All right here we go. I know i’ve been a race champ for a while big dog rc race champ. He got big dog all right and we got dave squeak he’s, getting his uh mojave together all right, but we’re gon na go ahead and start racing. I got the rally out here: it’s a little wet, so let’s get it in. So you want to just do one lap and just just see you know one scrimmage left you ready, ready, dave, ready, go and call it. Oh go on, go three. Two one go. Oh, the rally was too wide. Big boy is doing what he does best riley’s in the lead, riley doing what riley does best. This one goes to rally nice nice little warm up there you go so y’all see what what’s what’s expected. That was real time. Nice that riley’s, a beast bro all right go ahead. It’S gon na go like this three two one go all right. Three, two one got it all right. Three, two one go: no Music, riley’s catching up; big boy, he’s, taking the corners for a big point. I know wow o’reilly caught him on the inside the big boy, bad boy rally, man, Applause and a rally takes another one, big boy, ain’t, calling a mess with you. You just got to come inside it, don’t yeah don’t, go outside all right, all right race. Three two laps call it. You won you caught it all right on, go we’re gon na go three.

Two one go: okay! Yes, sir. Three, two one go big boys, oh man, i’m. Coming back, though, come on big boy come on, come on man, uh, oh crazy! Dave’S in the lead and riley’s the second, oh man, this is this is going oh got the way. The other way, ah Laughter takes another one Laughter, just stick all right: two laps on three: three laps: okay, all right! You call this time dave since you wan na jump ahead, ready, ready, ready Applause. Oh Applause, i’m right on the tail come on big boy, Music, Laughter, crap, there’s, one more left. Oh my gosh Applause. I got it. Ah, he got big boys. I’M. Sorry outcast got it. I was coming for you too. I was coming for you hey there. Look at that. Like a nice drift place right here, yeah Applause, oh that’s, nice yeah, get it and guys. I am running on a pro line. Avengers, which is going to take the jump in the water here, go to rally robbie’s going for it that’s her. I got water in it now that just like a little drip, i almost had almost cleaned it. I almost cleaned that up and i think there go the battery right there too. I got another one. Look. Your crate has drifted: okay, Music, Music, look at that jump, yeah they’re, gon na get control on it. Laughter yo! Can you do that? Let me see it. Can i do a Applause yeah just hold your throttle and just easily gently gently it’s.

My experience your day is just dripping just let it slide big boys how’d. You go first go for it go home. You almost had that y’all stupid. Oh, oh, easy! Applause! Applause! My back you going for go for it. Try to hit the cone all right, creighton’s drift, uh, oh oops, you all right, you’re, good Applause, okay, oh yeah, yo boy drifted out this joe i’m done i’m done, yo all right drift session, seven scale and fraction v2 felony. Oh y’all want to have a drift contract, yeah man, Applause, Applause, Music, Applause. Let me turn my dual rate up. Can i turn it down? Yeah yeah that joint on 50. I need at least go 70.. I’M. 100. I just got ta go! Oh, you know what i should have it all the way up. Probably yeah i’ll put it back to 100. There we go. Oh yeah yeah, oh yeah. Applause, switch Applause. I’M. Here, like man, look crazy yeah. I need to turn my abc down too, but i realized how they can wreck it, though, when you want to correct it, just give it one good one good throttle. You know that’s it i’m. On 3s2 yo. I need some more. I need a little bit more power, but i didn’t, i said i think i’m, okay, with just 3s, did i blow a tire. No probably yeah go ahead because i just give it. I learned it. Oh, go ahead: one good kick and it’s going to go through it.

Watch it yeah all right! You ready to get there ready to get this oval, racer; okay, all right! So oval, three laps! First, first race, three laps! All right! You ready go ahead! Call it! Oh, go: oh, go three. Two one go look at dave again: oh felony is out Laughter yo. I am out of control yo that felony is gone. Bro Applause. We got phones, though all right that’s, it Applause, yo somewhere on my steering victory. Oh go ahead. Fellaini get up get up and park that is sick. All right, i got ta check out my jaw. Y’All see what’s going on i’m running jordan. 3S. Oh right, i know them lights are bright, don’t jump it off that step. I know you want to there. We go yes, yes now i can turn go. Ah, i tried not to hit you Music, all right, Applause, Music, hello. This is what i did on hey. Ladies look. This is what i did on about the water look, showing just what i did out the water Applause. Oh my god get the 180s. A j turn show them how you do the police at a real life. The felony in the police, car Music yep go for it, hey look. This is how you doing police at a red light tokyo drift, oh good, stuff, bro there you go, keep it up there. It is. Ah, this police are spinning out eight ass, wrestler, bro, Music, yeah no i’m, actually on four ass i’m on forest.