Welcome back to channel welcome back to rc vlog. This is the new rc. Vlog were only gon na. Do super exciting stuff. So lets take a look at some of these cars. Real quick. When i say some of these cars, i am talking about the cars that we got out of the storage unit the other day, so these are all the ones i actually went through these to make sure they were okay and ready to run. I had to add a receiver, a transmitter and receiver. That thing, because look at this, this was the transmitter that came on it. I got ta show you this. So look at this see this piece right here. What like theres, no spring thing on one side, so it wouldnt hold the last battery. This remote would not turn on, so i have to throw a receiver in there. You can kind of see it as tqi receiver. Our tq receiver so were running a traxxas receiver. On that associated card were going to test that out um. This thing is ready to test. Basically, i just have to take the topper receiver out and put a regular receiver in and then look at this, the protoform bag, and here we have sorry guy. We have the ford gt, were gon na drive this thing also because this thing is just awesome, i kind of already drove it anyways we got ta, go to the storage unit and find this piece, so i started tearing all through this.

This is the box that all those pieces went to im gon na sell this car im not going to uh im, not going to run it im, going to take the servo out of it and sell it, but its missing this receiver cover its not in there. So we got to go to the storage unit and find it because cant sell it without that. Without that thing, evan whats up bud all right. Q tip is gon na drive. This car go pull that body off for me bud uh. This is the latrax rally. So this is how you know this little tracks rally is really old. Is look at that connector right there. They call that the molex connector also known as tamiya connector uh. They dont even make that connector on that rally anymore yeah. One good thing is: is this does bind to a regular tq radio, so i had a spare tiki radio, so were gon na drive that thing or evans gon na drive that thing i am gon na drive this. I just wan na make sure this runs. I dont wan na beat it up too much because it is like new. This things never been run outside, so i dont know well see all right guys driving this thing. I got to put this balance plug in here. I want to get it all tore up. All right here we go. Oh my god. Of course, theres got to be someone mowing the grass across the street got ta, be there.

We go. Oh, oh god, the front, the the front part of this truck its so big its got so much there. We go evan finally driving the rally: oh the steerings backwards, dang it i dont know how to i dont know how to change that right now, off top of my head dang, are you driving it reverse? No, i dont want to drive. Oh god, look at how much the body moves around, so these things are super fun, but definitely more fun on a super smooth track, evans driving that with reverse steering all right guys. So i got some good news and some bad news. The good news is reversing the throttle and this the channels on this radio is super easy um. The other good part is, i brought out so many ramps because yeah we got to make it a little more exciting, but the bad part is. I already hit the ramps and i already broke it all right. We got her fixed. She shes actually really really fast. I do plan on giving this car away. I was gon na. Let evan have some fun with it. First, i cant hit this double without flipping. Over im gon na hit it real fast see what happens. But yes, these are cool little cars. Again, you can tell its all because it has that molex connector. Oh, oh, oh, oh, my god! Where did it go? That thing literally went under like oh, my gosh seriously, look who has to pull up right now seriously, though im not going to stop until i hit this double.

But yes, these are fun, and this is on nickel meter hydride. It is not lipo 6 cell. I think this the stock battery is a 5 cell. Why cant i land it. I mean im landing it after i do. Basically, i cant control the pitch in mid air and as soon as that, back the back tires hit and wants to donkey. Kick well. Try one more time: oh almost cleared it. We need a little more speed. No come on, come on, ah yeah, not a bad little car. The main thing is: it works right, um yeah. I did it. You see that i did it all right, but yeah the most important thing is: it works its fast, its fun and its gon na go to a good home, so make sure did it again perfectly. Oh, that was not perfect two times in a row. Basically, you cant hit it full throttle it just donkey because its too much there you go yeah yeah. These are fun guys. All right lets drive lets drive the the euro truck. You know what no we wont i was gon na. I was gon na park. The car in the middle and see, if you know, were gon na, do it anyways well see if we can jump over there. So, yes, the euro truck, is also fun but again its its got. This huge cab in the front, so it makes it extra heavy. Oh, we are jumping over this thing for sure were going to clear it too god.

