the animation, but originally in 1995 it was a manga. Now this is the first issue of the initial d manga in japan. Uh. Maybe you might not have seen it heres some couple of pages on it, and this was started in 1995 by shuji shiano, a popular manga artist and author, who was very influenced and inspired by the toge or mountain pass illegal street racing scene that was prevalent in The 80s and the 90s, the main character here known as takumi fujira, was an 18 year old, high school student who got somehow into street racing and borrowed his fathers toreno a86, which was already a popular car used for street racing and drifting back then, and battled Many different characters um using different different cars such as also the rx7 and this uh skyline gtr, civic type, r and lots of evolution, as you can see here in this book, which well probably talk about later on how it showcases a lot of the uh initial D characters and the real machines.

Now, of course, this had the influence on uh, the general public, about the identity and performance of 90 sports cars, and that franchise also made a lot of different different products. Uh, including mini cars and today were gon na to looking at a new collectible that came out last year made by keda a chinese company that also specializes in the sort of block building technology, something like legos technique. That is a very highly detailed model, and it also has the all important official licensing from mazda motors and also kodansha, which is a 25th anniversary product and are available online through cada and many other different websites and were gon na be looking at just the construction And reviewing uh the model itself, so lets have a look now. The amount of details thats gone into this kit is pretty impressive, and fans will be pleased to know that when they open the box, you can see two big panels of illustrated artwork of the character case kitakashi and his later version project. The fd3s over here. The real skate takahashi version over here is the later uh project d from the fifth stage, and you can see here in the background the uh, turnpike sky, lounge and theres later version fc3s Music. So the instruction booklets comes in three different books and lets have a look at the first page. It gives you more beautiful illustrations that come straight from the panels of the manga fujiwara again its a 86 torino ryosuke takashi is fc3s.

Okay, sketchup machines, fd3s right here of some interesting panels from the original, japanese, manga and takeshi nakazato in his skyline gtr r32. Uh kate has only made four models of these, and basically they also have some other small sizes and also interesting character. Ones were going to show you now looking here at the instruction booklets. It is really interestingly easy to understand, because there are no words or only references with the actual part numbers. Now here is the indication for the plastic bags, which are numbered like this. So you cant actually go wrong all the parts that are needed to make. This section are in this plastic bag, and it describes here uh with the shape you have to match the shape and its very easy to follow directions or what you should do in order. We found it pretty straightforward, um assembling all of these pieces for vocals. Well, actually, our nominee was the one who actually assembled a majority of them. So a special thanks goes to her for a lot of our hard work in filming and also making these models possible. Now, just in case, you might think youre missing some parts here at the last page of the third book is every part thats included in the kit and how many pieces that are actually present with so lets have a look at the model itself, and here we Are the completed 112 scale k, dub, mazda, rx, 7 initial d version just to give you an idea of how big this actually is here is a tomica 164 scale model right next to it.

The model itself is 35 centimeters long by 14, centimeters wide and it comes in an optional kit included with a stand, and you can take it on and off in the official plate here as well, and its very impressive looking even for a blocky model for a Car that is originally curvy. What we like is also the stickers that come along with it. Here is the original japanese market on the anfini badge logo and the japanese number plate, goomba 41 and with five actually six numbers uh, which reflects the anime appearance in the legends and also the all important red suns sticker here uh you dont have to put it If you dont want the initial diversion in the rear, we also have the very accurate rx7 emblem sticker and also the antennas ticket. Now the tail lights here are not functional. Lets take this off the stand and check some of the details, so lets look at some of the functions and features of the model. What we like is the suspension, which is actually a real coil spring design. Now this rubber is actually hold the steering mechanism together, along with these gears, which, with the additional kit once its inside this part, i can actually turn into an rc car. The rear has a double wishbone working suspension with actual coil springs, rubberized tires and wheels, which look kind of like the ones from the spirit. Are the doors do open all the way like this, and you can see also the interior, which have made some effort to make it different from car to car, and also the in red seats which reflect the earlier model.

The dashboard and the instrument cluster also seems to be taken from the real car, and not only that uh. You can also open the rear here, like this and interestingly theres, a bottle of nos which i think, of course it was never used in the initially anime and some trunk space, but whats. The most interesting feature is that the front opens up the bonnet, so you can choose whether they have the lights, uh up or down. So, of course, do be careful when youre opening these things. It is a block after all, and it will come loose if you dont take care now heres the engine room which theyve gone into some detail in putting uh the features of the rotary engine. Stick it down here and the mechanism which resembles a couple of the real parts like the air filter and a couple of gear mechanisms here which are connected to the optional motor, the overall shape, even though it is a block shape. Looking in here, like this, theyve made some effort to actually incorporate some of the curves of the real car by making the door uh slightly at an angle. With these sort of really cleverly designed uh levers. Putting it at an angle and giving that slight impression of the curviness of the actual fd uh down here dont be alarmed is on done on purpose in order to make the sloping front. In fact, it moves a little bit a little incomplete here with the fenders to replicate the smooth going down lines of the fd3s.

