So right here is the urav cr 24, a mini crawler. I got it a little while ago um i had to get new drive shafts because they broke and they’re plastic uh. I don’t know if i want to recommend this one it’s it’s, pretty it’s, okay, i guess i’d say and then right, here’s, my redcat volcano 16.. Not i just don’t have good luck with rc cars, because i really don’t know if i like either of these things that much let’s just turn it on and test them out, for you guys. So this is max speed going over um rocks is not too hard for it. The turning radius is pretty damn bad. With this thing, but um i did break my curve, so i have stores or just online so over here i’m, going to touch on some bigger rocks. Oops, okay, let’s try a new line. If this video doesn’t get age, restricted, um comment down below what’s your favorite type of uh cars like rock crawlers, speed demons or uh bashers mine are probably crawlers, although i only have one and i’ve only gotten one before this one’s pretty good, i guess i’d say Just you have to get a couple new parts for it, because this thing breaks pretty easily. This is very high, torque, so that’s the end of this review of this little car, it’s, really small, put it in perspective. This is a 124 scale, and this is a 180 116 scale.

This thing is if it could fit in the palm of my hand, it’s uh, the remote is as big as the rc car itself. Let’S turn it off and let’s try out the uh red cat. This is gon na be really hard to film, because this thing’s fast and i’m using a big ipad. So, if quality isn’t good sorry, Music Applause – i oh – i wouldn’t recommend this version, because this is a red cat and they’re selling it for a hundred dollars and you can buy the precious version of this car from from banggood one battery or two battery for under 100 bucks, so this is really not even a good deal, but i mean it’s really bashes very well, very, very strong. The build quality is pretty good, very fast, too, just kind of disappointed, because i’ve never had a good rc car and i got some money for christmas. So this was my chance to get a good name. Brand and red cat is a pretty good name brandon and i got this, but it turns out just to be a cheap chinese like on banggood. This thing is only 60 bucks um. Well, my parents said i shouldn’t be doing rc cars anymore because they break too often, and since i don’t know much on how to fix these um, i can’t fix them and when they break i just i have to just throw them away and it sucks Applause. But i mean i guess i just have to listen to my parents: oh no it’s! Not though Music it’s, a good decent rc car.

I mean, i guess, it’s a really good uh beginner rc car whoa yeah. It was going a little backwards that time, and i don’t know why this thing does that sometimes like? I could maybe show you guys how so here’s the remote it shouldn’t be going backwards and it does that for whatever reason it. I guess this is. What concludes the video, if you want a cheap, rc car that is reliable and fun? I probably say you should get the uh ecx ruckus, although i don’t even have it, but i was looking at reviews of it that’s good um. This is an awesome little crawler that you could use inside and outside. It has like look at that. Look at that angle, this thing’s fun and cute and small um. I recommend that you just put out the more money for um a better rc car, but i have to learn from my mistakes and uh. I’Ve bought many cheap little rc cars that i was broken over the years and i guess i’m just not allowed to buy anymore, because i just can’t take care of them. But i do have two right here, so yeah um. I guess i could show you guys. Some more of this um this thing it has a two 600 milliamp, not sure this plug type, but two 600 milliamp batteries. It has a five wire servo and a hobby plus uh esc waterproof. I guess they say, but i’ve never put this in water, because i don’t want to break this um there’s, not that many parts for this little rc car that i’ve seen so far um only just some metal axles and some little drive cup things and like uh Oilfield shocks but that’s not really needed.