This is a like perfectly brand new. Oh man were gon na clear hold on. I got ta line up to it. Lets see. Oh there we go yeah, we jumped it. Oh man, we got ta, get him closer. Look at that lets see lets go right here. Man talk about some click bait 18 wheeler jumps over rally. Car lets see if we get it the other way. Oh no, all right here we go Music. I dont know. If i went over at that time its hard to line up with it – oh that was perfect. Oh it is so awesome. Oh my god guys. I got a great idea check this out. Music, all right, most importantly, aside from the cool jumps, both these cars run really well the front of this cab, its a little loose again, its just the nature of the car, but i feel like its a little bit more loose than mine. I think i need to reinforce a little bit more, but great car great car that ones getting given away make sure you subscribe turn the notification bell. Uh youll see when that gets given away soon. This one is probably gon na stay in the fleet, because i just think these tamiya euro trucks look so freaking cool, plus im gon na try to get that class going again because its cheap and fun i mean come on guys. I have to do it its a truck its a semi, its supposed to be pulling stuff, in this case its got a car loaded on the back all right.

One last thing before we put these things up: Applause, that didnt go as bad as i thought it would all right guys. We got two more to test. We have the drift car, which evan calls it the dk car because he thinks hes a drift king and then we got the ford gt super excited about both of these i did drive the ford gt and its super cool check. This thing out its so clean. Look, i took all the stickers off, so he had a whole bunch of his brand stickers on there. I took all the stickers off clean the body up real, quick uh. I think i think he had a deans connected to it. I ended up putting the traxxas connector back on the dk car is brand spanking new. I mean its never hit the cement its about that the cement um. But yes, we are gon na. Do it all right here we go. I set up a little agility course. Oh, my god, evan is drifting away. I set up a little dont knock dont ruin my course. Yet just so, we can uh see how this thing handles, because it does handle pretty good. I think the ive said this before the xl5 is perfect in this car, but look at – oh god, i know its far, but it looks so sweet handles so well i mean you can get full throttle on it since it has tsm super nice and it looks So freaking good, oh man, im gon na chase this car because i can that is full throttle, but were not doing a review on this car were just seeing if they work and they do work.

Lets lets see me attack. This agility course for evan destroy the whole thing. Uh, so basically, were just gon na see how it handles through this thing, whoa kind of drifty. That was some pretty sharp turns. Why did i set up the agility core so hard its like the worlds hardest agility course ever? Oh, i cant, even i cant even go across my own agility course, but it doesnt spit out that much. I guess. If you slam on the brake, it can. Oh god, i could do this all day, but yes, this car is freaking awesome, im gon na let evan drive this im not too excited about evan driving it because this body is awesome, and these are one of the bodies thats going to be collectible. So this car, i am going to keep – i think, ive said that before its just too freaking pretty to not keep uh the drift car. On the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, will be given away, but i think i want to check it out at the drift the actual drift uh track. I want to take the drift track and see how it is ive been wanting to go to a track, and all i have is the drift mini z and at least now i have something to uh drift at the drift track with it. Doesnt have enough steering throw like a a real drift car, so you know well see well make the best of it.

All right were gon na switch. Let evan do some driving with the uh the ford gt, all right, im driving drift car. Now i mean it. Drifts, i dont know anything about drifting, so, oh, i dont think im doing awful well almost hit the uh. All right were just going to do like a regular drift. Just something feels like its oh, something feels like its, maybe not really binding, but maybe uh hitting its not binding, but you can. It sounds like theres. A clicking looks like people are driving by wanting to see whats going on over here dont mind us were just playing with with toys um, but yeah. This could be fun yeah. You hear that noise. I dont know if thats just a tire, but this can be fun too. Ah, okay, so weve established that i am a dump truck at drifting, but it is fun and we are going to take this one to track im, just happy that all these work and then hopefully, whenever, whenever im done playing with this thing, one of you guys Will enjoy it? Oh, we got a car coming and im gon na drift car. I guess they they got thrown off whatever they saw this random little itty bitty car go by, but yeah theres got something. I got to figure out what it is thats thats binding in there all right. I figured out what, though, that that rattling noise was. It was the uh, the calipers, the fake little calipers inside the wheel were rubbing against the wheel.

Okay, so i got to do one good drip before we leave so lets see how this works: Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music, all right, guys, thats, good news. That means all the cars actually work. We are back in storage unit were going to pull some more stuff out of it. Make sure you subscribe to my channel turn on notification bell because youre going to want to see whats in this next pool, i dont even know whats in it im sure its going to be some more cool stuff. But i also got that big box. I stopped by the post office picked that up. I have not a clue what that is, and im super excited about what it is, because its going to be a fun surprise, so make sure you turn on notification bells watch the next upcoming videos, because theyre going to be a lot of fun.