So um here we are today recording a couple of videos. Hope you guys are well and good. Now i figured i would start today. This is the first video that i’ve recorded of 2021 um, just by doing a little workshop tour and just to show you guys, my little collection show you guys what i’ve got and where the channel is going in the future. Back in march last year, i returned to the hobby after a couple of years break and i was fully enthusiastic about getting back into it and i recorded about 18 weeks videos in advance, because i had lots and lots of time on my hands. Then that time sort of went a little bit and then uh didn’t have quite as much time those 18 weeks worth of videos ran out. Hence why we’ve just had a couple of weeks gap but i’m actually recording this on the sunday. The day that you guys are gon na see it, so this is fresh bang up to date. Content and uh gives us a chance just to catch up and have a look see what we’ve got going on in here. So i’m gon na grab the camera over. I forgot to charge the camera, so i need to run it plugged into an extension lead. So that’s going to be a little bit interesting, but we’ll see how we go with it. So uh let’s get right into it. Then and let’s show you what we’ve got in the uh rc collection, okay, so we’re going to start up this uh far end then, and up here i tend to keep uh some of the cars the older stuff.

You know stuff that hasn’t been used for um. A long time, some things, the guys that have sort of been hanging around on this channel for a long time will probably remember so down on the floor. There we’ve got the hpi pulse 4.6, looking a little bit sorry for itself, um it’s a bit of a classic. Now that one you can’t buy them anymore and parts are a bit difficult as well um to uh to find so that was just sat down. There could do with a little bit of a clean, but i think it’s, all in in one piece here: we’ve got a couple of hobby king planes that were sent to me several years ago now, um for review. I went through a stage where hobby king were kindly sending us stuff out, and that was a. I think that was called the fly beam it’s like a light up in the dark plane, and this one was called the sky master, both very capable planes. I do want to get the planes out again um soon, because i thoroughly enjoy the planes, although they didn’t seem to be overly popular with you guys on the channel and then down here. We’Ve got the um knight walrus i’m, only remembering the name of it, because it’s actually written on it and again that was another sort of a light in the dark plane and then sat behind. That is one that i actually bought.

This is the train star. This was a very, very good plane. It’S, a cessna style um wing on top style, plane very easy to fly. Lots of fun yeah, like i said i’d, like to get the planes out again, but the videos of them never really seemed very popular. Whenever i would upload a video of a playing people would just say to me: when are you getting the cars out again so that sort of dried up a little bit but uh? But yes, we’ve got those sat there? Okay, so up the top, then we’ve got the um, this brushless, one that was actually featured not long ago on the channel. This is a 1 8 scale short course brushless sent to us kindly by and then sitting next to that is the eternity trooper that i rebuilt i’ve not actually taken that one out yet because well i just haven’t but yeah that’s all ready to go. I rebuilt that um the series is on the channel. If you want to check that out, i uploaded it a couple of months ago over there in the corner, we’ve got the ftx toro. Interestingly, it’s now actually called the zorro i’m, not entirely sure why. But if anybody does know why they decided to change the name of that, please let me know because for some reason, they’ve now changed it to the the zorro but yeah a really nice car, the ftx range they’re, very, very good for beginners and excellent parts availability As well, next to that, we’ve got this beautiful, looking hpi firestorm.

Now again, this is another one that i rebuilt not long ago. It had a brand new engine, a new set of wheels new body, shell, new exhaust it’s, pretty much immaculate and i’m gon na hang on to that, because um, if hp, i do go down the pan. These hbo cars in ten years time, probably gon na, be worth quite a lot um here, we’ve got this little thing, can’t remember what it’s called i remember. It was sent to us from hobbyking it’s a little 116 scale, brushless um, then below that we’ve got the hsb warhead sat there chilling. This was sat from some other company in china. Send that to us next to that we’ve got the absence. 81Bl. Now i actually forgot that i had this um car uh, but yeah. This was a little brushless car that i ordered for. I bought this from modelsport uk many years ago and i haven’t had it out. I don’t know if it still works, but uh looks in one piece but yeah, so we’ve got that one sat in there and then next to that we’ve got the uh. The other rebuild that i did years ago. This was like the last series that i did when i came back the time before last and we rebuilt that it’s got a brand new engine in it, although i seem to think it might be missing a pull start. I don’t know: i’ll have a look in a minute down here: we’ve got the uh, this rock crawler thing again, can’t remember what it’s called, but this was also sent to us by a company uh this hsp buggy.