I don’t think um. I have to get a new servo, though, if you guys could, in my opinion you guys should upgrade um the esc and servo to a three wire and upgrade this um. The torque is very strong on here, but a weird thing i have on here, which i have no clue how to fix is whenever i go forward, it jiggles a lot for some reason, as you guys could see that the front wheel, the front wheels are jiggling. A lot for some weird reason: the remote is actually really like sensitive. So you see this remote. I just do that like barely touch it and it makes it odd noise, but i mean i guess, that’s what you you want with a crawler to have a very sensitive, remote, it’s, just so sensitive, okay and the type of remote this thing comes with. Is a 2.4 gigahertz boat, and this is how you get to the batteries. It is forged triple a’s. This is actually pretty cool, um crawlers. I would recommend you guys the uh 1 8th scale instead of this little one 124. If you really want the smallest, i think this is the best option i could get and then for this um this is the type of charging connector. This is the connector for the motor um. The motor has a heat sink on it right here: there’s the esc, receiver box, five wire servos, so you have to get the exact same servo that counter stock with this non oil filled, dampener shocks, four wheel drive and there is a metal gear inside of there.

Here’S, a remote um here’s, the bottom of the rc class metal things right here, plastic base, but this is really solid. Um there you could put lights on the front, but i took them out because they were falling off um plastic driveshafts. But what do you expect for a hundred bucks? I guess like only a red cat were to like go on their way and maybe put some metal drive shafts on both the dog bones and the front, and then maybe like give some oil dampeners and then throw in a new receiver in esc. Instead of just copy the exact same thing that i could buy for 60 dollars online, being good i’d be happy, you know, like that’d, be a good deal um. I was looking inside of here there’s a pinion gear that the pinion gear is metal, but the other gear is not metal. Um there’s the tires big knobby tires they’re. Actually pretty nice tires there’s uh, i think there’s foams inside so i guess that’s upside. These are so squishy the tires, but there are no foams but they’re, so squishy and small. We got these two. I think this is my favorite just because uh of how small it is – and i can use it inside and cheaper price and you actually get what you pay for. You know like it’s, a very solid rc little thing, but this thing just kind of just disappointed that they would do this like.

If i had a choice – and i did my research – i just got this because uh we were on my trip um. It was at us, it was out of the city, and i got this in a hobby shop uh, where they only sell red cats and uh. I thought this was a really good buy, but now that i look around, i think, a better buy than this is the arma granite voltage, which is a 1 10 scale. Two wheel, drive um or the ecx ruckus, which ecs rook is probably way better than this i’m, not sure but yeah um personal, steering and throttle on both of these. These are hobby grid, but you can so with this thing, like i said there’s, not that many upgrades for this little guy, but for this guy there’s, not many upgrades but there’s a lot of uh replacement parts. They have the shock towers. They have a battery new servo new um ac um shock towers, all that on their website, and since this is a copy of the hbx one, six eight nine, oh, you could just buy the parts from there for this one too, but i think the parts on Here is pretty universal because there’s lots of rc cars that are very much kind of like this thing. But honestly somebody has told me that it’s better, just not to know as much as i know, because, like probably whenever i buy stuff, i look like, like all reviews and videos of it and, like i find disappointing stuff about it, you know, like you just have To buy and play with it not not look up stuff without it, but that’s the thing i do, because i want to get something that i like you know.

I didn’t spend all my money for something i didn’t want, but that’s it for today’s. Video guys hope you guys have a beautiful day. Sorry this was a long video. I was just talking about how to mercy cars and if you should get them or not so yeah that’s it for today’s video um. You can actually make this thing brushless. I heard i’m not sure how i’m gon na do that. If i want to do that, because it’s gon na cost a lot so get this rsv car 100 bucks, two batteries um, you get new esc that’s, like 20 20 and under a new uh new new brushless motor 20 and under new um servo 10 and under New remote 30 and under um, the receiver that’s like eight bucks, but normally the transmitter will come with the receiver. And then you have to take all your all this stuff off. Take it out put on the new parts and that’s like 200 bucks for the just to make this thing brushless, which is not worth it. I don’t think just get the brushless version of this, then you’d be happy because it will come with a wheelie bar. These brushless lots of brushless vehicles can pop a wheelie um. This thing is really solid, though i’d say like this thing: i’m surprised. You know so. That’S it for today’s video hope you guys have a wonderful day. Hope you guys have a new wonderful new new year stay safe out there.