I realized i i’ve i’ve done a few videos on this. If you’ve seen in the the an unboxing and some build videos, but then i haven’t really done anything about it since just drive videos and the same with my other trucks. So i thought i might go through some of them just about what they’re like to live with and what i’ve had to do to them to get them working and the sort of problems i’ve encountered. So yeah i’ve had this about nearly a year about 10 months. Maybe um it’s been really good short version. The major issues uh have been around the gearbox, in particular the tires and partly the suspension. A little bit it’s, pretty tough it’s tougher than i thought to be honest, it’s it’s. It gets quite hard life here in wales and there’s plenty of rocks and uh deep water. This is a snorkel in the last video um, but it deals well with all of it. It’S uh, as you can see, i mean there’s very little overhang on the front. There’S, almost none on the back, so it’ll climb up quite a lot of stuff. Ground clearance is pretty good one thing i was worried about these side steps and the tanks the side steps, because you have to glue this part of the step on to the whatever that is, i don’t know uh, and i thought that was vulnerable and they’re. Only screwed in with two screws, and then these are on metal brackets, but they’re very, very thin, flimsy brackets or feel it once you’ve got those two screwed together on the tank, that’s, actually really solid.

You can pick the truck up like that and uh. I avoid picking out by this but it’s, taking some hard hits from rocks, you know and it drops off a rock on from the front wheel goes bang on there never had a problem. Nothing’S come off, it’s got some decent scrapes, but it’s pretty good it’s rugged. So that’s a good thing: the amount of drive shafts they’re standing up there’s a lot of slop in the shaft, so i think quite a lot of transmission shot. Slop is these replacing? These is on my list it’s. Not that high though so. The first thing i did change on it were the tyres uh, the the stock tyres look fantastic, but they’re very hard. The sidewalls are hard you can see. This has got a little bit of squish, particularly at the front as most of the weights up there uh, but then they’re. The the compound is quite hard, so they’re, not the stickiest they’re, not bad, particularly when you’ve got six wheels driving. You know it does pretty. Well but um, it also adds to the bounciness it’s all leaf springs, but there are dampers of sorts in the front. They’Re not really dampers they’re, not dampers in in the normal oil down percents, where they don’t buy oil, yeah they’re kind of air, which is a very odd setup. It kind of works, it’s, weird, maybe i’ll get into that so yeah, so the the stiff side.

Walls really add to the general bubbly bounciness of the truck. These are much better. These are g made 1901 tyres. I think, but these wheels is like, i think, a lot of people with crosstracks will tell you are horrendous to build they just don’t like tires. You you do them up and in that last little bit and then the bead will just go and just squish out the side really frustrating and a lot of people uh just give up on them. To be honest, you just can’t mount a tire um. I know a couple of people who’ve struggled uh completely so to get these on. I did have to buy in the end the pro line: uh narrow, centers, the the rings for inside the b locks, because they just wouldn’t mount otherwise so and they actually work perfectly. I think they’re i say pro line: they’re rc, four wheel, drive um, but they’re made for pro line tires so that you can fit pro line tires to rc4 drive wheels, but they work perfectly for this or they did for me. So, with these g mates on they’re they’re, stickier they’re, a lot squishier they’ve got a lot more switch and bounce and they’ll conform a little bit and the grip is improved and the ride is improved because it a little bit more damping in the tires themselves. That’S worth doing to the main issues i’ve been having, i take the carrot off, it seems i can’t here we go, i’ve already got the lights unplugged.

