So this is my little rc uh. All my other ones are charging right now because um i was going hard on them like jumping yeah, they’re all charging. I got the arma sentin, i got a ecx amp. I got a. I got two drift cars and i got another one of these because if this one breaks i get the other one but yeah it’s my little rc. I put the link down below to get this and it’s a good rc. It’S i’ve had it since my birthday and it’s pretty good, so uh first trick. We’Re gon na do tricks on my ramp and stuff and uh we’re gon na jump off the balcony. Right now so come on. Applause, let’s get some big air, sorry guys, Applause! Absolutely! This is a brushless motor um. It was 80. I think, um on amazon. I got all my other ones from hobbytown and i’m, not gon na. Tell you all the prices, because um i just don’t, want to because you could just go on amazon or or something to buy them i’m. Just i got the yarma sentine and the irma amp ecx amp horizon hobbies and some other drift cars that were pretty good. I got them from hobbytown too yeah, so this is just my like play rc. I just don’t i care about it, but i just have fun with it and i don’t care if it like, flips or anything so yeah let’s get straight back into the video we’re.

Just gon na do a couple more jumps and then we’re, probably gon na, go off roading up there and we have to do as much as we can before my phone battery dies and my car Applause Applause clean there. My cameraman um Applause, okay, my cameraman terence, will try uh yeah, oh my god. Oh oh, shoot, it’s, okay hold on let’s check. Let me see Applause go jump. It dang it. Okay, let’s, go Applause! Applause, you’re! Turning too much here, i’m gon na fix the ramp Applause. Okay, let’s, not waste the battery. No more and let’s go up to yeah. Okay, yeah! Stop people; okay, let’s go so you just jump frank brick. I took the back um pins off to make it look like it’s wheeling like watts. Oh, you want to get this. It goes 30 miles an hour, fully charged um, it’s, brushless and it’s a pretty good starter rc. The only reason why it goes 30 is because it’s a little rc and if you want to get a good starter, rc that’s, brushless it’s, like 320., get the arma granite or scent in the one i have. The typhoon is like more like a buggy and it doesn’t go it’s. Like i don’t know, i don’t it’s, just your purple i’d rather go get the monster, truck style and stuff or the rally truck like the same thing. Oh shoot. What bro there was like a spider on this. Oh Laughter, bro Applause, Applause, yeah.

I can imagine y’all just think i can’t imagine what the other one would look like. I know right not too much Applause, dang, it’s, flinging dirt. At me, oh yeah! This is fun! Applause, oh i got that clip Applause Applause. This is the perfect place right here. Is it dead freak come on well, it’s dead, guys, uh. We want to pick it up real, quick and say cheese. We went hard on this um yeah, so it’s a dang. It overheated it overheated guys um, i don’t think it died because it’s like a 40 minute time, bad fully bad recharged, uh parents feel that, oh, my god, yeah um guys. I think we went too hard on my watch truck, get a couple close shots on it. It’S, pretty nice it’s, a race, speed card it’s, pretty nice, it’s, um, brushless and yeah. This is the inside that’s the motor that that’s so hot touch the silver part. This no the silver part of the battery, not the battery the um blue thing touch the cellphone uh yeah. This is my car. This is a review on it, it’s, not a review, but we just i installed it uh we just played with it and it’s fun.