You guys seen the video already on my testing, so let’s go ahead and get into this video everybody all right everybody. This is my take my thoughts of the rheem hobby trail, rock crawler truck the one i purchased on amazon all right. This thing, as you guys can tell in a previous video and if you guys, haven’t, seen a previous video i’m gon na put it up here and towards the end of the video go ahead and click on that. At the end of the video and uh check out that video, if you guys want to, i mean this thing performed just as good, if not better than some of the name brand trucks i mean. Definitely is a contender i’m probably going to need portal axles. I think and uh what i like about the rim. Hobby, one is scx 10 parts, direct bolt ins. I mean this thing. You got part support for days. You don’t have to buy the cheapy china brand stuff. You can go straight and buy the xcx 10. 2 parts it’s a direct bolt in so that’s cool. I, like that um full thoughts about it. Did you guys see she works? Does crawling trailing uh going up some steep embankments, you guys seen in the beginning. That thing worked. You seen towards the end on that video uh trying to get up on that waterfall kind of had a little bit of issue because tires are wet, wet, tires, wet rocks, don’t mix, but she didn’t do half that.

I don’t think uh. All the other trucks were fighting to get up there as well with wet tires so i’m, not gon na argue with it, the only one that actually made it up there, which i didn’t get them on film kind of wish. I did was a 6×6 and that thing was bone stock running on a 3s, and that thing was pretty cool. I i like the 6×6 but we’re not talking about the 6×6 rim hobby all right. This thing works all the way around had some guys actually think it was an scx, 102 honcho first edition. They actually called me out on it and swore that that’s what it was, and i told him – no it’s a ream, hobby and they’re like no way and they took a closer look and yeah they’re like i would have never guessed uh. But a couple people knew about knew about it, they’ve been looking at them, just they never pulled the trigger on it and after them seeing mine working. They told me before the end of the day, they’re like we’re, going home and we’re ordering a couple of them. That thing works for the price point that thing works: 209 209.99 amazon free shipping comes ready to run. You can’t beat that price uh scx102. You guys know about it. The uh scale builders kit doing it. I build off camera, got it all put together. Well, she’s, together, as you see, i got the wheels that i had on the rim hobby, one offset’s different that’s.

The only thing i found so far is the offset is different but it’s. Okay, so i go ahead and i’m gon na run these wheels on this truck. I put the rim hobby wheels back on the ream hobby i mean tires, are almost identical. Just the rims are a little different, but i’ll run it for now. We’Ll end up getting some aluminum wheels and some aftermarket tires for it again: it’s okay, we’ll be okay with that, but uh i’ve got motor and esc ordered for this truck the scx 102. The pro builders kit we’re doing a 540 55 turn brushed motor with a 60 amp esc, figured we’ll go ahead and do that it keeps pretty close comparison to the rim hobby one. What we’re gon na do is once i get this truck completed, the scx102 we’re gon na do a head to head competition on the rocks at that scale park and we’re, going to see how good they perform each on different obstacles and tasks and that’s going to Be my final final review on this truck, but as it stands right now, i’m, i don’t think i’m going to change my mind i’m, giving a five out of five. This thing is primo. I like it. I didn’t think i was gon na like rock crawling, but that thing was fun, definitely going to have to do it. Some more that thing was actually enjoying makes. You think, makes you use your mind, throttle control.

So if you guys are having a problem throttle control out there do a little bit of rock crawling. You will learn throttle control very quickly, if not you’re, going to tear stuff up. I mean crawling over rocks ain’t about speed, it’s about slowness, grip, uh, picking the proper lines and working that truck to go up. So definitely, i think, it’s cool, definitely good way to teach people to slow down and study what you’re doing so we’re going to go ahead and get to the end of this video everybody. So i appreciate you guys stopping by, if you guys are new to the channel. Do me a favor down here at the bottom. You know in this corner over here hit that subscribe button that bell that’s next to it on this side. Why don’t you hit that? So you know when i upload new videos, so stick around everybody because coming up soon we’re going to do a head to head competition between these two trucks and we’re going to find out who’s the king of the mountain who actually rules axial scx 102 or the Rheem hobby, i have a feeling it’s going to be a close race. Axial might come up on top by that much not by much guys. So i appreciate it.