This is actually my dad’s joke so now i’m going to show you my dad’s junk, which is maybe a little more odd than before, that’s weird. So i bought this for my dad, a good seven or eight years ago. It used to be a lossy mini and uh. It has an. I believe this is an x trail, an x trail, chassis, stock transmission, stock axles and everything it’s just a different chassis, with some different wheels and tires i’m. Not i don’t love it. I think some of it’s really weird, but it is what it is it’s still pretty cool we’ll start off with the body. This body, i believe, is from an m chassis like a tamiya m chassis like a mini cooper and the bus, and everything like that and all the front wheel drive things. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but i bought this i’m pretty sure off. Rc crawler. I bought it off the for sale for them it is uh. Really nice it’s got a handmade grille. This is not one of the like pro lines or anything like that. This is way before that and it’s small. I think the wheelbase on this thing is like 10 inches or something like that. It’S tiny, hang on sorry whew base is 9 inches. This guy is little that’s what she said, but it’s really cool. The body has uh like all the details on it. Someone’S done insteyrene, you can kind of see how everything’s kind of 3d looking.

So all the details, like the turn signals and the hood hinges and the door hinges and the door uh door latch. The tailgate latch all has some depth to it. So it’s not just a sticker slapped on it, it’s it’s, actually pretty nice. The only thing that we’ve really done well that i didn’t even do that was done when i got it was this chassis and i don’t remember if it came with wheels, i don’t think it came with wheels, but the tires were one: nine rc four wheel drive Uh trail stoppers, i think the ones that kind of look like super swampers when you sand down the weird like cup, looking thing on the tread but that’s what they were and they were cut down, a couple of them are nice. A couple of them are passable even for today to where i would run them. The other two are not not so much. One of them looks like a practice run and if anyone ever comes across this – and you know this – was your old truck or whatever i’m not trying to be a dick i’m just saying one of them doesn’t for what i can get now it’s just you know It is what it is, but i do like what sucks is the one nine was a little wider than what you can get in a one five, so they’re real squatty, my uh, my dad actually used to race samurais in tough trucks, Music Applause.

He had one of them was the super swamper. I think they were like 29s, but they were decently wide, and these kind of look like that they’re, like probably this wide but they’re, only like this tall, so they’re super cool, but they just uh they’re, just they’re. Just not i don’t know if they hold together plus now, they’re old they’re, the older uh rc4 wheel, drive compound and it’s just they’re, just not worth messing with really i’ll, probably use them as a spare or something. But i think what we’re going to do is he bought some 155 wagon wheels and we’ll probably get some 155 prolines, or maybe the one five rc4 wheel drives and the newer compound that are a little nicer. I have to decide what size i really want on this thing right now. It has these just they’re, just china, like rock crusher kind of looking things, almost look like flatirons and rock crushers had a baby, but we used these for our derby cars to when we went to one specific track where the it was almost like running on dust. You had to run really tall tires because, as soon as you got on it, you’re digging holes and that that terrain was terrible if you’re watching this, you know who you are, the show is terrible compared to dirt and asphalt. It is what it is: it’s still fun to a point: uh it just whatever. So anyway, these tires we had to run on some uh derby car stuff.

These never got ran uh. My dad mounted these up and then never ran them anywhere. So they got on this just to kind of hold it up. They have way too much positive offset. They basically hit as soon as the wheels turn, but they do their job for right now. So we’ll get the 155s all mounted up and put them on here and once again, this thing really just needs. It needs a speed, control, a small, little tiny battery, a receiver and a rear body mount because the front was already done and some bumpers. I guess i can make it some bumpers, real quick, but it really just needs a body mount in the rear and then some electronics and you’d pretty much be sitting and you can kind of see be sitting like that. Roughly, i mean obviously it’s a little off but that’s what this is so one more down, and i think we’ve just got a couple to go that’s all for this one uh. Let me know if you guys want to see more of this quicker. If you see any of these things – and you want to see them faster, just comment on that video and say hey: why don’t you do something on this real, quick and i can put everything else on the back burner if it’s just going to take like this. Just doing some body mounts real fast or you know something else. So just let me know but just know.

I appreciate you watching every time uh. I don’t really make a whole lot of money at this, but it is nice to know that at least someone’s watching and i’m not doing it just pissing in the wind. So you guys have a good day.