There we’ve got this thing. This actually came from my trip to the um rc expo in america, which was 10 years ago this year. A great experience would love to go again. Certainly won’t be going this year, though, with all what’s going on and behind there let’s see if we can get a little bit nearer. Actually is the um berserker 1 8 scale. This thing is an absolute beast, but again pass availability, for it is really really difficult. So it’s kind of one of them that i’m a little bit reluctant to um to use, because if i break it, you know i’m not going to be able to get parts for it very easily. Now these are the ones that uh, if you’ve been around for a while you’re gon na remember. This is the lotus rc t380. Who remembers that pop a comment down in the comment section below? If you remember, when i bought that that was inspired by fellow youtuber ali shanmel, who actually kind of inspired me to get into the hobby in a big way, he certainly inspired me to start youtube um down in there, can’t remember what that thing’s called and then There’S, just that peaking uh that little thing just in there i don’t even know what that’s, for. I think i bought that for spares. I nicked a load of parts off of that for that one, okay anyway, so that’s that little section um so yeah.

Quite a lot in there, those tend to be the ones that uh, certainly the ones on the bottom three shelves that probably aren’t going to get used, they’re just sort of little um. I don’t know sentimental kind of things i’ve had for a while that i don’t want to get rid of, and these ones up the top are a little bit newer, uh, which we, which we do need to um to get out. Okay, so let’s now move uh over to the left slightly so uh a bit of boring stuff here. I’Ve got these tools thanks very much to one of my viewers for buying these uh boxes. For me, they’re very, very good and i’ve just arranged all of the stuff uh with labels you can see it just makes it nice and easy, and then on the top there we’ve got some lotions and potions and all of that stuff right then back to the Cars here we’ve got the nanda racing, mb5 cracking buggy again, though, parts availability, not the easiest, um nice car great for beginners. Next to that we’ve got probably one of my favorite ones. This is the habio hyper, seven mac, 28 loads and loads of people. Ask me how i’m running a drill start on this cops engine and the answer is well, it just works. I mean i hear conflicting things on youtube. Some people say to me that it works. Some people say to me it doesn’t.

For me, it has, but do it at your own risk. Habio do say that you can’t use drill, starts on the cops engines over to the left. Then we’ve got a couple of kyosho’s. I do like kaioshows very well made this one. Is the dbx 2.0 rebuilt that one as well didn’t, i a couple of uh months ago or well, probably getting over a year ago actually and then here we’ve got the inferno neo 3.0. This was one of the new ones that i bought last year. Uh really nice car upgraded it now to a still spur gear. Hasn’T been out since definitely need to get that one out and uh get that one bashing again over to the left. Then we’ve got a couple of uh ones that i bought last year to add to the collection again, both of which would be difficult to get parts for this. One can’t remember for life. For me what it’s called i’m sure someone will remind me um, but it’s got a force, 25 engine, really nice buggy and then to the left of that we’ve got this one um it’s made by oftener and again i put a new engine in that one. I put the mac 28 engine in which i think has only just been broken in so definitely got a lot of action to uh. To do with these cars we’ve got cracking collection, definitely to make more out of them. So moving down then uh here we’ve got the thunder tiger nta4.