This light controller is not waterproof that usually lives in this little housing, which works quite well, and i just have it stacked up here, quite high, just below the bonnet. The main problems i’ve had – and they have got quite annoying at times – is with this gearbox, specifically with the shifting and partly with the gearing. The first thing i changed on this uh in the gearbox is the pinion, because it’s just too fast, it doesn’t need to be that fast you’ve got two gears, so you can use that second gear for extra speed. It doesn’t really need to be much more than a little bit more than walking speed, maybe and that’s enough wheel, speed for this now, so you can easily gear it down, but you don’t get any information on on the pitch uh of the pinion or the gears In here or what size is it, you don’t really get any information at all, oh by the way, when i measured it, i could be wrong, but i’ve got a mod 0.6 uh. I think it’s a 16 tooth pinion in there now because, as far as i can tell they are more 0.6 uh and that works pretty well, but it seems quite loud um. I think it’s, okay, there’s, no obvious, wear or anything like that, but it is it’s. Quite a loud truck it’s, just quite a loud gearbox, everything’s metal in there and it kind of reverberates a bit as well, and the gearbox itself is quite just a big cube like an amplifier it’s, a lot quieter if you drive it under the water.

What also complicates matters is this gearbox doesn’t match the instruction book, which i found out when i took it apart and then wanted to know how it went back together, so that that was a bit of an adventure um complicated by the fact that, because it’s, two Speed and it’s got this shift. I’M gon na have to get the camera down right now. You can’t see anything because it’s, two speed, uh and you’ve got this shift arm in here, just that’s the ship, servo and there’s the arm in there that arm sprung. So when you take the back off the gearbox, you can see that uh, the the bolts there that whole back wall just comes off when you pull that off. That tends to fire the everything the gear uh there’s. Quite a few gears on this one bar just fire it out and because it’s also trapped beneath other gears, because it’s also the gears themselves. You can work out quite easily and then you won’t know exactly where they go, because they don’t quite match the manual which isn’t very helpful, a bigger problem than where the gears themselves actually go is where the shims go, and there are some brass spaces, little thin Spaces, and if you pop those off it can be a bit confusing, i spent quite a while just putting them back in testing it. You know bolting it back together, seeing if that span really it took me a while to take the slot back out, as you can see from this it’s, not that easy to get the gearbox out, but you can do it there’s another bolt behind there.

One bolt both mounts at the bottom and then one mount on the top and then the whole gearbox will just drop out of the bottom uh as long as you’ve slightly loosened the transfer case under there. So this little dog bone can drop out. Uh it’s not too bad, so all that whiffler’s eye. Obviously one problem i haven’t had is cleaning it because i haven’t done that very much. I i consider it patterning it’s the shifting the shifting’s a nightmare. I thought recently i might have to try a stronger servo, but i don’t, i hope, that’s, not the problem. I hope i’ve solved it. I keep thinking, i have solved it and i haven’t but i’ve readjusted the end points on this and i think, maybe the last time i took this transmission out uh when it went back in it was in a slightly different position. Perhaps this bloody shifter, which you’re all fascinated by i know, but it just it’s very resistant, so i’ve done i’ve done several things: i’ve cleaned out the gear box quite a few times, i’ve lightly, greased it but not heavily greased it because i don’t want to stick The components that shift um backwards and forwards together, i’ve clearanced up in there i’ve very gently um sanded, with like a thousand grit inside the hole that the bar exits from and i’ve reset the end points and i’m hoping having reset the end points slightly more aggressively Than i did so, it really gives it a good shove.

Oh and i’ve. Also, you can adjust this bolt to tension the spring, so i wound that down, i think, that’s down as far as it will go, um just to try and shove this thing into gear because it did used to work. It was fine for for quite a while. The gearbox is kind of a sloppy gearbox it’s, a noisy gearbox, the manual doesn’t match. You can figure it all out, but it’s a bit of a faff Music suspension. You know suspension is what i really wanted to bring you all here today to talk about. It’S got some not a lot like paul daniels you’ll like it not a lot. Uh here. Are these weird dampers there’s a seal in the top there’s, a seal on the on the piston itself, but there’s no seal in the bottom. So you you can’t, trap oil in there and anything any or, if you put, if you fill it with oil you’ll, just hydrolock it it can’t move. There are no holes in the piston for the oil to flow through and there’s no seal in the bottom. To keep the oil in anyway, so what you actually do is create a an air chamber in here recently i’ve put the spring back in and providing extra support for the truck but you’ve i found you basically have to compress uh before you put the cap on Completely just compress the whole thing against the spring and then tighten the cap and then you’ll end up with a lower pressure because it doesn’t want to come back down because of the the low pressure it sort of works.

