I thought i’d do a quick unboxing of my uh losi lmt gravedigger. I know there’s a million of them out there already i’m, not gon na, go into all the details about the model because you know it’s everywhere out there already, but i thought i’d do quick, unboxing just to show you mine, let’s, see if we can get this Puppy open, okay, one of the great things about this model is it’s a one tenth but it’s much bigger than most 110 models, because it is a monster truck nice little sound there let’s peel the plastic. Oh yeah, the smell of a new rc always smells so wonderful. I don’t know if you can see this in the vid i’ll try to center this up. As best as i can. I did get one of the ones with the crooked stripe that uh go veers way off to the left. There uh for a lot of people, that’s not gon na, be a problem at all they’re gon na bash it not even care but uh. I do plan to have you know at least uh one nice display body and uh. I had already previously opened this and discovered that i had the the misprinted body and i contacted horizon, and they were very, very cool about it. They got me another body in the mail asap and they understood why i was upset and i mean, for you know, regular purposes. I wouldn’t even care because uh, you know i’m gon na have fun with it.

But i did want a nice display body and you know you’re paying all this money and you expect a certain amount of you know quality with it, and they totally understood that and put me a body in the mail asap and i’m pleased to report that the Second body, while not perfect, is much much better and it is acceptable, so i’ll be using this as a bash body and i’ll have the other body for display. So that’s great – and i thought it was very cool of horizon to uh – treat me really good like that and uh. I was very pleased about that. So that was great good on you horizon and uh. I know there’s a lot more of them out there, because i’ve already seen a few other videos with people having the same exact problem like i said for a lot of people. They could care less because they’re just going to be bashing them anyway, but there are going to be a certain amount of people who are collecting them and uh and or displaying them, and they want a perfect body. So i totally understand that too, and they do too so that’s great uh let’s see. I also have an x max that i have to get opened up same problem with it. It’S uh i i have minimal space to do this in and those are. These boxes are just huge, but uh let’s see what else comes with it.

Of course, we got the uh other box, which i’m assuming would have the remote and so forth, and so on. Yes, this is the newer spectrum dx3, which, by all accounts, is way better than the other ones that they were putting in the earlier horizon. Models so i’m very pleased about that. This one, you know, even has the telemetry for the battery and stuff, which is a nice bonus, and here is the manual some spare parts and they even included batteries for the uh transmitter, which is very, very cool. Also uh one of these extra uh extra long battery straps, i believe, to fit on the thicker batteries very nice i’m, not seeing any stickers. Let me check it’s, always nice when they throw a few stickers in but i’m, not seeing any in this bag. Like being that, it was a themed truck that was branded, they probably didn’t see the need to put in any extra stickers, but i thought it would be pretty cool to have a couple of glossy stickers. But oh well, not a big deal. Anyways uh that’s the gravedigger she’s, a beauty, i’m gon na really enjoy uh taking her out this spring and giving her some rips and uh we’ll catch. You soon stay tuned, i’ll be doing the x max soon and getting it unboxed and uploaded as well.