So, stick around let’s unbox, the three slot cars and there’s a couple other goodies in there for me to show off so let’s get stuck into my latest slot card delivery, Music. So welcome back to another delivery. Unboxing and i’ll. Tell you what this one’s going to be epic, so thank you, armchair, acer for sending me the slot cars and the goodies, but let’s start it for the goodies whatever they sent me. Well, i love stickers. I love apparel, i love hats and this sex digital polo shirt was a complete surprise but absolutely cool. I love this polo, so thank you guys. I will wear it in future videos, but i have to chuck it on now because it’s, a really cool part. I like red, so thanks guys and i’m laughing, and i tell you why they’ve sent me two retro uh, hats, carrera and ninco. Now the reason i’m laughing i did put these on and it wouldn’t make for good filming. So i look like a dork, but thank you guys. This stuff will make its way on my shelf somewhere. I do collect this stuff, really appreciate it now stickers. I love stickers. So what have they sent me? A carrera banner sticker in silver, really cool light. The silver – but this is really really cool – it’s a skeletric edge sticker, so it can sit on the edge of your display cabinet or you can make a base where you’ll have a skull electric car on display.

So i will use that in the future. That is really really cool. Thank you guys. I appreciate that, but this is epic, a huge, huge, carrera banner style sticker, which i will definitely use in the future because i’m going to build a recording and sound area, so i’ll be enclosed, very soon, dark, blacked out and better sound. So when i do reviews it’s, more professional and this kind of stuff i’ll be able to use to dress up that little area that i’m going to be sitting in. But what are these slot cars, and i did say i’ve – got an exclusive and a first for me. Let’S start off with the first for me and it is a thunder slot. You may or may not have heard of this brand it’s an italian brand, but i am blown away by the detail of this mclaren. It looks beautiful, so this is the mclaren alva mark one from 1965, but the detail on this car is absolutely incredible. This is a first for me: i’ve never had a thunder slot on this channel we’ll do a review in the future. So thank you arbitration. I really appreciate that. What is this exclusive? Well i’ve got a lot. I’Ve got two let’s say two exclusives. This one’s definitely exclusive it’s, a australian release only, i believe, and it’s scalar trick c4214. The jaguar xjs bathurst 1985 race car beautiful, looking livery. This will sell out fast and, to my knowledge, there’s only 1500 of these being sold in australia only so that is definitely an exclusive slot car and i cannot wait to review that, which will be my next review, beautiful, looking slot car.

So thank you guys. I appreciate it but i’m really excited about this. One and i’ll tell you why this is going to make for a really good review. I’Ve gone 124, crazy and i’ve reached out and i’ve asked for a 124, and this is absolutely epic. This is carrera’s 2’08. The lola t70 mark 3 b, what an absolute wicked looking locker – and this is digital – these are these are huge. 124 has blown my mind so it’s digital, but what makes this review going to be really really cool they’ve also sent me a plug and play motor. This is a 12 volt, 124 scale motor. The reason this is a good idea. I do run digital and evolution, but i’ve only got a standard. 14 volt power supply. These cars love 18 volt that’s, the recommended vault to run – and i don’t have that. So i will run this on my standard power, but then i’ll do an engine swap and see as an option. If you don’t have the power or the voltage to run these normally here’s another motor, you can run that will run at 14, volt or 12 volt, which will get your max out of this car. Really cool review can’t wait to do it, epic size, another 124 and the reason i said, it’s a semi exclusive. I believe there’s, some carrera cars not being sold in the usa. I think this is one of them. I could be wrong, i’ve been told it is if i am wrong apologies, but i believe this is not being sold in america so for your americans, let’s have another quick look at that and again i am loving 124.

So, thank you very much armchair racer there’s, a couple of firsts in here for me, some really good reviews coming up. This will be my next review i’m going to postpone other ones, because i want to get that out.