A lot of effort taken into some of the details are also on the width of the bonnet, and you can see here very gentle curves uh, with these kind of curved blocks and the door mirrors, which of course, are supposed to be stuck on the doors and Not uh the windshield side, interestingly down here uh, we can see that theyve just chosen to make it rather flat, but rx 7, which has a curved rear windscreen, are featured um with this kind of interestingly curved inward and curved sharply onto the corners here. It doesnt really open that. Well, the real tail lights, um yeah, do kind of resemble uh. The fds are very shapely curving. You can see they put more rounded blocks on this part here as well. The rear wing, which can be interchanged for the project d version and also the muffler, which you know just in appearance, gives you that feel that hey this. This is an rx7 of course, lets look at the fc. Now, of course, the fc being an 80s model is much more blocking, therefore easier to shape with blocks, and it has the same red suns sticker on the rear, very important. Interestingly, the grade of takashi ryosukes car were not sure if its the gtx, so they decided to go with the catalog gtx over here and for some reason, the gt limited over here. But what we like in the front uh is the mazda emblem uh, which is actually recessed on the real car, and these pop up lights can actually be operated as spring loaded, unlike the ones in the fd.

So lets have a look at how to actually get these headlights out in the passenger door. You open it up. Glove box opens up like this and theres actually a lever that you press and headlights actually open. Very very nice small feature thats incorporated into this fc. Rather than the fd going to the rear, this resembles much more like the fc3s correctly fonted stickers here, savannah rx7 and the huge master and then over here also a small trunk lit key opener sticker right here. Uh, the squareness of the original car makes it easy for block designers to make this look very. Very much like real car rear also opens up rear, hatch and again another nice bottle down here. For some reason, the curved rear, windscreen also represented by the curve design angle, transfer and block since the doors are more straight in the real car. Nice of them to add the door handles as a separate block down here. Its more simple, the interior. With the original seats, also of a different design, whats also impressive – is the actual cockpit design also follows very closely to the fc 3s model. Now its the same, underneath here, the exact same design of the rear, double wishbone type, suspension and the front a single arm, or also were going to look at some details here in the frame construction, which is very impressive uh. The designers have really considered how to increase the chassis rigidity even for a block model like this.

You can see here uh long plates incorporated with many different long blocks, and it took some time to construct all of these. But once everything was put together, we were whether they would just fall apart, but just even holding the model like that. It doesnt actually flex at all all these pieces actually hold the suspension and wheel mechanisms really really well and because the designs of these clips actually snap on theyre, not just simple press in type blocks. Now here, if we took a look at the roof, uh and the windscreens and these are sort of generic, but where does this come from so we removed the bonnet and the windscreen to show you the inside working mechanism of the kedar model? Now, turning the steering wheel here, you can see its connected by these different gears, uh, which in turn moves the steering wheel realistically, its very clever mechanism, and here we can take a close look at how the lever for the pop up headlights work. If you give this a hard press, it actually pop ups like that very clever design of the different uh levers and mechanical parts uh. Once this center party is removed and replaced by the motor, it actually drives the steering um through these gears down. Here you can see it on this side as well, and interior has the gear shift and the center console with the stickers that make it look like a lot like the real car, which is really plus point and also even a nice hand, brake lever mechanism, which Is on the right side, uh of the model, which is also on the rear car.

Some rear seats down here, uh, which is a very nice realistic sold separately, are also action, figure blocks of the main characters we have here. The takashi brothers case gay ryosuke course main character, takumikujiwara natsuki monkey and interestingly kyoji sudo, who isnt one of the main characters which they had the car made. There was no lancer evolution. Three, maybe theyre gon na make it one uh, but we were surprised not to see nakazato in that here are their characters, uh its blocked figures and theyre eight to nine centimeters tall, a lot of detail, especially in the clothing very interestingly uh as it is like They appear in the series. The hairstyle was also very intricately done for each character and their style, even though its a block figure a lot of effort put into making this a very official looking uh product that you can actually use as a playset. As you can see in this illustration, it actually fits in the car and gives a well rounded feel to being immersed in the anime and the series rather than just having the cars. A special mention to the very cutesy eyes, which kind of do look like yeah. How it is depicted in shigerus style of drawing so these are available at about 30 dollars uh they also separately, and of course each of them is the official podcast sticker. So dont worry, it is official, so we hope you enjoyed that little review of the keda 112 scale, uh rx 7 fd and fc threshold im going to show you another little souvenir from the initial the collection – and this is a sports towel with the fujiwara tofu.

Then, from takumis 86 of your collector, maybe this would be interesting. So let us know in the comments uh, if you like us to review other mini cars or toys, are related to cars. Ive got a lot back here by the way, oh, and also maybe this tvl and tomica limited vintage, neo, fd3s rx7 early version, a very, very highly detailed uh.