Now again, this is going to be a real collector’s item. These are, they do crop up on ebay and again the parts availability really really difficult to get um hold of stuff. For this i had to first time i took this out: one of the parts uh a little grub screw went missing, uh, no, it wasn’t a grub screw it’s a drive shaft and i couldn’t just buy the drive shaft. You know i had to buy a whole thing and it was a expensive. So again, one of these things is really it’s, just kind of um, a collector’s item. You know it’s, not so. Car i’d want to be bashing every weekend. It’S there it’s a cracking car, but you want to be gentle with it to the left of that we’ve got the vrx2 sent to us from banggood nice car old model parts availability is okay. Over to the left of this. One we’ve got the virus 2.0, which i replaced the engine in with this one and rebuilt it got the nice red dish wheels and then over to the left of that we’ve got the 110 scale buggy sent to us from banggood as well. I think it was okay, also on the top here, we’ve got tons and tons of um radios. Obviously, i’ve got so many cars that they all require different radios and uh. You know that you have got the option of just using one radio and or having the same receiver, but the thing is i’ve it’s kind of got to that point where it’s too late to change it now i’ve got so many cars that if i was to Buy you know 20 odd receivers.

It would cost a lot of money, so that means i end up with this massive collection of of transmitters, okay moving down a shelf, then i have to excuse that extension. Lead we’ve got the vrx1 truggy sitting under there over to the right of that. We’Ve got the beautiful, hpi trophy 4.6. I think that’s correct and that one’s a triggy as well and then over to the right of that we’ve got the herbayo hyper ss triggy. Another very very nice car, very capable. Certainly these are probably two of my favorite ones. Now, moving down onto the floor, then here we’ve got the uh hpi savage 4.6 and 4.6, no it’s, not it’s hbo savage 25, and i bought this one last year needed a couple of things. I actually bought this from one of you guys um. I haven’t actually had this one out bashing yet because i replaced the uh a couple of parts on it, but i still need to get it up and running it’s all complete, but um. I think it’s something to do with the one way bearing so need to have a look into that next to the hpi. Savage we’ve got another herbaio hyper 7.. This is the older style. Herbal hyper 7. I bought last year to the right of that. We’Ve got the ansmann terrier 2.0 featuring the beastly force 36 sized engine, which is a it’s, a cracking engine, actually it’s very, very powerful. I think if i spent a little bit more time on setting up the suspension and gears in this thing, you could probably get this to pull wheelies it’s an absolute beast, and although that engine was a nightmare to start for the first time, it’s turned into an Extremely reliable engine we might actually fire that up in a second just to the right of that um.

We need to move these boxes really um. These are a couple of things that have been sent to us from a couple of companies. I can’t even remember what this one is to be honest. Behind that we’ve got the uh, the big beast, the big daddy of the family we’ve got the um one fifth scale: petrol uh. This was bought by myself, actually from You can also buy these here. In the uk, from rc models, you can see actually i’ve bought a few parts and they’ve sent me stickers, etc on there. So i think we’re going to fire that one up, so i want to do a little video on petrol cars in just a second okay guys. So there you go. That was a little tour of the workshop. I know you guys have been looking forward to that and asking me to do it for some time now hope you enjoyed it. It was probably quite a lengthy video um. Let me know what your favorite one is of the collection and also, let me know which cars you would like me to take out most. You guys have got to understand one thing and that’s that this isn’t my full time job. I am busy outside of doing these videos and, of course, youtube is just like a secondary income and something i do in my spare time. So i don’t have time necessarily all the time to provide you guys guys with as much content as you would like.

Unfortunately, youtube just doesn’t pay um enough to make it my full time hobby as much as i would love to i just can’t. Do it so um there you go that’s the collection. Thank you guys so much for watching. Let me know what you think down in the comments section below: please remember, to subscribe, hit the notification bell and, of course, smash the like button as well. If you are not a follower of my facebook page, please check it out. Link to it is down in the description below i do, post stuff on facebook, uh, probably a little bit more than i do on youtube.