One of the upgrades is going to be this lot here, which is basically i’m just going to do these so i’m, getting disc, brake conversion kits, which will go like this, which will look really nice on the rc car when it’s all finished and done so. I’Ll have a lot better brakes on the car so i’m not going to have any more issues with the car running away, hopefully so that’s one part of my birthday present. This is exactly the same because i’ve got the front and i’ve got the rears for it and i’ve gone for the mechanical ones, because i’ve seen people with the hydraulic ones having a problem bleeding the brakes upon so i’ve gone for the mechanical ones, um new receiver, Because, after my car ended up doing a runaway and it ended up in a river, so it fried my receiver so that’s another thing that i’ve got to solve and new throttle brake linkage as well, because the old one on the car which i put away at The moment away at the moment, um, but basically the guy that built the fifth scale when he put the throttle linkage on the section here, had got more bends on the brake arm. So my throttle kept jamming open so i’m replacing that to eliminate that copper. So that’s going to be another video for youtube when i start installing. All of these hope everybody’s having a fantastic day, um i’m having a really good day.

Thank you to my wife, and also i will give a shout out in a moment to the other people that has made my birthday just a little bit more special right now, the big box. Now this one, i have to say a humongous. Thank you to john robinson rc, as well as um banggood, because banggood and john robinson rc did a prize giveaway on john robinson’s youtube site and one of the prizes, which was this, which is called a desert, eagle remote control, suv series it’s, the eachine et e8004 I’Ve never had an electric rc before so i’d, be intrigued to see how well these really handle and see what they’re all about so let’s dig into this one. Now i have already opened this side of the box just so that it makes life a little bit quicker now these are on banggood’s site and they are selling at 200 and which, in my eyes, is a good price, really good price. So this is a controller with adjustable steering. So if you want to use it that way, you can, if you’re right handed for the throttle and left hander for your steering, you can change it over there and one thing i did notice on the back here, which john did point out, which is for you’ve, Got two settings for the controller and the speed of the car you’ve got a child setting and then you’ve got a adult setting, so i’ve got to charge the battery and then make sure everything’s all working okay, so let’s pull the car out spare wheel.

For it comes with the charger as well, so it’s got everything that you’re going to need. It’S got a few other little bits in a bag here which looks like axle parts and drive pins in that bag. All right, it is low at the moment, because i’ve got to cut these cable tires off, but it also comes with the instruction manual as well and on the back. It’S got some tools and some more gears in there as well as you can see, and some other little bits which i’ll have to have a look at very shortly. I need a pair of scissors, so we can get these cable ties off that’s. The back one it’s got some travel on that suspension, wow that isn’t impressive, throwing electric and it’s made out of metal, so it’s, very, very durable, and then this front end will stand up in a second like so wow that’s got some good suspension very impressed and Then you’ve got a spare wheel section here, so that would sit on there, like so um Music there so take it. That will be charging cable there and then connect these two up together here. Another wire, these two all joined together so basically it’s. Like so turn the car away, where’s the power button for this – i am new to this, so you just have to bear with me a little bit because i’m, a bit unsure of where the power button is look for that um.

This is a 112 scale as well, so it’s a bit of a rock crawler rock bouncer tight car, really good stitch suspension on that really good. So yeah happy days so i’m gon na get this charged up and then i’m going to do a little video of it running around and see how it holds up until the next video. Please, if you wouldn’t mind subscribe like share, if you want to as well and hopefully i’ll do some more videos and i’ll do a video of this when i take it out so until then, thank you very much and love and peace to everybody.