It’S weird, i don’t know why they did it. Um i’ve also put back as you can see this black they can’t. Now you can see this black leaf. I didn’t originally put in because i thought the front was too high over the time. I’Ve had the truck it’s slowly sagged, because most of the weight is up at the front and it’s been slowly sagging down on it, so on its suspension, uh and possibly this leafs breaking in quite nicely. One thing i don’t really like is this see these two bolts here when you tighten those up that forces the center of the leaf flat, which flattens the leaf itself? Really, they need to be on a on a sort of cupped dish. Look how clean this is. It’S lovely look at that pattern, thanks really that should be dished um, so it doesn’t squash the leaf too much. Meanwhile, at the back it’s, the other way around it’s too stiff, as it is very bouncy, there’s, really no sag. Normally. What i’ve done lately is take one leaf out. I haven’t actually driven it since i need to test it, but you can see there is actually a quantum of droop, as james bond would say, tiny bit and i’m hoping it’s just got a bit less spring force to uh to bounce around. It might be a little bit smoother still. That, though, has been about it for problems it’s not as heavy as i thought i’ve been thinking, it was 16 pounds.

Some reason i think i weighed the box, but it’s actually 11 with no battery in and then it’s. Just been paint and weathering – and i have uh recently done another round of weathering on it – um i’ve. Even let me i’m not going to do anything as cheesy as just cutting to like the body being on i’ll go on, then. Why not see i’ve for the first time i’ve tried. I hope you can see. I’Ve tried the uh the misty window trick the the window kind of fell out anyway. I was maybe driving it through slightly deep water and it blew the windscreen in because it wasn’t quite glued as well as i should have got it glued. So it seemed a good time to just mark it up. Take it right out and spray it up. I was very careful not to put too much on, but i think i’ve maybe not put quite enough. Oh well, it’s. My first go. I did another sort of round of weathering as well and i’ve even used a particular new technique that i call algae or pond scum. You could call it ponds, gum the ponsgun technique, which is to drive it through a pond full of scum, which then sticks like, like scum to your truck so there’s, quite a lot of that on there and that’s going under the heading of patterner as well. Generally, though, i’ve weathered it a bit more i’ve, i use the magic ak paints that were recommended by some friends and they are pretty magic.

I hope i haven’t gone overboard. I’Ve sort of dirtied it up a bit tried to make it look a bit more used. I also darkened this uh crepe, the battery um. I thought, hopefully it looks better. It looked a bit like chocolate before this is quite a big crate by the way, and i sort of don’t like the fact that it’s neatly right in the middle. I feel like it should be somewhere else. You could easily get like a five thousand million pound uh battery in there it’s pretty big, but i never use that much. I use a little tutu um, so i could. I have thought of getting the one from the ca30 another one, the king kong ca30, which is a wooden crate and it’s smaller it’s, considerably smaller. So i might get one of those in future and tuck that in maybe put it in sideways. So i don’t know: what do you think: it’s fascinating, really isn’t it crates. Let’S talk about crates, so that’s, pretty much everything yeah farther by the the shifting problem. It’S been pretty um hassle free. So what have i got left to do on? It always forgot to put the little, i think their reflectors doesn’t seem very military in these little tiny circles. I don’t know if you can see those. I want to repaint the light covers, which i did in a slightly different brown, but they just look a bit nasty. I think that’s pretty much it i’ve never worked out what to put in the back.

I want some sort of load in the back, but i just i’ve just never worked out what um i should probably just buy some scale tap. I always like it and then it’s so expensive. I don’t buy it so yeah that’s it that’s. My my cross rc hc6 that’s, what it’s like to to live with, i think it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty rugged. It has had quite a hard life it’s taken on some pretty hard tracks. Deep water rocks rain mud the whole lot. Obviously i lovingly clean it. Each and every time and it’s done well, i would recommend it they’re a fun truck away. Leave me alone.