Well, except this one i’d rather have the exp for sure. When i make the kit, i really want to create an 8s really bad, but these are my top things right now they have to be my favorite, but the only thing is is that my esc just went bad, the servo’s not responding, so i need to take The receiver box apart and see if i can figure out what the problem is now. On the other hand, this one’s just fine, but i just threw some tape on the tires, so it would dress on the concrete out there when it’s wet and it does really good. Now this is an upgraded motor i’m. Pretty sure i got it used said you had to put different motor on it and i had to make this little air vent in the front because it would get way too hot and there’s no hole right there to let air in. So if you guys are forgetting armacentin, 4×4 it’s, probably your best idea to take the plastic and curve it and then put some tape over to make like a little inlet hole. Okay, so i had a couple things that were on there. I had both of my cars that were in there, and this is the only two i have right now – i’m hoping to get a couple more. But the main part of this video is going to be a technically like review on the arma sentinel, and i have a video that just had a little bit me running around outside, had my tripod glued, my good, my um remote for the car, so um yeah.

So the rest of this video will probably be a little bit of the scent in and if i get lucky – and i remember to put a couple of ideas of the xmax, but this is mainly going to be a normal sentinel review. So if you guys like it – and you want to keep watching these because i’ll definitely be having more i’ll, have some parts and upgrades and things that you should do immediately and especially with the x max, because i have a couple problems with it right now. But uh yeah, if you guys like this video like and subscribe, and turn notifications on, because i’ll have more reviews coming. That thing is not so this thing’s absolutely insane. I think it’s a lot of power behind it, though Music Music, so oh Applause, Music, i’m, Music Applause, oh there we go landed and back up. This thing has a decent amount of power. We’Ll jump! Oh this thing! Oh no, hey come on come on there. We go Music yeah it’s over there somewhere there, this one, oh don’t, hit my foot there holy crap Applause. This thing is really good: Applause, yeah it’s starting to die. It died yeah. It died okay, so that was just a little bit of it of what i was doing with the car um in the future. I hope to be. I need to go on amazon and buy a couple. Jumps i’m gon na probably take it to a skate park.

Every once in a while, um i’m gon na take that little tripod that i said earlier i’m going to tape it on the actual car go easy with it kind of give you just kind of a cool video with it taped on the car. So you can see what it’s like, because i don’t i don’t – have a gopro or anything right now: i’m hoping to get one here soon, so that’ll be nice but um yeah. So, like i said earlier, i will be i’ll, probably be doing, update video and stuff on it here in a little bit and like i said earlier, i got some parts coming for the x max and i’ll. Just i’ll have some videos coming up on a review of the x max 2 having that going around the yard and stuff so well, thank you guys for watching and, like i said earlier, how you can subscribe.